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You know like file sharing websites
screen sharing websites
file sharing websites
??? websites
Or simulators like
Typewriter simulator
or smoking simulator
Whatever, just a simulator or a website
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>typewriter simulator
Any word processor. Jesus fuck, if you need to feel like you're typing on an old-school typewriter in order to write well, you aren't a good writer.

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/g/entoomen, is someone spreading misinformation or is this blog telling the truth? Basically this guy is saying that the logs that linked Trump Tower to Russia were likely fabricated, or if nothing else altered. Is this true, and if it is, why would this be done and be reported in the news as if it was true?

You could help prove or disprove this if you were to look at the evidence supplied by some giant autist that has been following the supposed Russia hacks since last year.

This is far beyond my own scope but I'm intrigued, is what this guy is saying legitimate?


I know it's a bit tl;dr, but if nothing else skim through to the parts he's scrutinizing as being altered and maybe help save Murica?

There is supposedly a lot of censorship and suppression of information pertaining to the criticism of these logs and the name of this person who is implicated, and personally I don't think that the sudden re-emergence of wanting to destroy the freedom of the internet and removing net neutrality is a coincidence.
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so the CNN journalist that was caught on camera saying all trump's russia allegation were purely written to clickbait idiots
a simple google search will give you the youtube video
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images (6).jpg
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We live in a world of photshop. Unless you can see the original information in its original container, you are in absolutely no position to be able to make a judgement call either way, and those who would claim this to be untrue are idiots to be avoided at all costs.

> TL;DR, The stories and information posted on the internet are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted there as fact.

Go drink a beer and enjoy the show. You will NEVER know.
I saw that, yeah. It's even more unnerving that the woman that Don Jr entered America on an expired visa, permitted by Obama's administration. She hates Trump, and she was hanging out with Obama & pals after this supposed meeting.
Lawyer's Facebook before it got baleeted:

The entire thing stinks, but I genuinely don't know who I'm being played by anymore. I agree it's doubtful we'll know the full extent of the truth in our lifetimes, but I'd at least like to know if this story is bullshit or not.

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There's been a big stink raised today on net neutrality. Thoughts on it? Pick unrelated
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Will MCM GPUs be the future of gaming?
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>nvidia making mcm

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Where were you when TBL turned his back on us all?
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rip VUZE

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So my glass shattered on my S7 Edge, and it shattered the glass where is front camera,and now it's muted. So my question is is there anyway I can make my front camera working like before, without replacing the whole glass?
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Sounds like more than the glass broke if the microphone is muted now

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My USB cable won't charge my phone, I know it's the cable's fault because my friends cable works fine with my adapter and phone. My cable transfers data perfectly, so what is causing it to not be able to deliver power? Is it a software thing?
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No it a cable thing. Who the fuck only had one usb cable?
>friend's cable works
Probably broken wire inside the cable. Just get a new one.

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Is high fidelity hologram technology like in sci-fi movies feasible?

How many decades are away?
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Is this true?
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yes, it's really rated E

sure why not, apple are doing it and it's not long before google follows suite given that they're the industry leader in 'acceptable ads'
it's made on base of chromium so it's shit

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>squeezable frame phones
>shake your phone to perform an action
>put your phone bottom up to perform action
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>draw the infinite symbol in the air to calibrate the phone

How can I put in order this thing /g/?
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You don't need to, that's not a windowed side of that case is it? Who cares if it's a rats nest. Not as if it's even blocking any important airflow

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Why don't apps give you the option to send notifications to your gmail instead of having to run their botnet shit 24/7 in the background?
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so they can run their (((app)) in the (((background))) 24/7
because that's how they make their shekels you stupid fucking retard?
>running 7 different chat clients because each dipshit you need to talk to forces you to use their preferred client
gas normies, IRC was all we ever needed.

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Any FTC members/alumni here?

What is/was your favourite FTC team besides your own?

How far did/have you make/made it?

General FTC thread
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Fuck this noise.

Made it to St. Louis one year and Michigan competition a couple times. I helped some people after I was gone for a bit with programming.

The tool chain fucking sucked. The deploy process fucking sucked. The hardon for Jaguars drove me up a wall. AndyMark was insufferable. The build cutoff fucked everybody without a spare $4000 and a robot they couldn't perfectly replicate. 12Mbps available bandwidth was an absolute joke.

That's just scratching the surface of the retardation. I guess I was into the challenge of getting fucked by stupid, arbitrary limitations.

If anybody is considering volunteering to help with this shit, don't. The whole process is a bloated, proprietary mess and you'll want to off yourself.

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