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What are some /g/-approved books I should read if I'm a normalfag when it comes to tech?
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mein kampf
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My personal favorite.

Here is what I have so far:


But it's NOT working.

It should NOT match the following:

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What flavor, what flags? I couldn't get it to match those.
You up to no good
The flavor. I'm not sure, but it has to be Javascript regular expression.

Just the "i" flag (case-insensitive).

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best file manager and why?
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Install gentoo
Whatever KDE uses for GNU
Amaze for android
Norton Commander clones.
FAR manager, Midnight Commander, etc...

How do I finally make peace with technology?

/g/, how the hell do you do it so you have the least amount of arguments with your technology possible? how do you make it waste the least of your time? How do you make it spy on you _less_ (less being the keyword, as you can never truely eliminate a man in the middle either for what you're doing to function or for other means)

I'm thinking of switching a Linux dualboot, but then i'd be constantly re-booting for certain applications, driver issues, certain programs being a huge pain to install (Waterfox, AMD Drivers).

F-Droid is a no go on my Android, and I'm not going to buy an iPhone as it's arguably the worst part of the Apple ecosystem. F-Droid just has none of the apps I use, simple as that. Do I have to hard-lock down all the privacy breaching settings as much as possible (such as location history?)

Do I buy music from iTunes instead despite the premium for "muh privacy"?

I'm already working on having less websites to visit and aimlessly trawl, that's a big mess.

In the end, coming here may have been a mistake. All I know about now is how my OS is literally keylogging every button I press, and having random things break on me at inopportune times.

Linux has no applications and drivers, Windows is a pajeet heap and you can't really run one iDevice without having _all_ iDevices to complete the ecosystem. How do you win? and fuck off with that get a thinkpad and install gentoo shit, that's NEET territory.
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Use windows 7 with no updates if you care so much about windows software. You'd be more vulnerable to viruses but oh well. Don't forget to use a decent browser and avoid popular shit like chrome. Firefox used to be a good alternative but is now compromised. Look for a fork. Use startpage for as your search engine. Also keep in mind the only true way of having 100% is not going online at all. If you have a phone at all just throw it in the trash. If you absolutely need a phone get a dummy one. Just pirate music already who gives a fuck. All in all i'd really recommend you consider using linux. Either get used to linux software or if you have a good enough pc you could run a virtual machine inside linux. Best of luck to you OP.
Also driver support for AMD is a lot better now. You should give it a try.
>How do you win?
I decided to do all the shit that you dismiss, like using F-Droid and removing Google and proprietary apps from my phone, switch to Linux and deal with having to learn new applications, etc.

You can't have privacy and time saving. They're contradictory. The whole value proposition from Google, MS, etc is "we'll make things as convenient as possible for you, as long as you spend lots of money on products we want you to, and lets us track literally your every move." You can either accept that, essentially in its entirety, or reject it in its entirety. If you try to split the difference you wind up with the worst of both worlds - you give up convenience but gain no meaningful privacy. And since you still have one foot in the tech companies' """ecosystems""", you'll still be getting treated like a human ATM and pushed to buy more of their shit to go back to the convenience end. And you'll still have that nagging doubt in the back of your head about the data they're collecting and saving forever about you, since you aren't really stopping them unless you go full tinfoil.

So you get to pick a lane, privacy or convenience. I picked privacy. If you want that, you get to buckle down and do all the shit you're complaining about in your post. If you want to choose convenience, then shut up about it and enjoy your botnet.

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Which one is superior and why?
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Paranoid Android unless you want alert slider customization in one plus 3/3T

Come on guys.
Show me what technology puts food on your table.

PS: If you don't work, don't post.
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RHEL, Debian, Centos, Ubuntu + Xen, Kvm.
Are you a sysadmin?
Fellow prisoner in the Oracle dungeon here. Looks like there could be some ADF in my near future too.

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>buy an nvidiot gpu
>run a benchmark in windowed mode
>bring up afterburner to set up an overclock
>get the perfect overclock under load temps
>close benchmark, hit save and be happy with myself
>go make a coffee
>open a game to try my sweet new overclock
>get an email from jensen
>'lol dude ur gpu isn't as hot as when u tested it so we gonna ramp up those core clocks my boy it'll run great'
>kind of a weird email to get but whatever
>notice my gpu is running at 26mhz higher than i tested it since it's 20C cooler from not being under load for very long
>30 seconds pass
>game tabs out
>'nvidiot driver stopped working and has recovered'

Why does Jensen do this to me? Why can't I just decide what fucking voltage and clocks my GPU runs at like with an AMD card?
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Dunno op. I've only used evga precision.
On the flip side, this means the average user no longer has to manually overclock the card, setting the temp target and power limit gets you 95% of the maximum overclock in most cases.
So if you look at it like that, it's a nice service they did for normie users, even when it does annoy power users.

I get your annoyance and share that same annoyance, but the reason they do this is perfectly clear and reasonable.
Honestly I probably wouldn't give that much of a shit if the boost increments weren't multiples of 13, it pisses me off not having my clocks at a multiple of 5.

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I am trying to develop an sslchecker.com analog for testing purposes.

I would like to understand few moments:

In results we can see "Resolves to" and "hostname". Is "Resolves to" a domain name, for which certificate is signed?

