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Does /g/ have a vintage cpu collection, silicon wafer or something else ? show me what's inside your vault
Dragon dildo collection does not count :^)
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I have two 8" wafers of 64MB RAM chips
I already hoard enough data, I try to keep physical possessions to a minimum.

meh i find old studio hardware infinately more usefull and aethetic than amorphous blobs of one of the most common elements on earth...

side question... do those shatter like a fine wine glass ? ie nightmare dust ?

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I'm about to install /g/entoo, what should I take care of?
Used Debian, Fedora & Qubes OS before.
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Try Solus first.
install gentoo
install funtoo instead

is dropbox botnet? what cloud file storage do you use, /g/?
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Once you start using the service, they practically own your files, and can do whatever they want with them. Go and make your assumptions.
I personally use my own, self-hosted service.
>is dropbox botnet?
Yeah, "deleted" files mysteriously reappeared for some people some time ago, meaning they keep your shit without your consent.

>what cloud file storage do you use, /g/?
kek nerd

just use dropbox or google drive

dont use icloud because 4chan is gonna hack you

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>tfw there was a time when you could ask questions on stackoverflow without fear of being insta downvoted
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>without fear of being insta downvoted
Why fear, why care?

Your question becomes hidden if its downvoted and no one ends up answering it
>ask stupid question that could be answered by using a search engine
>get downvoted
that's how it's supposed to work

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>he doesnt put backdoor on software dev projects he into
lol what a pussy
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You must have a shit project manager if he doesn't notice you doing that.
you must be gassed
>implying project managers even understand code

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I was just changing my mouse settings and I saw this 'Horizontal Scrolling'.

>what does microsoft mean by this?
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For mice with retarded side-scrolling wheels
You have to be over 18 to post on this site.
There used to be wheels that could tilt back and forth for horizontal scrolling.



>For reference, the Tesla P100 has a score of around 320,000 while this is scoring around 750,000.

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>512GB of RAM
That's for CPU host. One P47 rack also has this much.
I know.

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Queen Brianna has a book now.
No it's not about dropping rocks from the moon.

You should go buy it.
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Who is Queen Brian na?
>women in tech
Some whore who's claim to fame is literally being a whore to get good reviews of her indie game and then crying sexism when criticized for it and thus, gamer gate

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Can we have a thread about personal identification technology?

What are your thoughts the normalization of high definition face scanning technology which is now being put in phones? Should we just embrace biometrics as an identification method? Where are we supposed to draw the line here?
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The vast majority of people are not going to care about privacy issues. Just like they aren't concerned now.
I've noticed that in recent times its becoming to be difficult to care about personal privacy at all. Companies are getting used to getting way more information from people than say 5-10 years ago. Kids that get brought up in this are going to think it's normal to have your face and fingerprints scanned regularly.
This is some 1984 type shit

look at this bugged shit.. why the fuck dont they employ programmers/developers to improve this fucking browser, instead of wasting money on SJW bullshit

the latest version cant even render fucking youtube, not even mentioning the render glitches you see in the screenshot

if chromium implemented styling options/ userstyles, there would be 0 (zero) reason for me to use firecux
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Works fine on my system?
I'm obviously using the nightly version on homOSeX

considering their budget, this fucking browser should work flawlessly on all budgets. they became incompetent fucks, just like the github developers and their monstrosity that is Atom
Found the problem. Either switch to a REAL OS or kys Mac fag.

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>get embedded developer student job
>first day
>wew, they do pretty cool stuff
>they introduce me to their development environment
>using some eclipse derivate
>on windows 7
>not penguin OS
kill me pls. I want muh penguin OS and vim.
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welcome to the real world
>falling for the linux meme
>not falling for superior ricing capabilities

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Screenfetch thread
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i should be sleeping
Babbys first Arch

Still learning
OP show your monitor setup

I have my backups in a local HDD and a home server.
I want to store my files in a web cloud in case my house burns down.
Which one should I trust?

>inb4 Dropbox or OneDrive
I think its a good one, should I trust it?
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Encrypt before uploading. Problem solved.
also mega.
encrypt before upload then it doesn't matter

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What will you do when you get your robot girlfriend?

Things I will do:
>Have her cook and clean for me
>Have her read books for me out loud
>play music for me on musical instruments

>Do my laundry
>Write computer programs for me

>Do gardening
>Take care of my various pets
>post and shill on 4chan on my behalf while I am sleeping
>Clean my vehicle

>reformat all my computers for me / install arch / gentoo for me while I am away

>collect the cutest anime images on the internet for me so I have a nice folder
>GIMP new anime pics for me and other GIMP duties
>remember things for me since she has perfect recall
>Be my bodyguard
>be my personal fitness trainer
>be my pillow/warmer and love making partner
>Do my taxes
>Drive my car for me if there are not already self driving taxis
>Teach me foreign languages
>I'll hand her stuff I don't want to read and have her memorize it real fast so I can ask her later
>Instead of printing things I will have her hand write them from my words

>Have her amuse me such as singing, juggling, or writing poetry
>Play dress up and choose fashions for her
>Go exploring nature and teach her about the 3d world together
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why would you want a robogf when you can have a real gf
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Unsorted 2123.png
208KB, 900x600px
why isn't a robo gf real, infact maybe its even more real than normal gf
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Unsorted 2121.png
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>fill out capchas all night so i can post on 4chan all day without filling out capchas
>search the internet at hyperspeed to find things i want to look at and recomend them to me
>accompany me in social situations and make them all run smoothly
>teach me art and other hobbies
>carry me to bed if i get sick

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What did they mean by this?
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Why on the AMD side is so much of the load being put onto the CPU?

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