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oh I fucked up this thread have I

>Learn to touch type:
>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Use the buyer's template
>Keyset wiki
http://keypuller.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20161101152119/http://keypuller.com/)
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plum 84.jpg
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First for chink topre clones
I ordered a Plum 87.

how to make it cute

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list your

>text editor
>chat client
>email client
>video player
>music player
>office program
>torrenting program
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>Windows 10
>Firefox Nightly
>Skype/Second Life
>Office 365
2B? More like 2 cute feet!
wtf mods this is a blue board

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Why should I use Linux when Plan 9 exist?
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fucking furry faggot
why are you comparing a kernel with an operating system?

Looking to purchase a portable system to play games on. Psp go, switch, vita, what do you use for portable gayming?

Had a 3DS before wasn't a fan, looking for something that can also do emulators.

Inb4 gpd shills
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vita on 3.60
microSD to cart adapter in the working
GBA/SNES emulator on my Galaxy S7. Bluetooth controller for the games that don't play well with the touch screen.
there is a psp thread atm, look it up

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what are the most durable budget earbuds out there?

for some fucking reason all my earbuds stop working every month, I tried like 5-6 different brands, my latest ones i bought one with braided wire and metal casing and that shit stopped working within like 2 weeks.

what are the most durable earbuds out there?
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Any with a 90 degree angle on the plug.
Sennheiser cx 3.00

Even if they're not extremely rugged, they come with a (two year?) warranty.
>having axes for hands

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How would you make a class that has a vector of integers as its' private data member. And exactly how would you implement certain member functions in that class to obtain the largest, smallest, and average of that vector of integers? I'm not quite sure how to write the header or the implementation files for this class?
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Should have paid attention in lectures friendo.
choose a new major/degree OP

If you can't do that - there's no hope, your parents won't mind

It's like a fireman asking what is water
Dude this stuff is literally first semester CS. There's nothing about std::vector that makes it not able to be a private member.

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>Googles specific error
>Finds thread with the same error
>nvm fixed
>Thread closed by Admin
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>googles programming question
>stack overflow thread with same question
>OP asks by giving a 50 line code snippet
>highest rated response uses 60 line code snippet to explain the answer
>google question
>one result
>it's the exact issue you're having
>0 replies
>thread closed
>"I'll PM you the solution"

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Best Buy is having a sale on the Sennheiser HD558. No audiophile by any means so was wondering if they are worth the purchase.
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I own some, they're alright for the price if you get them on sale. I got them on sale from Amazon.
i've used a pair for close to 3 years now
theire good
Yeah, the price definitely is something to consider, just wondering about the sound quality and if they leak and all.

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Gideon wallpaper.jpg
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Been trying to play Paragon on my laptop but keep running into to a message that says cant run because I don't have DirectX 11 version 10.0 or some shit despite running Windows 10 Pro OS. Don't suppose anyone knows how to fix this. or if it can be fixed
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Your GPU probably only supports DirectX 10 and below. Nothing can be done besides upgrading.
your hardware doesn't support it smart guy
Try Smite
Similar gameplay

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Which one is least retarded?
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Vue is much better
Vue if you live in Asia and don't plan to do mobile dev. Otherwise React.

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random psu.jpg
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Need a high wattage Psu for mining that has at least 8 6+2 pcie connectors and also 80+
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Need a high quality rope so you can hang yourself.
>for mining
what you need is to kill yourself

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I want go buy X61t because it's small and dirt cheap? Do you know any better 12 inch laptop for a good price? I can get it for 89 USD.
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I have an x220t, I paid a bit more and got an SSD.
I'm really happy with it!
I use it for a little we browsing, note taking, and reading.
I snagged an x230t on ebay recently for ~$120; it's probably worth the extra 30-40 bucks if you can swing it.
they sell them for 4 times the price in Poland. wtf?

I have x220? is the difference noticible?

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What's the best software for automating random computing tasks?
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bash or ruby

don't listen to this stupid nigger

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Anime Expo uses Thinkpads. Why don't you?
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because i just bought this.
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Holy shit, you paid $130 for that?
One of my college instructors uses a thinkpad. He also looks like RMS a bit.

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Why is
>"I like the way it looks"
not considered a valid reason for buying a tech product yet?

Design and looks are far more important than a few extra mhz or megapixels that you're never going to notice.
You're buying an item, not a spec sheet.
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>Design and looks are far more important than a few extra mhz or megapixels that you're never going to notice.
This means you're still close to the specs of other products. So you probably still chose to buy it first and foremost because the specs satisfy your needs, and then started looking for what looks good.
Thats literally why I'm buying an iPad Pro 12.9 in

It's sleek as hell and cost less than a MacBook Air despite having more power
My computer is a tool, a tool to either play games or do my work assignments. It needs to work before it looks good.
Function over Form.

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