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Whoa, only 6 years after GNOME3 was released!
year of the Linux desktop?
Can someone explain me how to install some good add-ons on Nightly? I can't seem to make anything working on the lastest version.

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How does this make you feel /g/?
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Absolutely disgusted. How anyone could leave such a worn sticker on their laptop escapes me you fucking neanderthal.
Drugs are for weak individuals
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You're a weak individual you fucking faggot

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So you spent another summer being rejected by pic related. What'd you do instead?
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I work at one of those companies actually :^)
t. amazon warehouse worker
Learned C/C++ and Python.

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Someone recommended I use 2015 LTSB over 2016.

Is there any good reason for why?

Wouldn't 2016 be more secure and shit?
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Any input appreciated.
Does LTSB actually have most Windows 10 garbage disabled?
If your desktop is an ATM or a very limited hardware machine that should stay online all the time and barely touch 2015 LTSB is the best option, good luck friend.

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Which language is most brainlet-friendly?
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>Which language is most brainlet-friendly?
Python has the most beginner support but it's also probably one of the most versatile languages

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AMD’s Epyc pummels Intel’s new Xeon-W workstation CPUs

Intel is being pummeled by AMD’s Epyc and today’s Xeon-W launch shows their desperation. Worse yet for Intel, they can’t react on pricing without destroying their core Xeon market.
talking about literal rape in all sides
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It's funny how even Intel admits they're going to have performance regressions with 10nm.
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i was quietly optimistic about amd returning with something good and it looks like they delivered so fucking hard

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Opinions on eclipse /g/?
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I don't like it.l
Nah. I prefer IntelliJ.

Arguably this strongly has to do with Eclipse and plugins and everything breaking on me for years while occupying too much RAM (which maybe it no longer does). but IntelliJ was just so much easier all along.
it's okay, but the UX is pretty bad. I prefer intellij idea, bu it's very important that there be a viable libre alternative around

/g/, why don't we make our own ISP/telecom company?
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Because the startup costs are too high and the incumbent ISPs will sue you to keep you out of developing in a region or to simply tie your hands with red tape and expensive legal battles until you go out of business before laying down even an inch of optical fiber.
Because we can't make anything but logos

I am thinking of upgrading from Android phone (Samsung S8) to IPhone. Should I upgrade now or wait for the iPhone 8?
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You should do what ever makes you happy and stop looking for opinions from others.
Going from Android to an iPhone is a huge downgrade. You'll get overheating issues, very long battery charge times, terrible battery life, tons of missing useful functions and features, no good 4chan or torrent client, ect ect.

If you want to upgrade from the S8 then I highly recommend the oneplus 5.
I am upgrading from s7 to iPhone 8 as long as Apple doesn't fuck up

I recommend it. Samsung has become a meme brand in recent years with edged screens and bixby buttons. iPhone has the raw performance. If you like playing games or have any high performance required apps especially I would.

Wait for iPhone 8 though, s8 to iPhone 7 isn't even an upgrade.

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What are you working on, /g/?

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First for fuck C
t. pajeet
Rust > D

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How do I convince my ISP to go symmetrical?

I currently pay $130/m for 1000/100 and unlimited phone.

I don't mind the price so much as I want symmetrical...

How do I convince them?

Call the cops?
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How the fuck do you get a gig down in bumblefuck middle Georgia?
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When back in 2010 the feds wwere giving CLEC's money to lay fiber... they got a huge ass grant. Multi millions, and Planters, the county next to us. They fucking ran fiber every where.
>How do I convince my ISP to go symmetrical?
1. Buy your ISP
2. Make a deal for a corporate line
3. Start a new ISP for yourself and maybe other interested parties

What is good linux lightweight linux distro for uefi based laptop?

I alot of the lightwieght os I tried would not work because my laptop is uefi based.

I tried installing gentoo but on the handbook it says to use the hybrid iso for uefi systems but I cant seem to install it would only boot from usb.
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I've been distro hopping for a year or so with a uefi laptop and I find arch slackware and "lightweight" *buntu distros work fine with it.
If you have a Ethernet cable nearby just get a server version of a distro and build from there.
Buntu is alright but I cant really seem to be able to customize it the way I want it to. I cant get assece to the root account. I might check out archslackware. I dont know enough about programing to make my own distro.
Sorry forgot the comma. I was originally intimidated by arch's setup myself, but the documentation really helps unless you've got the same WiFi card as me. If you want to avoid that then Slackware runs out of box. Vector Linux is based on Slackware and its supposed to be the lightweight alternative. Though Slackware itself has the choice between xfce and kde through the installer.

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>Macbooks are overpriced
>Ok, show me a similarly priced laptop with the same specs or better. Reminder that $1300 rMBPs are light, have a 2560x1600 retina display, the best keyboards and trackpads in existence, 8GB RAM, outstanding battery life, NVMe SSDs, and the best build quality and support in the business

Can we finally put an end to this meme?
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1. You're right about the trackpad but you know that keyboard claim is nonsense

2. Link the build you just stated for $1300
Alienwares give you better value in terms of specs. The display is not "retina" and it has gaymer shit like eye tracking, but I'd rather get that than a macbook for the price.

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Discuss about apple here!
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I like to watch SJW vlog on my macbook pro

I will confess to releasing an audible chuckle
months since I got my macbook and I'm still not over how awesome it is

when will the honeymoon period end or is this just forever

State of Linux.
Code exploiting using file thumbnails. Nautilus doesn't even run sandboexed or protected in any way.

GNUfags will defend this.
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Linux is secure (tm).
This is why they didn't want thumbnails in the file picker.
Good thing I'm running neither Gnome DE or that file manager, homes.

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