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This is the new google pixel 2. Thoughts?
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Phones aren't secure, and are locked down from a hardware perspective.

When dat python script u downloaded runs the first time
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Quit dreaming.
It will never work.
Die weeb. Die
>weeb board

Need a good laptop for College that's less than $1200

>pic unrelated
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Don't get the touch screen; it's glossy and a waste of money.

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Is it safe to use btrfs with a 4.9 kernel or should I use the latest kernel?
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You shouldn't use btrfs, regardless of the kernel version.
What is a good FS for root? btrfs gives me snapshots in case something goes wrong.
Stable should be fine, but even Ubuntu LTS is on mainline 4.10.

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Has computers made our lives better?
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Most normies are probably depressed and/or suicidal from using Facebook, Instagram, and that social media garbage. So yes, computers have made our lives better.
Will compooters ever be able to work out what 99999999999 multiplied by 10101010101010101010 is?

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Is the Chinese government trying to colonize my computer?
They're all 0 bytes and I can't delete them, they also only show up in file explorer, no desktop icons.
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Time to install GNU/Linux.
trying to? looks like they have.
Search the 18 first characters, and make it out. Looks like application dump, or memory error.


signal is sexist, prove me wrong.
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How to Use Signal Without Giving Out Your Phone Number: A Gendered Security Issue

>1. Put your secondary SIM card in your regular phone and register your Signal account to that number.
>2. After it's registered, take that SIM card out and put your regular one back in. Do not change your Signal account to that number.

cool and good
Vice is for faggots

Checkmate atheists
but i dont have a secondary sim card anon

How stable should we expect drivers/games to be?

Should I be able to play games 24/7 without a single CTD.

Watch Dogs 2 crashed in the same location twice before I found drivers that appears to be stable.

Image not really related.
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dont know, dont care, AMDGPU is perfectly stable for me on loonix and not a gaymer
NVidia drivers having a lot of issues lately. Find stable drivers and stick with them IMO.

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Is Gentoo worth using?

I have ideas of what settings (USE flags) I want to use
I know how to install it, and compile the kernel

But I have a four core processor
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dumb frogposter with gibberish caption
älä lyö vittu

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Death match.png
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What would happened if they confronted each other on the same scene?
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Left one would bring out a wad of cash and beg she doesn't turn him into mush after sticking up a Assripper up his anus.

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Is there any online shop where I can buy a laptop (maybe a mini laptop) for a super cheap price, like 60-70 dollars?
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thinkpad x120e on ebay/craigslist. If you're lucky you'll find the i3 model for that price. If not, the AMD model is good enough for shitposting and light media.

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laptop in bed.jpg
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Alright, so let's say I want to use my laptop in bed. If I put it on my chest, my wrists hurt as I'm forced to awkwardly twist them to reach the keyboard. If I push it down on my lower stomach, my keyboard is easier to reach, but my poor eyesight means I can't really see the screen without glasses. If I put it on the side, I have to twist to see the screen, and it still kinda hurts to type with.

Why isn't there a decent split external keyboard with more than, like, 9 inches of space between the two? It'd be nice if I could keep each hand at my side with half a keyboard to type on with my laptop on my chest
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Table beside bed with laptop stand. Monitor at end of bed. That is my bed set up.

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>Be me
>Never done physics or chem
>Some math, doing OK in math, not horrible
>Currently doing web dev. degree in college (it's not uni, CANADA)
>Want to pursue education in Software Eng. in uni
>First math class in uni is calculus, have alot of algo. classes, physics n other discrete math shit

On a scla of 1 to fucked, how fucked am I?
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not at all if you actually study and treat uni like it's your job
Discrete isn't too bad, t'b'h, it just got a reputation for being esoteric.
Don't let other's laziness dissuade you and good luck.

One thing that helped me a lot in uni was when I started doing regular cardiovascular exercise..

cardio = doing anything that puts your heartbeat above 50% of its maximum for more that 30 minute e.g. swimming, jogging, cycling - doesn't matter really.

I guarantee you it will dramatically improve your mental stamina.

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I'm about to go to micro center to browse around and compare screen sizes.

What should i buy today /g

I need a graphics card, new keyboard (coffee accident) and a 4k screen.
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Good luck, don't hurt yourself.
I'd buy a 1080 Ti, a Filco with MX Red switches, and whatever is LG's cheapest 27 inch 4K IPS monitor in the store.
came back empty handed, but now know i desire a 30"+ screen size.

I currently have a quadro card and need something small form factor with a low power draw.

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are there any chatbots that use the new a.i. techniques?
I really need to talk to one
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better talk to a friend
>implying 4chan isn't 80% ai

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