What is "hostname" in this case? It is not a form's value, because I see "Doesn't match" all the time. What should to be there?

How I can to detect with PHP functions of openssl or with pure openssl in terminal this:

3.1 "Resolves to" (to what domain it al is signed)

3.2 "hostname" (based on what is it from 2 question)

3.3 "Vendor signed" (yes or no. Yes - if we have "Issued by" values?)

3.4 PHP openssl functions gives to me chains without last Root certificate, why? How I can to take Root Certificate?

3.5 How I can to connect to one of certificate in chain with ssl protocol? What domain I should to use and port, how I can to detect it, is it possible?

3.6 How I can check domain of chain's certificates and to be sure, that certificates in chain are valid for this domains?

Sorry, if questions are not correct because of my bad english or bad SSL understanding. Also, what I can to read about? May be you can to recommend some video or short article instead of wiki?
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For those, who don't want to use sslchecker.com, some screenshots from the website for better understanding
One more screenshot - it is a chain part from sslchecker.com
and my php functions of openssl return only first 3 certificates, without the root one. Why? How Can I take it too?

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Retard question here. I have a watercooler radiator on the top of my case underneath two fans. Should the fans be blowing air out the top or taking it in?
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Hot air rises, Anon. This is kindergarden physics.
I would suggest in famalam unless you think you're going to get cold air from inside your case.
Have it mounted sideways on top of the case. It's both dumb to blow hot air from the case through it, and to blow heated radiator air into the case.

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Opera 12.15.png
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Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirrored at https://git.teknik.io/Zero3K/presto)
Patches: https://github.com/PrestoXen/openopera-patches
Issue Tracker: https://github.com/PrestoXen/openopera-issues/issues
IRC Channel: #openopera on crowley.anonnet.org:6697 (via a SSL connection)
Webchat: http://site.anonnet.org/webirc/openopera
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WV9s9uw
Forum: http://forum.timsky.ru
Custom 32-bit Build (with Patches applied): https://u.teknik.io/TVkKw.zip
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It would be nice if someone could fix the crash mentioned at http://forum.timsky.ru/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10754.
I thought it was point 13 that leaked.

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hey kids heading to college and wondering what laptop to get. i see you in /r/suggestalaptop desperately posting "gaming laptop under $500???":

don't get a fucking gaming laptop
don't get an overpriced macbook pro
don't get an underpowered chromebook
for god's sake don't get that piece of shit $200 hp stream

get a used 5-6 year old business laptop (thinkpad, elitebook, latitude) and don't pay more than $150 for it. trust me. put windows or linux or whatever works on there and get to work.

>but newer laptop = better than
here's mobile computing's dirty little secret: shit hasn't really improved since 2010. a mobile core laptop from 2011 will do everything you need. there are faster computers for rendering, compiling, etc, that your college will provide
also, you're young, and probably a spastic moron who will get your laptop lost, stolen, or damaged at some point in your college career. why not lose something worth $150 instead of $1500
>but muh games
college is a great time where you can choose to grow up and put childish things away, in exchange for bigger and better things. like education, self-improvement, friendship, and crushing puss. or you can play dota in your dorm room for 4 years
>but chromebooks are just as cheap and i heard you can install linux and buh duh bduhdhdubdhdu
you WILL hit a wall with chromeos. some ridiculously niche use-case will pop up in a class, like needing to use [real-ass program] instead of [bunch of javascript in a browser window that barely passes as a program], and a chromebook will not be able to do it
>but girls will think my laptop looks dumb
if you can't get laid in college it's not the thinkpad's fault
>but what about [some new laptop that's only $200 at walmart]

i know you'll want to argue with me on this, because you are 18, and think you aren't an idiot, but just fucking get a used business laptop and save yourself a lot of money and headache
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this shit only applies to the USA because:
>buy a used x220 from the local version of ebay
>it has fucking shit battery life, barely lasts 1hr on a charge
>no replacement batteries available anywhere locally
>i'm in a shit tier ex commie country and importing a new battery means i get triple fucked in the ass by shipping costs, import taxes and retarded customs agents who are not satisfied with their higher than average salary and keep protesting all the time
Yup. This advice doesn't apply to Europe. For example, my country Netherlands.

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What is the point of community repositories such as AUR? Can't I just download the software from their respective websites?
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Packages are usually well maintained and have a much lower chance of being incompatible or broken than something straight from sjwhub

Plus it saves time not having to manually compile.

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Wasn't here when the news came out. How much damage control was there on /g/ when we found out your favorite computers are the most unreliable brand in the industry, according to Consumer Reports?
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But /g/ has always hated exploding overheating applel trash.
Fill me in, did not know surface pro tablets were anything short of perfect
Just because you can't take a surface pro apart with your $1 knife and can't make repair money does not mean it's unreliable.

Has anyone here read the books (pic related) I recently bought them and hardly understanding it
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Fuck no.

I really think these books are just for academic reference.
Aren't all the examples in assembly? If you don't know any asm, then yeah, it'll be difficult.

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it isn't anymore.
sent from nightly (v57+)
>it isn't anymore.
you're full of shit. tried nighly. also, all my addons have been disabled.

I guess it's time to finally ditch this pile of shit.
This. It's fast as fuck now. The add-ons thing pisses me off, but someone will step up to make equivalents.

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