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Which adblock do you use /g/?
Do you whitelist any sites?

If you don't use adblock at all, why not?
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what is the video
Do I look like I wanted to be cucked?
Opera has a built in adblock, that is good enough for me.
I also have around 40000 IP-s blocked in my hosts file

There is no better depiction of technology on television or in film than this series.
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thanks for the status update, followed and retweeted
Reblogged and upvoted
Instagrammed and pinned

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why dont you own the /g/703?
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because i didn't know it existed until now
Looks nice, but my g602 still works great
>inb4 'lol wireless'
fuck off.
because i own m618

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w-wwait, japan gets an actual cute anime girl on their windows 10 discs? i-its not fair!! microsoft BAKA ;˘;
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did you buy the western disc?
I got the shitty western version (҂◡_◡)
link the video nigger

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You know who runs it, don't you?
Jews and Chinks?
>My premium account was banned and they shared my data with local police.

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How do you pronounce "/g/"?

>hard g
>soft g
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If only I could read Japanese

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That's a really cool device anon, what model/brand is it? Not enough stuff has analog dials on it anymore.
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>yfw it accidentally gets jogged to 10 in your pocket
Pretty new, look up Kyo-ons Player SD-DAP01

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What's actually wrong with iPhones?
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NEETs can't afford them
they are the choice phone of emotionally stable, functional people.
theyre too perfect.

Worth it freetards?
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Probably to someone. I don't live in yurop, so I don't know what the market is like.
Is that too much money?
You're paying for the firmware installation and for the trusted seller mostly, so yeah it looks alright. You can get the same thing for about 300 USD if you buy the laptop lightly used and flash Libreboot yourself. You'd also have to assemble all of the parts. I did it and it's not that bad. You just have to understand how the ROM works and be able to issue a couple of commands. The hardest part of installing Libreboot is the disassembly and the seemingly endless power cycling you have to do to get it to boot for the first time.

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>A single command typed by a monkey in every single phone made by Sony Ericsson was enough to track and hear nearby calls
>he believes smartphone is safe as long as you ''root'' indian-rom garbage
/g/ confirmed for lower IQ than /pol/ and /mlp/
>he honestly believes Apple's fortune was made by selling chinese phones
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Joke's on you.
I only use my phone to get gay hookups.
post boipucci

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Do you have a single board computer, /g/? What do you use it for?

Has anyone tried making a robot with their Rasberry Pi by any chance? I'm itching to make a small autonomous robot but don't know where to start.

Anyway, let's actually discuss technology on this board.
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i have mine set up to host php sites locally, so that I have an easy to access web-dev platform...
I think you have raspberry pi confused with arduino
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I was forced to buy one for uni

I don't know what project I'm going to make with it by end of semester.

post ur homescreens
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Am i patrician?

No, you're both pathetic narcissists that find pride in using software other people have written, in using icons other people have made and in using wallpapers other people have made.
Fucking pathetic, disconnect yourselves from the internet.
0/10 both of you, see me after class

you didn't even post yours faggot

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Who /archivist/ here?
I make sure to rip and crack all media I consume and have over 20TB of archived TV, movies, music, games, books, audiobooks, basically any data form I can find
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Do you store it gradually or intentionally?
Do you actually consume the media you gathered?
Every form of media I've ever enjoyed is archived here, but 99% is stuff I've never consumed. It's nice to have it around because if someone recommends something to me I most certainly already have it.

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redpill me on watercooling units like this.

They're a meme right? I mean how do you even change out the liquid solution?
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/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team
Not asking for tech support. Asking for redpill.
Are you incapable of searching Bing© for answers to a simple question?

So, here's how it goes: AIO units have better performance and are quieter. They also have more moving parts, and those moving parts have liquid which evaporates over time and can spill if shit breaks, causing more shit to break.

As for changing the solution, you don't. You buy a new AIO.

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Wtf /g/ why didnt you tell me that this had a futures/promises library that doesn't require standard lib?

It's only a matter of time before C/C++ is abandonware.
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I personally find Rust to be caring about different goals than I am interested. Make no mistake, I absolutely hate C++ however it doesn't have annoying features like Generic traits and lifetimes.

All I need is a modern C++ that
1. Does not have C preprocessor
2. Has RAII
3. Does not have GC
4. Ditches source level C compatibility
5. Modules and no header files.
6. And of course, lazy iterators, lambdas, pointer arithmatics, CTFE, hygienic macro system etc.
>doesn't want c compatibility for whatever reason so he loses a fuckton if libs
>but wants to have pointer arithmetic

Why, brainlet?
See: source level C compatibility (which C++ is forever burdened with)

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