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Why every dumb shit from this site is so convoluted and retarded to install?
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you have autism
git gud, moron
git clone https://github.com/dick/dicks.git
cd dicks

> OpenSuSE Tumbleweed breaks again on update
I really like it /g/ and want it to work but starting to lose hope here.
Do I need to keep my hands completely off the machine and not even breath on it or run anything on it while it updates and immediately restart afterwards?
I just wanted to make the little chameleon happy
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is that reptile ok?
>rolling release
>not taking into account ABI compatibility

If only there was some Linux distribution that handled all of that for you, while still being rolling-release.

honestly? Yes, dont update your linux distro. It always breaks somehow, it isnt worth the hassle. Think about it, do you ever really need the update or do you just do it because muh new stuff
unfortunately linux is just unstable

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Wait am I getting cucked, why major in something that forces you to stay inside 24/7 and takes fucking 4 years to complete? All my bizness major friends all graduated by now and they all have comfy jobs, plus they all had time to meet people and party, while I was doing math n shit.

>B-But I'm doing all the cool shit

yea you're getting bossed around by some guy who worked way less than you and who's getting paid more

fuck this is depressing
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Well, just start your own fucking company then.
what kind of dumbass needs to study 24/7 for his undergrad? I only studied during finals week
Thats why you only study what you love, idiot.

Will fortran ever die? Will fortran still be used for HPC 50 years from now?
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It probably will be replaced by a cancerous version of it like visual fortran#
Some day we will all die, anon, and no one will be left to use Fortran. So yes, some day it will die.

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Why don't you have an Intel®Core™inside™?
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because all my info will go straight to Tel Aviv
I have an Intel®Core™outside™. :^)

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I want to make a forth compiler/interpreter /g/

Is this a good article to learn the syntax? http://galileo.phys.virginia.edu/classes/551.jvn.fall01/primer.htm#intro

I have never written a compiler before
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I perused it. Not bad. I highly recommend the dragon book, with prior experience in C.
Try writing a forth in javascript first and work your way up.
>pic related
i was five when i got my first pc, shame i couldn't find a video card for it even then (this was in 2001, must have been ISA/VLB-tier shit from the mid-90s).

scrapped it and sold it for parts, got shiny new pc couple of years later

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they have distilled the act of cucking Google down to a science
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Why do people hate AMP so much?
Good, now we need something that removes Apple's crap from my phone.
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>breaks scrolling
>breaks the back button
>breaks reader mode in Safari/Firefox
>obfuscates URLs
>is literal botnet

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I want to buy a 56 if they fix the pricing , I don't want to deal with Nvidia .

Does anyone else want a 56 ?
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>doesn't go for the superior 63
But the 56 is sweet spot
>he didn't by the 55x when it was on sale

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>"just use netflix bro!"
>no AMVs or MEPs
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Kys fucking autist. Majority of people aren't retarded weeks like you so why would Netflix bother catering to your fat ass

Sage and kill yourself faggot.
those are on youtube, amd i am pretty sure originated there, is this a meme i dont get it
Nah Op is just a neckbeard faggot weeaboo who unironically likes AMVs like a fucking faggot he is

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How does one get that good that you don't use libraries or references? Is their a book on it? I'm only learning the basics of C#. After I'm good I want to move on to C++. Would like to make my own language one day and partake in programming challenges.
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Cmon /g/uys
You learn how to build your own libraries.
you dont

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Looking for a list of real 120hz tvs. None of that interpolation, TruMotion, Clear Motion horseshit. REAL 120hz tvs with native 120hz refresh rate. I need it for gaming. I don't care if the model is 5 years ago old. I don't have have $3000 either, so no 80 inch 2017 tvs either.
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no such thing anymore, there were very few 1080p 120hz tvs, wait until hdmi 2.1
Vizio P65-C1 does it fwiw
No interest in supporting a Chinese company.

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Good job intel.png
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>i3 is now faster than i7 7770k

well done intel. good job
they manage to pull that within 6 months
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Same socket, incompatible with current motherboards. First x299 bullshit then this
The i7 makes them more money, duh. MSI memeboards must use the latest and greatest intel Xeon 14,000 pentaflop because gaymin and latest and greatest
You sure it's not compatible, I have a skylark i5 and was planning on sticking a new i7 in it after Christmas.

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is pic related a meme in 2017?

Whats the best way to profit from reading this book?
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Let's be honest here anon. If you were going to read this book you would already be doing it.
How one could profit by reading books? Your question sounds silly.
it's like wanting to learn physics by reading Newton's principia mathematica

you can, but you are just being pretentious for no reason

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I don't know jack about computer science, so I apologize if this is a stupid thread.

I'm kind of fascinated by comparisons between the first computers and modern computers. For example, I found an article comparing the ENIAC to old turn-of-the-century cell phone.

It claims the ENIAC took up 40,000,000 times more space, and the cellphone was 1,300 times more powerful. Let's not get hung up on the accuracy of the numbers.

But this has me wondering. With unlimited space and resources, could they have made a computer of the same type as the ENIAC 1,300x larger that could rival the cellphone in power? Could you make one many thousands times larger that could render modern video games?

Maybe that's a stretch with that kind of computer, but if we weren't concerned about cost or physical space or even practicality, can we pack more and more power in a computer?
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the latency would be extremely massive, so it would still take a lot more time to do the calculations than a smartphone, that's why people are trying to shrink processor more and more

but yes, you could simulate transistor logic on a macroscopic scale if you wanted
Something tells me you would be running into physical limits of how fast electricity travels.
If you were building this hypothetically, youd probably use fibre cables

Is it possible to update a clean windows 7 install anymore without getting the telemetry and win10 'security' updates?

Or is it better to just download everything and run one of the telemetry removing scripts?
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Been using a new 7 install for ages. Just don't use windows update if you're worried about telemetry. The windows 10 popups have been disabled, also, so not even updates can bring them back.
Just run spybot telemetry once, it just werks
>Just don't use windows update
Sounds like a good way to get wannacry

I think wsus offline doesnt include any of the telemetry updates, but it also doesnt include alot of the good non-security updates

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