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I might be dumb here, but I think I could use some study advice.

I want to learn about making servers with C#, but I cant find a place that explains the whole process step by step and is up to date.

I have tried a bunch of resources already and I intend to keep searching but I was wondering if anybody here has anywhere I could read up about this.
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>I might be dumb here

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I've been working on an interesting idea regarding smartphones and wireless charging, and would like to spitball the idea with a person, with actual knowledge in that area.

So my question is:

What education is the most relevant in regards to smartphone-charging and more specifically wireless charging (docks and stuff)?
Then I can try and snoop out someone with that education a pick his or her brain a bit.

There just seems to be a shitton of relevant educations in that field.

Other ideas who to reach out to?
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electromagnetic field
black magic and general wizardry

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"JavaScript" is a trademark of Oracle Corporation in the United States. It is used under license for technology invented and implemented by Netscape Communications and current entities such as the Mozilla Foundation.
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You too write ECMAScript for browsers?

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>assume that blockchains become the next big ting, that the elections in 2028 are held using blockchain technology and that all businesses are doing their financial accounts using blockchain technology

then how would this generate positive return for people that own bitcoins?

Let's talk about the blockchain only, not tinfoil hat tier bullshit like hurr durr bitcoin will free us from the hell and oppression caused by FED's money printing business and bitcoin will take over as world currency durr only 21 million bitcoins hurr durr

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And here I was browsing porn on 4chan like an unverified pleb
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they should make browser for watching cat videos exclusively
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It's actually real

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How do I do something productive with C/C++?
I need to apply my knowledge somewhere and game engines sound good - any recommendations would be appreciated.
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Unreal is pretty good. You could try messing around with the new unreal tournament in it. e.g you could model and texture new weapons, and implement them via the c++ code.

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Pythonfags of /g/
I encourage you to look at Nim:

>looks exactly like python
>can compile (translate) to native C/C++
What do you think?
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I thought it would be a combination of Nano and vim

Needless to say I'm disappointed
>Nano and vim
You are disappointing yourself

What tech companies don't have a monoculture but are looked upon as good to work for?

Examples of companies that have monoculture:
Epic Systems

2nd definition.
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Every company that is highly specialized on something is a monoculture. It's inevitable.

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Anybody here use much headphones I'm looking to buy a beyerdynamics and cant decide between the 770s or the 990s im going to be using them for gaming mostly but will be listening to music(rap,electric,hip hop)
Just a few questions is open back really that good,also will the 990s leak heavily and hack no noise isolation those were my main quesitons.
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What was the logic behind giving the tab s2 and s3 a good, high resolution screen but not this piece of shit?
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High DPI is a clusterfuck on everything but mobile OSes.

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fix it?
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Tell the admins to update the certificate. It probably expired.
Remove the s from https

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to all razer keyboard owners
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>new, fresh, original

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Photo edit apps like Prisma send our photos and edit it.
In this situation, do they keep our photos after editting? or just delete them?
Is it possible that the photos be leaked?
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they keep them of course, you would not know about it though because it probably would be a legal nightmare, yes they can be leaked but it is unlikely. you are retarded for using such an app and thus have not earned the right to breath air
Read their privacy policy.



Did you know Chromebooks can completely delete all of your offline files if you hit the storage limit and keep downloading without making space?
All of it. Did you know that? Your computer will automatically delete every single last bit of it.

Well, I found out the hard way today.

Don't spend your money on a Chromebook. Get a real computer.
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Should've installed Gentoo..
Should have put gentoo gnu/linux on it you dumb frogposter

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Check out my new motherboard.
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