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Is Samsung's hardware encryption actually good or will it bottleneck my computer?
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It's already encrypted when you start using it.
Try it and find out. That said, having done zero research on it, I would fully expect the likes of Samsung to hold encryption keys.
Just layer your encryption of choice overtop, AES is fast as fuck on CPUs.
In linux sata secure erase in gnome-disks drops your drive's encryption keys, effectively destroying all the data in less than second as well.

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Can /g/ recommend the best UK site to customize and order a gaming PC? I have about a £870 budget. I don't need monitors, keyboards or anything like that. Don't need a graphics card either.

My 8 year PC in which I was constantly replacing parts has completely blown. I'm ready to dump it out. Now I'm a dirty mobile poster. Please help. Unrelated image because no computer and no reaction images.
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Pls /g/
PC specialist will build you a pc. But it comes with win10 and nvidia cards. I wouldn't recommend them. But I wouldn't not recommend them either. I guess I am sort of recommending them, because I told you about them. Anyways. check them out they may have what you need. But I warn you. Win 10 is a pile of garbage with no redeeming features and terrible Nvidia drivers. maybe they will fix it. And maybe Nibiru will come. One of these is more likely than the other. They will sell you a pc without a license but it has win10 installed anyways. But you can always overwrite it if you still have your win7 license and disk.

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need something similar to Puush where you have an account to upload images and when you delete it, it's permanently gone.

Let's see what /g/ has to offer
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>what is ShareX
>it's permanently gone
haha how cute
sento is the best amagi

>tfw no s2

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Post yo stats for the best mobo from best manufacturer.

Xeon X5690 6-core
48GB Mushkin DDR3 1600Mhz
HP P410 1GB
6x3TB WD Red RAID10
8x1.2TB 10K SAS
2x ADATA SP550 256GB RAID1
Intel X540-T2 10GbE Base-T NIC
Seasonic 750w
Windows Server 2016 DC with Hyper-V

Uptime 223 days.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What are some technologies?
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dunno man

hi /g/uys

I've been working with Python for 2 or 3 years, mostly for academic stuff, like generating papers reports from laboratories, plotting graphs, writting data structures to test my algorithms. Now I want to go further with this language

I really like programming books. I know that the internet is itself a big programming resource, but still I like when it's all wrapped up in a nice way. So I am looking for a Python book.

I've seen many of them, there are many books which just cover the language, but still there is a whole bunch of books that are for specific areas like networking, data processing etc. I am looking for a in-depth Python book, which would cover the language, its features, maybe some core libs like matplotlib or numpy/scipy (optionally, thats not my aim now). As I mentioned before, I am not a beginner in Python or generally in programming.

So, do you have any suggestions, /g/?

P.S I would look for a book that is not 200 pages long, I'd rather have something deep to cover all the basis
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I would recommend some video series on udemy. They have stuff on almost anything you could want and its delivered in video format if thats your style of learning.
Use the wiki faggot
Read the wiki faggot, almost every python book listed is intro level.

If you want a general python book, the O'reilly Python Cookbook is like 600 pages of sort of canonical solutions for simple tasks covering most of the language's features.

Since you do research, you may be interested in Real World Instrumentation with Python, it covers some basic circuit theory stuff, but also goes into wrapping C code to automate measurements and control.

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Hello I have terminal 7 brain cancer and can't use my brain so /g/ please help me
I need a linux distro that is good for noobs and idiots like me that can't figure out even a line of code without googling how to fix the damn thing
So yeah I need something popular (so it has a lot of apps), good linux distro that looks beautiful, runs well on a dual core processor or a shitting pentium 4
You know like those keks that upload a screencap of their desktop and they have some kind of "macbook taskbar" with good looking icons and that
That's probably fedora or something dunno
Just give me a linux distro that I specified
If you think fedora is good just type the damn thing, if not just say whatever distro is good
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S0rry uploaded the wrong pic

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I don't know shit about computers but I wanted to buy an SSD

Does it speed up stuff?
Should I install windows on it?
Should I only use the SSD or can I use both SSD and HDD
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>Does it speed up stuff?
Yes. There is a huge speed increase. However, this speed may or may not be useful to you. It depends on how heavily you use your machine. Applications like GIMP or Photoshop will open and work a lot faster.
>Should I install windows on it?
You should never install Windows on anything. I recommend Ubuntu Budgie. It's free and you can make a bootable flash drive using Rufus in Windows or Etcher in OS X.
>Should I only use the SSD or can I use both SSD and HDD
You should keep your operating system and most used applications on an SSD. For storing large files, especially for long-term storage, an HDD is perfectly fine. In general a 2.5 inch HDD will last longer than a 3.5 inch HDD or an SSD.

Also keep in mind that your computer needs to be new enough to take full advantage of the SSD. Anything made after 2010 should be able to fully utilize the power of an average SATA SSD. I recommend a Crucial.

Friendly sage. >>61290574 is right, please post in the stupid questions thread next time.
comfy answer
tho crucial is shit

>buy cutting edge mitx pc in January 2016 for about £1250
>go back to pc part picker

What the fuck happened?

>inb4 z270
Yea i changed z170 to z270 because z170 is no longer stocked but i checked my amazon email and there is only a £20 difference.
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GPU, SSD and ddr4 prices skyrocketed. Lurk moar newfag
It's called supply and demand.

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Chromebook linux distro ideas this one's a lenovo n21 2015 all I can say is fuck I hate looking for drivers
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This is a useLESS post in a

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Any insider info about when will they release more cards that were taken by miners?
When can i expect a price drop?
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No. Never.
After two or three difficulty spikes which will make it literally unprofitable to mine ETH.

is this a good buy and is wish shopping legit? (btw it will cost me 16 dollars including shipping)
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fuck you, go to the pc building general
No thx
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buy paste.

I am genuinely curious how effective it would be to randomly target IP addresses that send out spam. Are there any real consequences to this?

More than likely it would be like throwing a pebble at an asteroid right?
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For DDoS attacks to work, you need to send out tremendous amounts of traffic. Something a single computer cannot achieve. Hence why it is usually carried out by a large net of compromised computers.

So yes, if it's just you and your computer, it is kind of like throwing a pebble at a planet.
I figured, what about virtual machines?
do it OP

its not like your isp have ddos detection or anything :^)

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>he fell for the raspberry pi meme
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>no sata
>not x64
why tho
>cost small fortune

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Red pill me on haskell.
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Common lisp

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