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name a better looking phone than the iphone se
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every other phone
If I see a phone in public and the man on it is not pullin in 7 figure deals, I know he's a poser who can't be the guy, you dig?
>95% screen
>rectangle with curved corners
>maybe a button on the bottom
All phones look pretty much the same.

Which is the best membrane/scissor-switch keyboard?
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Why would you EVER willingly use a laptop keyboard on a desktop?
The one that isn't membrane or scissor-switch.
They're alright when they're all you have, but I will never willingly go back.
It's not a laptop keyboard if it isn't attached to a laptop. What other keyboard gives you a keyboard and a mouse in one package?

> you're age 26
> you're working at big 4
> you check signal
> No messages for 3 months
> what happened you say
> did the fire from my founders hearts extinguish
> mocks are half done
> that dumbass from college is now a billionaire
> where did it all go wrong
> at-at least I'm making 200k a year!! you tell yourself
> Jim next to you is writing a racist screed
> the guy across from you got fired for sexually harassing an intern
> then you go to a hotel frequented by high class prostitutes and small Asian college girls trying to network
> you pay the only black guy you know WAY too much for weed and he knows a guy who can get you a few 8 balls
> what could've been
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good thread, actually.

too bad you posted it on the wrong board, faggot.
You are making 200k a year and somehow still feel the need to complain about your salary? You can afford to put a roof over your head and food on the table for a family, take a vacation every year, and save for retirement. What more do you want? You have what millions of people would dream to have, and you are squandering it on drugs and hookers. Stop focusing on what other people have or you'll only be miserable. We can't all be billionaires, not everyone has an idea that is profitable and marketable, and the skill and drive to make it succeed. You can't and won't be a billionaire either. If you save your money well, you might eventually be a millionaire though. And really, if you can afford to do that... shouldn't that be enough?

But seriously, stop looking at hookers, and go find yourself a proper wife to impregnate. Rich people don't have enough kids.
>200k a year
Literally 30 times more than I make. I genuinely have no idea what I would do with that much money other than save until I can buy a couple apartments and then live from renting them.

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You can buy an i7+monitor for half the price of a shit i5 from 2014
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a shit i5 from 2015 is $100 where I live
In defence though, that is a dual core i7.
what is tax/customs?

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For someone who is a bit for phone savvy, is this a good deal? Dog ate my phone and I need a quick replacement but I don't have much cash on me.

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Switch to metropcs instead. They're giving away K20 Plus phones for free at the moment.
Looking it up.
looks like a decent phone
thats a huge fucking battery for that price

The perfect laptop doesn't exi...
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Do you even know who the CEO of apple is?
t applications when you press the close button
>using your mouse
lmao what a faggot

you got me obsessed with this little bugger. Does it have any actual practical use or is it just pure masturbation?
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>does a general computing device have actual practical use
We have to go back.
>buy a PET
>literary an oversized calculator, a home micro
>get all the use out of it possible, so many things
>buy small computation device
>fits in your pocket
>several cores, more memory then all the digital storage from 50 years ago combined
>"lol guys, csn it do anything??"
This. Pretty much cringe.

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But it will always be the years of Windows and Mac.
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>the year of Windows by Microsoft
>which has servers that runs on linux

Kek, losers, can't even make a decent server by their own
>giving more than two shits what people use as an operating system
Nobody uses Linux as an operating system.
People either use Mac or windows.

Childporn is A-OKAY
Guns, Drugs, Slavetrade,Order a Hitman etc. are fine.

What a fucking joke.

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Use Firefox
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Already do

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What is the best application a person can use to make Windows 10 as private as possible.

>before you say gento, I'm dual booting.
>I use both OS. I primarily use Linux, but I also use Windows for some games.
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Run in command prompt:
ifconfig /release

Enjoy single player games
Nothing, delete Windows 10
>application a person can use to make Windows 10 as private as possible.
This app right here...


it allows you to burn an ISO image of GENTOO installer so you can INSTALL GENTOO

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I am in a bit of trouble here.

I am trying to transfer important data (up to 170 GB) from my 10 year old Windows Vista PC to a removable hard drive, which I will then use to transfer them to my new laptop.

However I overlooked one problem, the file names are too long. After waiting several hours for it to copy, it comes back with a message stating that over 203 different files in a whole library of data, have filenames that are too long for the destination folder. I cannot copy them as a result.

There are a couple of ways a could solve this problem:

1) I could edit the registry file 'LongPathsEnabled' using regedit, which will enable longer filenames past the 260 character limit. Unfortunately I cannot find 'LongPathsEnabled'. My research tells me that was only introduced in Windows 10 and Windows Vista doesn't have it.

2) I could use special software that auto-detects every file in a path having filenames which are over the 260 character limit, and then provides a convenient format for me to edit each filename one by one. Remember I am dealing with 203 files here, so I don't want this to take hours.

3) I could skip everything and just instead upload my files to a secure cloud storage service that will accept 200 GB+ of space to temporarily hold it while I get them back onto my laptop. I just don't want anything too expensive if that is the case. Let me know if you know of any good cloud services that allow expanded filenames.

What is the best solution for this problem? Thank you.
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what the fuck have you been doing that needs more than 260 character long filenames? your problem is almost weirder than the fact that you are still on Windows Vista
i've never seen a male do this, even the effeminate outspoken ones
limewire/kazaa filenames

>Please try again.
>Please try again.
>Please try again.
>Please try again.
>Please try again.
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The "annoy-them-till-they-pay" method usually backfires.
oy goy, aslong as you are here, might aswell do 5 captchas of work

yes, good goy, slave off those captchas


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I salute those who like stickers in their laptops.
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akari racist.png
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It's one thing to customize your stuff.
It's entirely another to put stickers on the other side of the screen where you spend 99% of your time looking at.
They're very obviously not for your benefit, they're facing away from you in order to get others to look at them, but I'm sure you don't want people just walking up to you and strike up a conversation about some random organization or pop culture reference sticker on your laptop, so who is it for then?
>They're very obviously not for your benefit
It's aesthetics and I like them for sake of liking them. You can argue all you want about whether aesthetics serves a functional purpose or not.

>they're facing away from you in order to get others to look at them, but I'm sure you don't want people just walking up to you and strike up a conversation about some random organization or pop culture reference sticker on your laptop
Why not? If people want to come and talk about my stickers I'd gladly talk with them.

>so who is it for then?
Mostly aesthetics, which again, you can argue whether or not serves a functional purpose. If people think is lame or cool that's on them.

Really sounds like either pasta or just stirring shit for sake of it.
is that yours? if I saw you at a coffee shop or mcdonalds, I'd say hi.

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>be me
>need a new pc
>tired of having a huge gayming monstrosity, rarely play games
>decide to make the most of my space by buying a laptop + dock
>find a ThinkPad w530 with a 2.7ghz i7 and 16GB RAM for $360
>rejoice, then immediately get depressed because I have to wait a week to get it
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what does the /g/ thinkpad community think of the w530? i feel like i got a great machine
Add a classic keyboard and coreboot, it becomes best pad
it is a great machine. I use it every day. classic keyboard is optional, I have an x220 and honestly have no preference regarding the keyboards.

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