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We can't let these robots take the women jobs anon!
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Uh, this is a neoliberal board. Why do you think we'd care?
You must respek da wahmen
Wait, women had jobs?

Speccy thread?
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Secondary pc.png
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Tempted to go for 1080Ti.
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What do you think they should name it?
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Will this replace the ancient konqueror browser?

Read. It doesn't replace anything. The project just gets to use some infrastructure from KDE.
Apparently they are; this post just doesn't mention that.
>During the Akademy 2017 Konqueror BoF, the ex-maintainer of Konqueror, David Faure, proposed to integrate QupZilla into KDE in order to replace the aging Konqueror. (His reasoning is that QupZilla is already much more advanced in terms of webbrowsing features, and there is almost nobody working in Konqueror, so there is no point in duplicating efforts).

Hello everyone, i have a question for u guys.

I just moved into an apartment complex and i have a router here already. But i can not find it in the Wi-Fi list when i turned it on..granted it could be there but i dont know which one i should Connect to. Halp please

Pic related
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summer everyone
install gentoo on it dumbass...

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>we never went full nuclear
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>tfw could have been to Alpha Centauri by the 90s if Project Orion wasn't ended by the Partial Test Ban Treaty
Aɴd tHᴀt's ᴀ ʙᴀd tHJɴG?
Okay, looks like small caps don't work right here.

what the fuck is their problem? can't they settle for a logo?
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they said they are testing logo changing compatibilities or whatever
oh and you are literally using the testing version
They should consult us.
I'll make the logo

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I go to a community college in Commiefornia.

The school's online class registration/enrollment portal has just started including links to 3rd party ad revenue sites.

not gonna lie, this kinda angers me. I logged in to make a payment and disabled umatrix to ensure the payment went thru ok.

when I clicked it again to enable it I noticed that students are now getting sent to a bunch of 3rd party sites for ad revenue.

I wouldnt care if this were a private institution, but this is state and federal funded. they shouldnt be collecting ad revenue from their students.

and these arent the flashing-banner style of ads, these are the tracking cookie style of ads that probably tell advertisers where you are going to school and what classes you are taking.

idk am I just autistic or does anyone else find this to be unprofessional?
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write a complaint/make a poster

Just checked and my UC uses google analytics.
i dont mind google analytics too much.

its really the doubleclick, facebook and googleadservices that aggravates me. there isnt a single widget anywhere that links to facebook, so it is there just for the shekels
Also don't completely disable it, just allow the urls you know will be required in that instance.

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>have two monitors
>one is 4k and the other is 1080p
>whenever scaling is activated it scales for both screens
>applications that are now readable on teh 4k screen are now oversized on the 1080p one
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Because females don't wanna fuck you if you're a loser gnu/tard
>fucking females
I do use linux, it's still a good kernel, even if Linus Torvalds himself admits it's getting a little bloated.
Just werks.


Who would win?
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win doing what?
> >MongoDB
> >NoSQL
Same shit, isn't it? You can add Redis and Memcached to the list.
While Oracle is the enterprise king, Postgres is slowly eating its legs, gaining the functions programmers wanted from it after Oracle to Postgres migration five years ago.
Now that's not so obvious, while Postgres is definitely superiour to any MySQL fork in terms of features, they still don't have a simple master-master replication built-it, or any logical-level replication, for that case. People use something like Bucardo and whatnot when they don't want a physical level replication.

>tfw found an old 250gb toshiba hard drive with an old build of 2009 era firefox 3.5.3 on it
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nice blog
gg anon

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>install several DEs because I like most of them
>talk shit about whichever one I'm not using at this particular moment
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you must be an entp right?

I recommend dr.pepper
i sold a 7950 as a macfag compatible card once, when it didn't even have the right bios for it.
INTJ, which is why I think MBTI is a load of horseshit.

First saw it here, again on Neofetch's github page.

I need my terminal to be this comfy.
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go back
it tells you the font in the neofetch message, you tard
It's literally written in the pic, you autistic faggot

I just bought a Sapphire Vega liquid which will be delivered in about 10hrs time here in Australia; upgrading from rx480.

I'm happy to run benchmarks/tests if anyone is interested, just reply with the program name.
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Furmark for 12 hours
why 12 hours? 5 is more than enough i think

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How many terabytes do you use? I'm considering uploading my multimedia library (mostly torrent, about 9TB) in combination with Plex Cloud. Has anyone already tried to do it?
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Use to. but even with all my stuff encrypted google kept taking it down
>Being so cucky that you willingly upload all your data to jewgle

Then you're a fucking retard

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Will I get (((shut down))) by my ISP if I pirate Photoshop? Or is torrenting programs still easy?

I haven't torrented stuff in over a year since I use Netflix and have had no need for programs, but since I needed to reset my computer I lost Photoshop and I can't make memes anymore.
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Why would your ISP lose money over something as silly as file sharing.
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