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Ask all questions and advice concerning laptops here.

Between these two which one should I get /g/?

Acer - 17.3" i7 7700HQ, 16GB RAM. GTX1060 6G, 256GB SSD + 1TB HD 7200rpm


ASUS - 17.3" GSYNC, i7700HQ, 16GB RAM, GTX1060 6G, 128GB SSD + 1TB 5400 rpm

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I'd go with the Asus, the Predator is hideous.
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What the Asus looks like
Those both look like shit.

Get a Gigabyte.

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Has the EFF always been this obsessed with (these) people?
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>(these) people
qt femboys?
tfw no blue gf(male)
>we are the trans who make the plans

What's your favorite programming language and why isn't it Java?
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Greetings my friend, glad to see there are more of us here

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You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like
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>Tfw Just about to make thread to bitch about how crap Stretch is.

Literally just did a re-install from Wheezy.

Fucking terrible. Sudo isn't installed, the touchpad doesn't work and I'll need to edit source.list (Which, guess what? Permission denied)

Jesus I hate this shit
>peak performance
>Taking your hand off the keyboard and wasting time to touch a mouse
These are ideal DEs

How are Lenovo's non memepad laptops?
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Comfy botnet
worthless chinkshit. if you want a new laptop get an xps 13 or something.
garbage. they come with MITM spyware. and they don't last either.

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car accident.jpg
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Why does recaptcha keep showing me images of this impending car crash?

Are they trying to social engineer me to associate cars with car accidents, to advance their autonomous car agenda?
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I keep getting it too
Google is probably having a hard time with that specific image
>humps for 180 yards
Good endurance
Those are parked cars, lad. Do you not park on the road in America?

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>the taptic engine takes up too much spa-
>b-but the headphones jack is too thi-

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Only fanboys and goy actually believed that Apple couldn't implement a headphone jack in the iPhone 7.

No offence to this guy, but him, a single amateur EE, was able to implement a fully functional headphone jack with no loss of functionality.
Apple could have obviously done it in a much cleaner fashion by integrating the DAC and wiring to it didn't require an extra board.

So, if it wasn't technical constraints, why did Apply remove the 3.5mm headphone jack? Follow the money.
Apple wasn't making any money off of any of the multitude of audio devices that plug into the 3.5mm jack. By forcing everyone to use their proprietary chip and port, they could rake in fees from every manufacturer that wanted iPhones to easily connect to their devices.
The dongle is there to provide compatibility, but in a way that makes it more convenient and desirable to use the Apple connector.
And the public ate it up.

Bravo, Apple.
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vivo-x5-max (1).jpg
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Only fanboys ever thought that the headphone jack was a "problem"
Literally the world's thinnest smart phone, the Vivo X5 Max at 4.75mm, has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Literally everyone else knew it was Apple trying to make money.
But all a nigga knows, is all a nigga wants, as the saying goes. People have "invested" too much into the Apple Ecosystem, so they're stuck with it. And Apple is taking them on a wild ride.

I really hope they reintroduce the Headphone hack on the next iPhone, just so everyone can be like "Oh. Fuck Apple. They really made me buy this bullshit adapter for 1-2 years."

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>A CLI window just popped up from nowhere and closed by itself
What do?
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You have to destroy your computer before it is used to transmit illegal data.
Kill yourself, you fucking retard.
Delet system32 it's a wirus sir

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Don't tell me you actually have a Google account, /g/.
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How else would I shitpost on youtube
You wouldn't.
i do have a jewgle account lol

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So there is this lad who came up to me with the idea of coding our own database from scratch , the problem is i dont have any idea how to start but i am always up for a challenge . So /g/ents would it be hard to create mine ?
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create table install gentoo
If you have to ask then you are too retarded to do it. Just kill yourself, you fucking idiot.
I'm postinh here to know if any of you had any experience in coding on and could give me tips, help etc

Been looking for good end-to-end encrypted chat stuffs, /g/. Don't like XMPP, the lack of offline-messaging support and questionable groupchat support sucks ass.

So far I've found: https://crypto.cat/ and https://tox.chat/ (tox seemed kinda broken when I tried it and the client was ugly)

Anyone know what's actually, legitimately good and free?
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am OP, pls inform. from a security standpoint, what's bad about tox?

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/our/ wiki is down!!
What can we do to bring it back up?
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You can kill yourself. The wiki is powered by the souls of dead retards.
Why does it keep going down lol

Why does it seem like hacking culture is dead?
Hack Forums has been shit for years. Where do all the hackers hang out at?
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Deep web level 15 or deeper
Because faggot normos took over the word "hacking".

All software cracking, penetration, and reverse engineering is done under another name now that I WON'T post here lest said normo cum guzzlers are lurking.
>Where do all the hackers hang out at?

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Just got these from the Apple Store :^)

Find a flaw.


You can't.
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Let's start with the most obvious one: looks like you have perm qtips in your ear


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Konqi kde > gnome.png
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Konqi wants you to be informed!


Art CC BY-SA Tyson Tan (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)
Text on blackboard modified (poorly)
By replying to this post you agree to license your contribution under the same CC BY-SA 4.0 license or compatible terms.
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Template: https://nonfree.pizza/drop/Konqi_teaches_template.kra for easier editing!
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>tfw too normalfag for licenses autism
Time for Konqi thread

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