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>Use the search function. Thread locked.
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>walking around in woods
>out of nowhere a bear appears
>it grabs me by the head
>it shakes me violently
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>"like just use google"
>thread is only google result
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>Thread Locked: Do not necro two day old threads.

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What does /g/ think of the MaXX Interactive Desktop?

For those who don't know there was a company that was big in the 90s called Silicon Graphics Inc. that made specialized MIPS workstation hardware that cost anywhere from $50,000 to over $100,000. These days you can get their desktop and server hardware for a couple hundred bucks on ebay because of how obscure and old it is and as far I know you can't virtualize the hardware or OS. SGI had their own special OS tied to the hardware called IRIX which focused heavily on using a graphical environment called the IRIX Interactive Desktop, or IID. MaXX Interactive is a port of IID to GNU/Linux. It only works on 64-bit x86 machines running a Fedora or Debian based OS. I've tested it on Fedora 25 and it works well. It costs nothing and there's an easy installer script for it. The website also says that an update is coming on the 15th.


If you're into retro desktop environments I highly recommend trying this out.
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You can install FSV 3D file explorer for a more authentic IRIX experience.

Looks neat
Does it come with the nice IRIX icons?

>current year
>doesn't use budgie
what's your excuse?
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>Using a GNOMElet DE
No thank you
> Using GNOME
> ever
I actually use my computer.

Has technology helped alleviate any of these problems for you?
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>implying we all feel like that
im 190kg 5'9'' manlet, so yes..

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Finish this sentence /g/

"I'm not glad he's dead but im glad he's-"
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a nigger
a communist

I can get any phone in 2 weeks. What phone should I get?

Coming from a HTC One m8.
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One of the new iPhones
a Windows Phone 10
b-but no headphone jack

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>headphone jack breaks
>Half of it is now stuck in the headphone jack

I better buy an iPhone with Bluetooth beats next time
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Could use Bluetooth shit regardless.
Buy bluetooth headphones or just get it out with some fine tweezers and fuck off.
you tried putting a headphone jack inside another headphone jack?

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>wonder why my new laptop is underperforming in games at 1080p
>do a speccy
>see results

they only gave me 1 stick of 16gb of slow ram

why do these companies get away with advertising like this

thinking of returning it

buying some new ram is like 150

also ignore the motherboard temp, i left speccy running for like an hour
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>Thinks it makes his gaymen laggy
Nu/g/ everyone
He has less than half of average memory performance of the typical low end system, so it could be. His performance is even shit compared to old ~2009 gaming systems.
The Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display doesn't have this problem.

Want to learn microchip controllers
which is better
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get pic or microchip and put forth on it
Attiny and all old atmel stuff is dead. PICs are the future.

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Are you ready to see Android lose the smartphone wars?
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they already lost a decade ago. only reason they have sales is due to being cheap as fuck
Isn't Apple's CEO gay?
Nigger detected

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Switched back to Linux around 2 years ago, because I needed Winblows to play games. Just realized literally all my games are available for Linux, so I'm gonna switch back.

What's the best distro for an intermediate user? Don't want to be fucking with maintaining my system constantly, or fixing stupid issues.
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just install ubuntu before the arch autismos arrive
weed os

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/g/ what version of iPhone 8 will you guys be preordering tomorrow?

>iPhone 8 Vanilla
>iPhone 8 Plus
>iPhone 8 Special Edition or iPhone Edition lolz
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The largest one they have because I've been a macfag since the iphone 4 and my anus is so loose at this point shit regularly falls off
When I have sex with a random stranger every day of the weekend it's like he's throwing a hotdog down a hallways
Feels bad man
>doesn't know anything about the device
>is already getting ready to preorder it

same here

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Floens halp
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>can't save images to sd card
that frog is scary as shit
thumbs is down, it's an issue with the site

Meanwhile on Gentoo.. >"-pulseaudio"
Feels Good to use the perfect distro.
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Wait, people don't use pulse audio? wtf
Meanwhile on OpenSUSE

apulse (aplication that needs pulseaudio)

>What is ALSA

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Mojewla Firefox is so superior it let's websites know which addons you have installed
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Firefox is going to become another chrome crappy copy, sad
So not even whitelisting a site in an adblocker is going to be enough, they're going to require you do uninstall it completely.

Interesting. I made a thread in their subreddit to let them explain

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