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modern languages are just actually just newer. they are all memory safe but they have a garbage collector or reference counting which all speed down the software. so i learn about rust and found that it has no gc or rc, it uses RAII (some people call it lifetimes) to enforce memory safety. but RAII is actually old, originated from C++. few languages use it (D, Ada, Vala, and Rust). none of those languages is popular. C++ is popular but it does not enforce memory safety. do you have experience with memory safety and RAII? i'm particularly interested in a language for web development approaching C performance.

>inb4: just throw more hardware in
my objective is to increase speed for the same piece of hardware

>inb4: swift has ARC
this is plain reference counting but it is automatic so it has the same speed deficiencies as reference counting.
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t. dum fuck who needs safety
So you don't want Rust, because it has RAII that is actually old? I don't get you senpai
most rust packages released depend on rust nightly. good backwards compatibility for rust stable and pkgs is bad, so i'm always falling in dependency hell.
for example, good documentation (guides) for the release version that run on rust stable of hyper is not available, so if i want to create an web app i need to use a framework because framework design wont change much across releases. but well supported web frameworks do not have ability to interface with a database.

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>AMD took over both Xbox 1 and PS4 for sale of their APU's
>AMD has already secured sale of APU's for the next gen of Xbox and PS4
>Gaming console's comprise of practically 50% of all game sales whilst pc continues to steadily fall(Thank you normies)
Considering the marketshare of gaming consoles. Game development has been moving more onto radeon cards as AMD partner up with more and more companies.

>AMD and Bethesda Softworks Partner to Propel PC Gaming Forward

>AMD's Matt Skynner Talks New Crytek Partnership, Mantle's 'Beacon Of Leadership'

>"Most DX12 games partnered with AMD" claimed

This is just the beginning of AMD's master plan

That's just that. And we can already see what they're trying to do to Intel.
How long to you think it'll take for nvidia and intel to collapse?
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And they still can't make a GPU faster than the 1080.
This PC is dying meme REALLY needs to fucking stop. It's been OVER 18 FUCKING YEARS


PC component sales are skyrocketing, it's 'prebuilt' sales that are going down.
when are their shitty stocks gonna go back to what I bought them for so I can dump that garbage

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This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required Viewings For Al Gore Fans:

>Strap Guide: http://pastebin.com/SwRysprE

Previous thread:
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Pan Am Air King ... nice choice
Is 2,500 for a new speedmaster with leather strap a good price?
Its so good its unbelievable.. meaning i wouldn't trust it.

What are /g/ recommend chrome extensions? What are currently installed?
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I recommend you uninstall Chrome, Pajeet.
Install Gentoo

Why isn't lineageOS providing a recovery?
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Because that's what fucking TWRP is for?
but it doesn't work, what now?

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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61424569
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PC, Android Tablet, iPhone 7
>Type of headphone
Over the ear
>Open or closed
Closed with ANC (ANC optional)
>Comfort level
High, expect to be using them for long periods
>Sound signature
Neutral with a touch of bass
>Past headphones
>Anything else
Looking for cans that I can use unplugged and with cable when the battery dies out. I'd really appreciate not having to pause my music if I need to stretch or move around every now and then. Like I stated above, ANC is optional, but bluetooth is a must because muh iPhone.
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Less than $1000 preferably
Motherboard audio (not joking)
>Type of headphone
Over ears
>Open or closed
>Comfort level
I wear them like 8 hours a day so pretty high
>Sound signature
Whatever a HD650 or HD800 sounds like
>Past headphones
HD650 (love), HD800 (love), HD700 (shit)
>Anything else
I like Snapheisers but I can't be dealing with open headphones anymore, need a closed alternative.
>no anime

You will not be able to compete with male sex robots.

No I am not saying chad won't be able to compete. I am saying you personally, anon, /g/ user, won't be able to compete. The simple drive thrust you possess will not even be the same. You not be as patient or attention or even aggressive when necessary.
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Women already prefer their own sex toys over you and me OP, so how is this supposed to make me feel any worse exactly?
>Having sex

Who cares, the worlds overpopulated anyway, she can fugg all the robits.
That's great. I'll have a female sex robot, they'll have a male one and we'll fuck ourselves silly while the muslims take over.

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>mfw /g/ can't implement network in The Temple Operating System
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>implying any of these users are /g/entoomen
What makes you think so

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>be me
>upload a powershell neofetch script on the class NAS
>school's IT team blocks my account

I kek'd
I hate my school's IT team, they are literally noobs in info sec or information technology.
Fun fact the pc's are running win 7.
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Its summer already?
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what fucking class has a NAS?
Some sort of computer class i assume?
also school IT people are all shits, gotta say.
run command is blocked here, but you could be sneaky and remap stickykeys to open cmd while in login screen and just get admin
Indeed I could've ran hot potato.
Well anyways its a nas (20gb) or smaller for my class where we exchange documents for the lessons.

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Why is USA so technologically impaired compared to Europe?

It's like being teleported to the 80s
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>Why is USA so technologically impaired compared to Europe?
They're memed into believing that the free market is good for you.
older cables because made earlier plus a lot more land to cover and jews
the first mover gets stuck with the worst legacy crap a few decades later

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you haven't seen shit yet
>select street signs
this shit again
>what kinds of street signs are there?
>what kinds of street signs are there
ironically, this is the easiest problem for machine learning bots to solve, so I doubt that'll happen.
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Holy crap, it actually rewards you for being thorough.

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has anyone else figured out how to make plex correctly scan folders? I have lots of stuff that isnt being shown in my plex library. I'm glad the fucking server is working at least, its been acting fucky for a week.
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also what is the closest thing to MP3Tag for video files?
it needs to follow the naming scheme otherwise it won't be picked up.

Mkvtoolnix for individual files
Maybe you can try ffmpeg?

KEK, Loltel is literally rebranding Xeon processors as Skylake-X and trying to pass it off as a consumer processor.


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>base clock

How does that even matter?
>Base clock doesn't matter

Are you retarded?
There's a correlation between base clock and overclockability



Did anyone expect anything more from this abortion of a architecture?
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Not a surprise.

When they were so clearly blindsided and did a panic response product line. We already knew it would be retarded.
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they are so fucked and they know it

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How do you guys keep up with the latest trends in software development?
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I browse /g/
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>getting useful information from 4chan

no but seriously
twitter mostly (webdev stuff)

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