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is my graphics card dying? this just happened
also pls no leddit
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teaches you for being a ledditor
Does it happen literally anywhere else? If not I'd say no.
Bad ram chip on the board would be my guess.

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Pic related. What is it?
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It's bait
a housefire

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i tried to install gentoo but i couldnt get past the third page. im posting from my phone because computer is broken now
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>he fell for the Linux meme
>using gentoo in 2k17 when Canonical™ Ubuntu™ 16.04™ LTS™ exists

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Is serverless architecture a meme?
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of course it's a meme
>moving business logic to client or 3rd party cloud services
that's not what he's talking about dumbass. The cloud is just a server someone else is hosting, OP is talking about server-less architecture. Go back to codecademy dumbfuck
maybe, but it does seem to be a cheap / free way to host something.

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As soon as my RAM usage goes past 14GB my OS automatically closes Firefox saying it needs to close it for more memory even though I have 16GB of RAM. How do I fix this problem because I still have 2GB of RAM to use left and I find it very annoying when it does this.
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Its my photoshop work, also yes firefox can use so much ram if you load up loads of videos like in the sfw board. Other programs also crash as well when I hit the 14GB RAM mark too
For stability reasons wendose avoids going above 90% of ram usage. There must be a way to bypass this but then you'll go full bsod mode
Never heard of this before, I'm pretty sure people using windows 7 can go over 90% ram usage, if theres not enough RAM the OS should just be using the storage for replacement of the RAM and not cause any problems but a slow down in programs

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>not using CDE for maximum comfy
Explain yourselves. It's even licensed under the LGPL now so it's free software. You can compile it from source or install it from the official repos of distributions like Sparky Linux.
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>Explain yourselves
It's a buggy and insecure piece of shit that's not good for much more than posting screenshots of on /g/.

But you already know this.
>buggy and insecure piece of shit
No it isn't. It's fast and stable and I use it on my secondary laptop every day.
It looks like it came straight out of the early 90s.

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Get sober, Terry.
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we must protect that smile
Get sober, Terry
Get sober, and may god protect you from the CIA niggers

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is it stupid to buy a 1080p TV over 4K in this day and age?
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Imo the only pro of having a 4k tv is playing video games on it (but you need to check the latency).
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No, in fact it's the smartest thing you can do right now.

4K video is actually 1080p video because of chroma subsampling.

Wait until 8K movies become popular.
>4K video is actually 1080p video because of chroma subsampling.

Can I get a rundown bon this? I thought I was crazy to think that there wasn't much of a difference.

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I recently learned the basics of Java through an AP Computer Science course. What can I program in order to expand my knowledge in Java?
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Do craftinginterpreters.com , at least the first part.
After that, create some kind of IDE for it.
Start learning frameworks. Probably Java EE 7 or Spring if you want to feed yourself.

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Things normies like:
>Net Neutrality

Explain yourself, /g/.
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>>61768597 (You)
sorry that we like fast internet, anon
Things normies like:
>claiming other people are the normies and not themselves

explain yourself, OP.
Fuck off you rancid piece of moldy shit. And take yer shitty frog that likes it up the ass to a cliff and jump. Then die, painfully and slowly, ok?

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who else is excited for the iphone se 2

ditching lagdroid forever
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my gf ruri is so cute
i never had issues , then again i dont install bloatware aka all those fucking clash and facebook games , well enjoy your phone where you need a desktop client to move files and add music

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Adcom 17.jpg
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Hi /g/,

i am looking for monitor under 270$,
I will use it for programing, often watch a films and rarely play a games.

got any tips for me?
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try budget 21:9 ultrawide 2560x1080
iiyama ProLite XB2483HSU

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Well, does such a thing exist?
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>bluetooth speakers
I think nobody is expecting neutral sound reproduction.
Just stop, you're about to spend money on a machine which you will make you look annoying to literally everyone else around.

If you're serious though, try the Xiaomi speakers, or look up some other shit on /csg/ in general they're all shit.

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Would you use a bbs?
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no because i'm not a loser B^)
heck yes!
big black s...?

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I watched this movie when it first came out and when I just came across it again recently it made me wounder; can we actually make a toy like this today if we wanted to? Or something really close to it?
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don't you think the military would have already, if it was viable?
Why do that if you can just bomb the shit out of a place.
Who would buy it? A toy like that would probably cost as much as a brand new car.

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