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Well /g/ just wondering if you have gotten your 1984 cam, uh.... I mean nest cam yet.

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No. My dad has like 10 of the older ones that were easily accessible by literally everyone though. He also has 3 echo dots and last time we talked he seemed to be on the verge of getting a google home.
They already exist and they're called facecams.

How do you safely dispose of old hard drives, Anon?
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definitely not by drilling through the entire computer like a fucking retard.
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>look guize I just DESTROYED this EX DEE
This thread again

Nobody cares if you drill though obsolete technology. Fucking summer.
>Drilling holes through the entire computer
As expected from a ridgid owner.

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I know there's a lot of textbooks in the guide but what's the most direct learning textbook or site for c++? I feel like in a lot of books I have to read a bunch of garbage text to get to the point and I really need the fastest method
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>hw do i lern to program in 24 hours?
These fucking threads...
c++ has a lot of garbage you have to learn, can't be helped.
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>What is the magic way to learn something without having to do any actual work?

What is the best phone ever made, and why is it the Samsung Galaxy S5?
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Peak of samsung quality before they lost confidence and started to panic about stupid gimmicky shit.

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That Ryzen is literally the coolest 4GHz 8c/16t that walked planet earth
> 5h of everyday multitasking use (4 screen setup)
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A thread had to die for this shitpost
Nice, now add a Vega GPU to that and balance it out.

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Is my wireless hp printer spying on me?
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Does IT really need a lot of hands on training? I was really tempted to do this online degree and was wondering what people thought.

I am just naturally homebodied and like to sit around.

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IT is a big field, it's mostly tailored to you job role so hands on experience is pretty important.

Volunteer at one of the places you want to work. You'll learn a lot more.

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Post your retro and generally obsolete devices /g/.

Cleaning up my Heathkit HW101 transceiver, PSU and speaker, came out in 1970, still working great 47 years later.
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And shitty phone pic
Didnt think to grab the DSLR until I put it back together
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check out what i found at the local mom-n-pop for 20 bux! it's basically a NTSC ZX81 with 2kb ram on the board instead of 1. which it really REALLY needed because just having a full page of text up on the screen cost 768 bytes. it uses a mutant version of Basic that replaces common commands like "print", "goto" and "input" with single-byte tokens to cram a whole program into whatever's left of the memory after that.
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It also came with a 16kb ram expander pack with a fucked cardedge connector that i'm gonna have to replace, and a couple neat books. I don't know why one of them's a cp/m book. it can't use cp/m.

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>rails developers
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what a handsome Italian stallion

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What's the best GameMaker tutorial, book, course etc?

I'm going through Benjamen Anderson's Youtube RPG tutorial vids right now. They're good but I'd prefer a thorough GML tutorial over this.

I want to start this week making my own top/down action game...

It's going to be text-heavy most likely. It's my own passion project I've had in my head for years but I'm just going to start now instead of waiting... like I waited to write the book, then never did. Or like I waited to draw the comic book, which I never did.
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This guide helped me many years ago. Though its obviously outdated, I believe its still a very good way to learn.

The best way to learn is to do it, anon. Good luck!
Just end it all now.

How do I watch threads on mobile? my computer broke :(
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Install Clover (Android). Not sure if iOS has a good app.

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Can I trust license keys from ebay? Has anyone tried this?
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Why aren't you using the best piece of free software?
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Does anyone know of a way to adjust the screen positioning on my monitor via a software? My monitor's vertical positioning is glitched and I accidentally pressed auto-adjust on it while cleaning, which made the screen go out of view.

I'm going fucking crazy here.
Is it impossible to change the screen position via software?
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Just buy a crt
>auto adjust
What kind of old-ass crap have you got? Stop using VGA.
Open a white picture fullscreen and press the auto adjust thing again

*takin' care of business*
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*I'll be-*
What's the point of that
Fuck me I miss the faux leather back. Fuck this retarded all glass fad

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