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Is microG the future for google independent phones?

Why have you not installed microG instead of gapps?

If you did what issues did you have?

MicroG and Yalp store ultimate combo?


Personnally, i dislike the fact that using on a rom that does not have spoofing implemented required me to use a magisk module to enable an unofficial xposed for 7.1 on which I then had to use a fake gapps module, because of this mess i am unable to pass the safety net, I could just reflash a different rom, but I love XenonHD and don't wanna switch, hopefully the devs work on an esier way to install microG on almost any rom, or more roms work with them for implementation
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micro what?
it takes like 30 seconds to enable spoofing in any rom
What about turning on the fake gapps module on xposed, I didnt want to flash that unofficial version of xposed, so it is a module mess, but it works great when done

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Post the most ghetto battle station
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Why does it have two shitty psus?
I don't understand how my house could have burned down?
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nice and i have not seen it yet

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What mouse is this and why does /g/ think it's god tier?
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Tried one before

It's a meme

Just ignore.
The library computer special by MS. Brings back (bad) memories.

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What kind of trouble are you up to?

Old thread: >>62271195
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How to stop procrastinating
Isn't Java deprecated in education now? I read a headline but cba to read it.
trying to make a babies first botnet

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Friendly reminder about the fact that cybersecurity experts earn more
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delete this thread now
I wish... Only get fucking 58, god damn database nerds get like 110-120 easy >:(
>wahh I only make $58,000 a year
How much money do you need before you find happiness?

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Why the fuck do Python files instantly close the moment I open them? Is this punishment for being stuck with Win 7?
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You are running them rather than editing them.
>right click
>open with
Holy shit that was hard
>implying i didn't try that

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Why would you use this when there is LUKS?

>there are users on /g/ that don't do full operating system encryption
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I use LUKS on Linux, veracrypt on windows.
defend your position then, bikeshed shitpost idiot
Because it's easy to use and just works.

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What do you think is the next big tech/web/service that will change everything?
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Uber for founders
neural net/machine learning fucking everywhere

and IoT hospital toilets
GNU will take over and ensure our world is free of non-free binary blobs.

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Would you work in a place like this? Pros/cons?
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Id be the guy on the bottom right. Actually fucking working and not lollygagging
If I was the CEO and had the only private office in the place, then yes, I would. It would make it all the easier to walk around and look over people's shoulders making sure everyone is on-task and isn't goofing off, and also to just yell across the room at everyone for not working long enough hours. Any transgressions against the management would be easily stamped out.

If I was an employee, then no. There is no benefit to it. Especially not as a programmer or someone else who needs to concentrate and avoid distractions, or even as someone who just needs personal space and a sense of grounding.
If I couldn't get any other job, yes.

Or if I were allowed to crawl around the air vents Die Hard style.

i swear if they go with the left design they are retarded
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sorry but they are lmao
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Smart phones are for dumb people and dumb phones are for smart people
Right only works with OLED

>cant open webms
>cant open magnet links

is this a joke
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there are a lot of things it can't do.

apparently someone was telling me their canvas doesn't support toBlob()
No, its innovation.

Seriously, why do they refuse to do basic things?

Seriously I do not give a fuck about webm's. And magnet links just open the default torrent client you have on your desktop.

I can live without the webm's, cause the battery life, speed, and resource consumption kill every other browser 1000-fold.

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Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Bill Gates is the greatest man that has ever lived.
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images (7).jpg
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Ja ja ja ja ja ja.... Yeah right??..
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Is Linux the future?
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Linux is a meme that no one will ever take seriously

Go get a mac
in the future people will have computers inside of them that control them

been a wincuck all my life how long does It take to get used to this superior os? I'm very confused its all so advanced
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You start by putting a dildo in your ass
Install brew and brew-cask. Use brew cask to install everything else like a patrician.
macs are hard to use, the problem with mac os is it isn't intuitive

I recently have been offered an on-site/off-site position for IT. It is a help desk gig but im concerned that i may be drug tested for this position. Anybody have good help desk stories in general?

And If you were drug tested for a similar position, how was it carried out?
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Why are you even doing drugs at all. Everyone with a brain stopped doing drugs once they graduated middle school.

I think you're in the wrong line of work. Go work as a laborer instead. Retards like you fit perfectly in there.

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