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post your gentoo card or get out

arch fags can stay as second-class citizens
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i-is this alright
doesn't gentoo suffer from packages shortage?
after using .deb and pacman based systems it's hard to live with so little packages.
I approve

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is this good enough machine for php js webdev? i like its small n shit
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That is only good for the most basic normie tier shit.
yeah well i would use it for browsing and webdev and some light photoshop and sometimes for watching movies, thats all. no gaming
Depends on the model

My fans are fucking ignoring the voltage control and they are just running full jet engine mode pls help /g/ My motherboard supports dc throttling but its literally just ignoring my voltage dials
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Here is a cute anime girl as apology for shitting up the board with a tech support thread
Stupid questions thread
shut the fuck up faggots
also >>>/wsr/

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Does anybody know what the fuck this thing is? It's got a audio jack but like wtf is it? It has a long ass wire and it has Sony logo
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Sony chromecast audio, faggot
Give it back, Tyrone.
Looks like a mic.

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temple os.png
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Will running this OS keep me safe from CIA niggers?
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only if you entertain the fuck out of Mr. God
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Which linux distro would you recommend to an autistic child that likes computers?
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But seriously probably Arch or Gentoo.
Linux Mint, windows-like and has a good app store application by default.
Slackware or gentoo.

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Post your setups.

2x WD Red 2TB in RAID 1
4x 2.5" 250GB (soon to be RAID-10)
1x 80GB boot disk
Gigabit Ethernet
USB3 PCIe card
Core2 Duo @ 1.8GHz

Debian 7 Wheezy (no GUI installed)
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What type of raspberry pi do I need for a budget NAS?
Do you absolutely need a Raspberry Pi, or will any ARM board do?

If you must have a rPi, I believe the model 3 has ethernet on a separate bus than the USB, so thats the one you will want

If youre open to other ARM boards theres quite a few options out there. Try to get something with either SATA or USB-3, as these will have the fastest disk transfer speeds
Looks nice OP. What are you hosting with it?

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2000 (1).jpg
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I really, really want this, lads
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then buy it
Just get a laptop.
Don't listen to him...

Steal it.

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I must be doing this wrong...
>>inb4 google it, 4chan settings aren't exactly well documented
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change tripcode to default value, and add
would filter tpg,pcbg,wdg, and ptg
>using yotsuba b
>not using the catalog
get outta here grandpa
>pattern /sqt/
>type tripcode

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My XU4 just came in from Korea yesterday night, im using it to create a hardware firewall on my home network.

There are so many exploits for consumer networking devices, given that I run a home server I figured it would be in my best interest to not only have a hardware firewall for my domain, but one for my entire home network.

I have no social life, no friends, the only person I email is Terry Davis from fake email addresses such as the pope asking him to include networking in TempleOS.

I get excited at the prospect of installing gentoo on a microcomputer such as this, I look forward to it all month.

Is this what they call autism?

Also, should I continue using iptables as my firewall software or does anyone have a better alternative?
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You're wasting the XU4 on that role. Get something fanless with a more powerful CPU, better NICs, and no GPU.
what is there thats more powerful tho at decent price? this is has 8 cores in it, 2gb ram and gigabit ethernet and usb3.0 ports

I need the usb3.0 because unless if I can find one with two nics, I need to do a usb to ethernet adapter for one of the interfaces
>Worried about exploits
>Orders device online
>NSA intercepts to add backdoor

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How many lines have you written?
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>more deletions than insertions
Copy paster detected.
is that king pajeet?
Achieving net negative committed lines is actually not trivial when working on big projects

Has /g/ seen how slick Firefox Nightly looks on Android? Why haven't you replaced your old browser yet?
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I don't really like the new light theme. Now I have to use private browsing mode all the time just to get the dark theme back.
It runs like complete shit.
Too much white shit on it. If the themes could replace the color of the whole white part, I'll take it. If not I'll just use icecat.

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Is suckless software like surf a meme or is it actually good? What about if you arent a programmer?
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It's pure autism
Depends on what you are looking for, if you want unix philosophy compliant software is the way to go, everything they do is simple and does one thing well, is also really orthogonal, look at dmenu for example.
dmenu and st are cool. surf is meh. dwm is pure trash.

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Should I buy Threadripper if all I do is play vidya and shitpost?
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Would it be good for streaming games at higher resolutions, such as 3440x1440, 3840x1600, or even 4K?
Did you download that image yesterday, by chance?

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? ? ?.png
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i hate this emoji desu
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It's whatever man lmao.
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