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Is it worth upgrading my stock CPU cooler to this Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO? Also looking at the Hyper H103. Not running an OC.
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Upgrading the cooling system is always worth if you look forward to use the cpu for a very long - 5+ years - time.Higher average temperature decreases lifetime.However if you plan to upgrade the cpu once in 1-2 years there is no real worth you get from better cooling.
>not running oc
If your stock cooler is doing fine then there's no reason to buy new one, unless you need to spend money to fill the void that is your life
From AMD's old stock coolers? Definitely yes

From Intel's stock coolers? Maybe

From AMD's current stock coolers? No

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why hasn't price gouging killed amazon yet?
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Supply and demand, negro
Who else is still selling obsolete PS2 mice these days?
is it really worth 500 bucks tho?
its worth however much people are willing to pay

only idiots would buy an intellimeme in this era in the first place and said idiots dont mind being gouged

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I like how the Fury X is 275W TDP in that chart.
AMD fags will defend this

No we won't. It's a shitty card compared to the 1080ti.amd Fucked up.

But I'm stil gonna buy it if it's priced correctly. Need it for muh Freesync.

Opteron X3000 is onboard. Wikipedia does not know much about it, is it LPE Ryzen?
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X3000 are the Excavator APUs
There's no iLO as well, for twice the price of Gen8. What the fuck?
What the hell HP.

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>using tor
>internet goes down
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i still had 48% missing of lolita.jpg
>use Tor
>hear police sirens in the distance get louder and louder
Can someone tell me, without operating an exit node, could an external actor such as an ISP know you are using tor by traffic analysis?

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How simple you can explain what's GNU, Linux, distros, etc, for a common person?
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Things that are irrelevant.
Linux is a barren OS
GNU is a bunch of shit some people wrote to make an OS
distros combine the two

taking liberties but it gets the point across fine
Install Gentoo

can't watch 4K. Why did you tell me "any intel HD graphics can play 4K''? it can't. I have to play in 1080p or 1440p otherwise it's laggy

I have 8gb ram and i'm using 240GB SSD
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frogposters being retarded as usual
That's because nothing works on intel platforms.
Did you turn on hardware decoding? What player are you using? Install LAV filters and use a player that can make use of them. Enable Intel Quicksync Video Decode. It should work.

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When will it get the euthanasia /g/ [spoiler] ;___;
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There were so many things produced for and tested with XP only that it will be never euthanised.
Is that pic supposed to be a habun no tsuki reference?

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Hi all,

This is where we wait for the latest AMD graphics card which AMD will surely release in a timely manner and will definitely blow all of our minds, no questions asked, 100% guaranteed, no chance it'll fail, just you wait.

Last time: >>61359572

Do you own Vega FE? You can get VIP invites to Capsaicin and grill Raja for not sticking with 4 HBM stacks like FURY X. Sign up below:

The latest:
https://www.3dcenter.org/news/der-release-fahrplan-der-herstellerdesigns-zur-radeon-rx-vega (also Deutsch)
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>two weeks
They are "demoing" RX Vega tomorrow.
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i have an i3-6100 3.7GHz, 2 cores 4 threads. will buying an rx vega be pointless? will the cpu bottleneck the performance?
Oh yeah, Budapest, so if you're around there, you know the drill from last time:
>If you're in Budapest or Portland, go take some videos and leak them here, then leak them to VideoCardz so they can then be leaked here too

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why aren't you using Windows 7,,, are you gay or something?
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8.1 with classic stert works just fine for me and i dont feel like hunting down drivers to install 7 on this shit laptop that came with 8.1
I do mocap with the kinects for xbox one. kinect drives only work for 8 and up
>Not running Vista
>Falling for the Big Bang Theory tier LUL VISTA IZ BAD meme

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Hi /g/.

I was thinking today while downloading some stuff. How much does a byte weigh? Is it possible to convert my mass to gigabytes? I am 5'11" and weigh 180lbs.
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How do you even do that? Do you weigh the electrons that are transferred to give the signal to change ones into zeroes?
I'm not sure. I thought someone here might know?
Depends on the method in which it is getting stored, and from there what would constitute the data itself.

IIRC a couple years ago, someone did the math on it. If all of the data on the internet was converted to pure electrical pulses, extracted to nothing but electrons, and compacted together, the contents of the internet would have the approximate size and mass of your average strawberry.

Considering how explosively the internet and data has grown in the last couple of years, all global data processed in a similar manner would mass approximately the same as an apple.

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Do computers have bad breath or something? Every time I look at a game it has 'System Require mints' on the box
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B0tNeT xDxD
That's only specified on the box for HalitosOS.. XD

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now that ETH seems to be dying fast could we potentially see a return to sane prices for GPU's? perhaps even a flood of used stock from ass hurt miners trying to recoup their losses?

Anyone else excited for the deals about to be had?
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Likes marry a whore.
please...make less sense i dare ya.
> marry a whore
What is worse, do that knowingly or unknowingly?

why are old techfags so comfy, /g/ ? they're not angry and autistic towards mac, not childish and not obsessed with hating normie culture.
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they have simply given up a long time ago
Because they actually like tech
they're not just brainless 20-something social outcasts trying desperately to fit in and get attention in lieu of actually accomplishing something beyond mindless consumption

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>Shitpost to my heart's content because you don't have an account attached to you when you post
>Think I can't be tracked so I just keep it up
>Some guy replying guesses my first name correctly
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> tfw anon use chrome & adblock and still got tracked, magik?

> inb4 botnet
My name is fairly rare so I've never seen someone guess it

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