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>"Don't mind me, I'm just going to connect to this webpage with my adblocker ENABLED"
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What?! I'm calling the cops!
Jesus christ how horrifying.
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>Don't mind me, just using an adblocker as I visit my favorite sites.

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hey /g/, what are some cool open source/free software projects that are not very known
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have sign to this thread
KISS launcher

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Yeah, Aussie laws come first.
The Law of Australia comes before the Laws of Math
The Law of Australia comes before the Laws of Physics
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>australia doesn't let themselves be cucked by nature
wtf i love australia now!!!
Everyone except poltards do.
>laws of physics no longer apply in Australia
>spiders grow as big as skyscrapers

Australia is fucked

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ITT: tech illiterate horror stories
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>someone calls me over because there computer doesn't work
>pull the side off
>pull CPU fan off
>no CPU
What does the xp in windows stand for?

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Just got this at the Google booth from a local tech convention, what is it? The middle cap can't be removed
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It's a fidget spinner! You can spin it and it can relieve stress.
It is autism spinner. It cures autism caused by vaccination.

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What did they mean by this?
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Became self-aware and killed itself.
are they connected to the internet?
seems more human than people around him. it's a nice picture
Too intellagant to live

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Elon Musk says he saw the "cutting edge" of AI and it makes him scared

What did he see? Is what people like him are able to see much more than what we plebs know?

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>fully autonomous
>smashing into white truck sides
>can't even differentiate between signs and cars
Superintelligent AI would see us for the squishy meat beings we are and kill us all in two seconds.

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Can whitebois ever compete?


Gay hind!
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>600 million people in India shit on the streets/fields/public
>their biggest problem is building solar powered vehicles to compete with the west
lack of proper ifrastructure or if i remember correctly "imagine all the water for spent on shitting"
Solar Fucking Roadways!!!
Can Hindu even compete???

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What is the slowest algorithm you can think of that swaps two variables, x and y?

Slowest algo wins. We'll benchmark if needed. Using time in any way disqualifies you.
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in JavaScript:
let x = 'me', y = 'your mum'
while (true) {}
x, y = y, x
Doesn't swap.
Or is it..?
Have you waited for program to complete?

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Is this true, /g/?
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Saber a shit
How many sabers are there?

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In a new twist to facebook privacy change, US district Judge Edward Davila in San Jose, California, dismissed the lawsuit accusing Facebook of tracking users’ activity in their browsers even after they've logged out, saying that the plaintiffs failed to show that they had a reasonable expectation of privacy or suffered any realistic economic harm or loss.
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Nothing to hide nothing to fear goys
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>clickbait on /g/
>people on /g/ using facebook

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look at all the people that showed up to the radeon rx vega budapest event
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Is Raja hiding behind the banner?
Friendly reminder: there's no need in MAD Accordion because GTX 1050 Ti exists.
Looks like Raja picked the best X)

>not a workstation card

It's a gaymer card I swear

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Pretty interesting power draw running pro shit and gaming.
So it's 99% of the performance of a $5,000 card for 1/5 the cost?

And that's bad because...?
It's not.
But this should put to rest the use of this card, it's close to a P6000 and actually has double rate FP16.

lost one of three FOB keys to my apartment and as usual, shitty management won't do anything about it.

I viewed my key using my NFC enabled phone and did see that there was data written on. Now I'm not a hacking/programming expert despite trying but I do know that the thing can be cloned.

What do I need to do? I can buy an NFC/RFID reader and writer from eBay. Is it simple to use and could I copy the data from my FOB key to an empty NFC tag?
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>lost 1 of 3
>still have 2 of 3
you need to focus more on changing your codes than you do having a full set
>loses FOB key
>shitty management
you lost it not them

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>All browsers that work with modern internet are either botnet or use bloated engines that are a complete mess
What went wrong /g/, the internet never should have been this complex.
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Broadband and mobile.
>wath went wrong

Webpages became from "documents made to be delivered over the Internet and displayed on your monitor" to be html5+css+javascript web apps where a half megabyte javascript library to print out "kek" is not considered extreme but the absolute basic.
Shitty devs mostly.
>the internet never should have been this complex.
This is what happens when everyone can contribute.

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