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>read guide on american website
>"You might be tempted to start downloading torrents now,but wait! Don’t do that yet. It’s absolutely reckless to use a BitTorrent Client without first shuttling your connection through a proxy server or VPN."
jesus christ
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>no link
google the quote and it's #1

basically how to install deluge on linux (raspberry). I was expecting something else when finding it

Post anything monitor related.

I'm on the market for a new monitor. Going to probably be doing a linux build and am really debating whether I should go 4k or Ultrameme. I'm currently looking at getting a 1080ti to pair with a monitor since Vega is fucking ass and unavailable. Which is better in your opinion from personal experience?

What's the difference between all the LG 27UD series monitors? There's like 5 of them and they all look the same but range a few hundred bucks in price.

Also is pic related any good? Can't really seem to find too many reviews or opinions of it online.
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I've got the HP 2311x, definitely planning to upgrade. I'm not sure if I should get a monitor with quantum dot technology, or just wait very patiently for an OLED monitor which costs under £1,000.
OLED is like 5 years out
scale   ppi   4K      FHD     1440p
1x 96 45.8" 22.9" 30.5"
1.25x 120 36.7" 18" 24.4"
1.5x 144 30.5" 15.2" 20.3"
1.75x 168 26.2" 13.1" 17.4"
1.875x 180 24.4" 12.2" 16.3"
2x 192 22.9" 11.4" 15.2"

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Hi /g/
I broke my network cable and need to buy a new one, but since the selection is so big i was hoping you could guide me to the right cable.
my net is 20/10 (ik i need to upgrade) and from what i understand cat5e should be good enough but will it fit into the outlet? because i have a ethernet cable that's too big to fit into the outlet in the wall
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Plz my dudes would really appreciate some help

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>#pragma once
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stupid greenposter
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/g/ this is important
The reason companies are starting to remove headphone jacks isnt to be more slim or innovative or anything like that. Its the same reason even the shittiest laptops have webcams/mics now- it makes it easier for (((them))) to spy on us.

Having headphones without a mic plugged into your phone will typically disable your phones built in microphone. This is a problem for (((them))) becauae many people, knowingly or not, are preventing themselves from having their audio/conversations recorded and spied on. This is the smartest way (((they))) can solve this problem without revealing that they are trying to keep the built in mic enabled 24/7. They know that if they pay off the main companies to make this switch, other smaller companies will follow in time. In 10-15 years the average consumer will be using wireless headphones not because they chose them, but because they are now standard. We dont choose the webcams/mics built into our laptops, they are now standard. The average person didnt choose (knowingly) to be spied on by the botnet, but it is now standard.
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I hate it when /pol/tards make sense

now get out
hardly anyone has their headphones connected at all times

you're retarded
If they had that sort of control instead of going through the hassle od removing the headphone jack they'd just change the firmware to enable mic when it's plugged in..... you moron

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# who
terry tty1
god tty2
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templeos ftw

So there's a second console somewhere?
i like the tity

2 tity bester than 1 tty
i choose god tty 2

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redundancy must be free
OpenBSD is botnet

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Hey hey hey remember the small pictures in Windows 95/98 that you could use as tiled wallapaper giving you illusion that it's one big picture?

Now the actual question: how the fuck did Microsoft achieve INSTANT tiling of those pictures back then? What is the algorithm?
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>what is this graphical thing
>doesn't post example of graphical thing on an image board

kys my dude
You should instantly know what he means if you're not an underage faggot.
I don’t see what would be hard about it

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why would anyone want multiple inheritance lmao
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You've made quite the strong argument. Consider me convinced in favour of your position. Jolly good show.
>does anything but answer op's question
It seemed like an okay idea in 1980s.

Now, they can't get rid of the horrid thing because of all the legacy C++ codes will stop compiling.

How to make Google Fit show path traveled on activity?
It just shows a big circle of the area I walked now.
During the walk it shows my path as usual
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Hmm if I do the activity from my watch instead of phone it does track so maybe I will just do that
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>letting Google track you
>willingly submitting to the botnet
You've come to the wrong place

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I have a killer idea for an app:


I have a bit of people interested and want to be on board, but I'm not sure who to hire.

Should it be:
>Business guy

I'm trying to decide who to hire, who to look for. Don't want to hire the first people interested.

My email is [email protected]
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Hey that sounds pretty good, I'm going to get my team to start working on it.
>satanic trips of the honeypot
No thank you, FBI.
My role:

I'm studying to be an RN, and have no practical skills or deep knowledge in coding or business. I came up with this idea from dating girls after a crippling breakup, and figure an app that connects everybody together could be successful.

I'd take on a 'general helper' role. Answering or making phone calls/emails, traveling to meet with anyone, helping assure our goals are being addressed as smooth as they can. Helping tasks that I'd be capable of doing that wouldn't require other dedicated employee doing them.

So, it wouldn't be wise for me to be an accountant, but I could help double check numbers, ectc. That, and helping others with a variety of other tasks t11o keep busy.

A lower wage job, to make it fair. One of the founders of Snapchat was an "Ideas Guy" and indeed he took on responsibilities that he wasn't competent enough for, which caused enough friction within the company to bring about his ousting.

My traits:

Always an urge for improving the efficiency or quality in the workplace or my own shortcomings, down to any specific detail, and would contact whoever need be to improve - same attitude for accomplishing tasks

Usually calm, without an ego or pretensions. Will see the best in people, with desire to connect with anyone's chemistry, along with striving to bring our the best in people.

Willing to be put long hours in, along with getting cross-trained in anything without question, to help others or myself.

Looking at issues multi dimensionally, and putting respect first and foremost in my conversation with whoever I speak to, no matter the circumstance or attitude.

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I hope at least one of you people are lurking on this board because these details honestly trigger my autism.
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I don't have this problem on Windows 10
this is how it should look, if firecux werent SJW autists and tried to actually work on the fucking browser for once
those gaps around the address bar are pointless though

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Why haven't they been dethroned yet?
I've tried multiple others from steelseries to razer and none compare to anything from Logitech
What makes them so good lads?
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Fuck u steel series pads and g mouses are mega comfy

Microsoft wired keyboard Master race
My man, mice are only useful for gayming. There is literally nothing else a mouse is good for except shitty JS websites.

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when will they implement the "fake news" + "hate speech" fitler?

I cant fucking wait. I don't feel safe on the internet anymore. Please hurry moz:lla
There is a 100% chance that it will be an tool like wot addon which will be easily removable so stop crying and enjoy freedom
nightly broke my tree-style tab addon (makes tabs appear stacked vertically to the left rather than at the top)

which browser do I use now to get this feature, I can no longer browse without it

Why the fuck some companies still think that '''''security''''' questions are a safe way to restore passwords in 2017?
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There's just a LOT of bad information regarding security. Even on /g/ there's a whole lot of retards who suggest completely stupid fucking shit.
These same companies bought into the whole "longer than x characters is bad" or "you can't paste your password" memes. It's disgusting, and so many of them are stubborn to change to, on the daily you'll find security experts literally begging all these companies on social media to change their ways and their reps are like "lol no we know whats best for our clients therefore we dont use https"
Just use random.org to generate 24 character passwords and use those.
Harder to remember for a tiny increment in entropy, use 24-character multiword string instead.

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