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How would you make it popular again?
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You know whats happening on the modern irc channel

>Anon just joined in
>hi guys sup
>24 hours later
>person_x disconnected
>person_x joined

When the whole idling shit ends I will join irc once again.
Nobody and I mean nobody talks anymore.
Same on XMPP its so fucking pointless
Were public chatrooms with random internet peeps actually busy in the ol' days? I don't know cus I'm a kid (no not literally I know your tricks mods btfo)
there is no point its old and rust, it gives 0 anonymity, all irc user can just check your ip adress.

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Does anybody know what case this might be?
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Probably some old piece of shit IBM server tower.
I'd have said Chieftec, but it's only similar, not the same.

Some Supermicro model.

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More news next week. Was going to get the Moto G 5 plus but looks like the new phones are coming soon. The laser focus sounds cool for the updated 5Gs


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>that moto x
this is why i will never buy lenovorola again
x 2015 was the last good phone from moto
why are they so obsessed with this ridiculous camera design that pops out of the device
Haven't owned a Moto phone since the first G it didn't have that design. I don't see much of an issue with the camera design.
Moto E any good?

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Pic related is how thinkpad users look in public
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Fuck you, pretending to be retarded on purpose is incredibly fucking stupid
So sexy!
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Is there a reason to have Linux installed on a gaming PC / powerful laptop?
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You have to be 18 or older to post on 4chan sweetie.

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So I've installed this shit and couldn't bear it even for a day. I was open to new and not biased anyhow. But that's just a horrible, hopeless clusterfuck OS. Nothing works as expected. Everything is broken. I can't believe it is so popular. The only real use for it is gayming with occasional shitposting. That's it - browser and games, nothing more.

It crashed into BSOD my very first day with it using Vmware. I haven't seen anything like that in Linux for years.

Sometimes additional keyboard layouts appeared by itself and I had to sign out and sign in back for them to go away. I've deleted all the layouts I wasn't using right away after choosing the right one - there was a layout with a strange quotes behaviour.

Hidden taskbar sometimes won't slide back, usually when Chrome is running.

When you're uninstalling the program sometimes it won't disappear from the list you are uninstalling it from.

While copying and replacing a few system files file manager's "current operations" window finished and just stuck there empty and doing nothing. I've had to restart the file manager.

Sometimes you can't type into start menu. Nothing happens.

There are probably more things I can't remember and I've already deleted this shit-os.

The thing is - you can't know where and when it's going to fuck up. I felt like if I will be using it I'll develop some sort of victim psychology - "pervasive sense of helplessness, passivity, loss of control, pessimism, negative thinking, strong feelings of guilt, shame, self-blame and depression". That's the exact description from Wikipedia.

Few more examples and conclusion in the next post.
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Any attempts to bring automatic tiling into Windows with Plumb, bug.n and hashtwm were unsuccessful. You can't have a proper autotiling there, deal with it. Everything will work 10 times shittier. You can't even have a proper regular window management - you can't switch between applications, only windows and there is no software that will help you. You can switch between windows of the same application with Vistaswitcher. And if you want to replace your alt-tab with Vistaswitcher it will show up items that aren't really there and you have to constantly add exceptions.

Powershell has some really silly bugs like if you hit backspace too often it will freeze the input for a second and start beeping. And it can't be closed neither with Ctrl-D or Alt-F4 and it's just plain stupidity. You have to write a powershell script to close it.

Emacs is just slow for some unknown reason. There is a noticeable micro delay.

Not to mention Linux Subsystem for Linux turned out to be completely useless.

Things aren't perfect in the GNU/Linux land. There are few bugs here and there. You might get yourself too deep in customization while seeking for a perfect workflow. But any Linux troubles are nothing compared to the hopeless world of pain named Windows.

I've learned my lesson, /g/. I'll be less picky and try to use as more mere defaults as I can bare. Writing this from Suse Leap.
install gentoo
I don't want to compile stuff and mess with flags. I was thinking about Nixos with it's purity and ability to return to any previous state, but assumed it's not popular enough and I'll waste too much time maintaining and configuring the system once again. That's probably the only distro I'd like to invest some time into. Someday. Now I just want something plain and simple, working out of the box. Never used an rpm distro and Yast is interesting software to try, reasonable amount of time between releases, so Suse Leap it is.

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The main reason why Python is so big is because XKCD and the hacker manifesto shilled it.

It's not a terrible language, but I feel that it has been evangelized to ridiculous levels in some circles.

The actual language is a somewhat mid-tier scripting language that comes with a few good-ish parts and a few bad-ish parts. It can be reasonably expressive for the things it was designed for, or horribly verbose for the things that it wasn't designed for. It has its uses but it doesn't deserve the ridiculous cult status that it has.
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Yeah, probably.
No python is popular because it's easy and easier to import a library to do something.
how is typing import math significantly harder than typing #include "math"?

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>show up for job interview
>whiteboard rolls out
>"Program a Monte Carlo simulation that solves the problem in pic related in any programming language of your choice"
Well /g/?
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solve for x
This application is for an entry-level junior-developer position. Care to explain us why you provided an equation instead of the required program? We have decided that it's better if you leave now; of course you can apply again when you have the 15 years of experience that we are requiring. Have a nice day.

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i've accesed youtube to watch an old video, but the video was deleted, how do i recover it?
ps:i've already tried archive.org but it wasn't there
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1. Not your personal tech support
2. Google the video to see if it's replaced anywhere else
3. You're probably fucked, just give up.
1. its
2. gone
3. anon
unless you are google

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Soft screw stuck.
I tried carefully unscrewing a soft motherboard screw and now it's half-ruined - some material ended up sticking to the screwdriver and now I can't grip it.
What do I do?
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use a better screwdriver, you can only chew that out when you're using the wrong size.

If it's exactly like the one in the picture use some pliers and be careful.

The FUCK did you manage to get glue inside the thread anyway?
Get a screwdriver that's an exact fit, Phillips 0 or 00 most likely. Looks like it could still come of fairly easily.

Superglue or rubber band between screw and screwdriver are also options. As is epoxy, if superglue doesn't hold. Also pliers should work nicely considering the positioning.
There's no glue. The alloy it's made of is intentionally really soft. I used an exactly ssized phillips screwdriver at first.
I swear, it's like soft lead.
Pliars, you mean I should sand off the surrounding plastic a bit and get a grip on the whole head?

*breathes in*
*Leans back*


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so what will they use? scratch?
do we have an indian crying wojack faces?
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With what?

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>First time in my life I have "fast" internet (60 mbit/s)

It's too fast the pages are loading instantly it's too much pressure.
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See, this page posted in less than a second what the fuck
So this is life isn't?
I know that feel bro, but so does everyone in my country because we have brilliant internet, must suck to live in America the land of the no internet.

Need a quick consensus here from you lot.

I know that when I enter:
html5 css5 tutorial guide

into google I will get several dozen full featured sites.

So I ask you:
What is the best choice of those sites for a entirely IT literate person with significant modicum of intelligence to do a crash-through learning?
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even udacity if u can afford it
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Get this book and read it cover to cover. It goes over everything and you will come out the other side a man.

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firefox installs.png
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>Year over Year Firefox Active Daily Installs (Desktop)

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What happened in February?
I believed they announced lack of support for Addons/Extensions or something like that, I don't use Firefox but there was backlash in that regard.
in relation to what?

what a terrible graph

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After all these years of use, you still haven't paid for WinRar yet, have you?

Will you ever? What will it take?
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Why would anyone pay for software they are not forced to pay for - except enterprises of course?
>reddit spacing

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