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this is a good meme, thanks for whoever suggested it

one less thing tracking me...
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So, /g/. I got a weird hardware problem. One specific USB3 port on my mobo acts very weird. One mouse works fine, other doesn't let PC boot (whenever, not just OS but BIOS too) but works fine afterwards. Keyboard doesn't do jackshit but an external hard drive completely reboots the PC. The mobo shield is a bit bent, can it be the issue? It's nothing like I saw ever in my life. Help, pls.
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yo, bump. I need this
Stupid question thread

>boot Linux Mint for the first time
>res is 800x600
>only available res is 800x600
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>Throwing up a mfw instead of a screenfetch.

I have no experience in programming and i really want to get started to it. Can someone recommend me an free engine to start messing around?
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Raspberry Pi 3 CentOS EPEL repo when?
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>Why aren't you using $(thing -i use)
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>Because it's bloatware/botnet/inferior/cuckoldry compared to $(thing -i use)

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Germany's biggest deep web forum is down since a month... There is no new forum in sight. Where do I buy weed now senpai?

URL was germanyhusicaysx.onion
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Wew, I thought they banned only hate speech there

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How can I get someone's email that I know without simply asking for it. I have bad intentions and I don't want them to point fingers at me.
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Hack their mainframe
Option 1: Social engineering, which is not something you should be asking /g/ about

Option 2: if you know they have any websites, check if they're registered under their email address via whois.

Option 3: if you know any account names of theirs, google them to find matches on other sites and look for an email address listing on them. If you find alternate usernames on those sites, search them too.

Option 4: send them a site they'll need to sign up for that you either own or can view most recently created accounts on. Site needs to require an email address and will either make it public, or will be known to you with your level of access. Obviously they'll need some reason to visit the site, like an interesting news story or some shit they're interested in.
This or sniff their connection, I assume you're a bit experienced in pentesting if you have these so-called bad intensions.
Otherwise fucking google it and install Kali live

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i miss windows 7

can we show some respect for the last greatest desktop os
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I installed the official Nanami theme and now she doesn't stop saying the "Chii!" message over and over without any apparent reason. It's like triggered by resident processes and shit. What do?
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Idk, I use it..
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Control panel > Sound > Sound tab > find sound and remove it

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>signing up for a web account
>enter username, password twice, email twice, and solve captcha
>username is already in use choose another
>have to refill every fucking field and solve the captcha again

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It means they're lazy and their entire signup form is a single POST request to a static CGI application, and not a restful application that interacts with the server as you enter data.
The information is sent only once and it throws everything out if one thing fails.
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>sign up for website
>password already taken by someone else
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>passwords must be between 8 and 16 characters
Am I missing something? That shit should be hashed, why can't I have a longer password if I want?

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What's it like being a windows developer who works exclusively on microsoft windows using only native windows GUI tools and no GNU toolchain ports or "cheap hacks" like cygwin or running a linux VM in headless mode and ssh'ing into it?

I literally cannot imagine using anything but command line tools for writing software, even large projects. Large monolithic IDEs only seem to recreate functionality afforded by other tools, except not as well.
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hey /g/

I bought a chromebook to work off of and to be honest it was a shit purchase. I downloaded Linux and put it on there making it less shit but i still want more.

I have a external hard drive that holds my old Window 8's files from before i went on a rage fueled destruction of my computer and broke it.

My question is, using my chromebook, would i be able to theoretically boot my computer from my external hard drive and run Windows 8 on a chrome book? How would i go about doing this if possible?
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im not sure about windows 8 but i know u can run w7 same way u got linux on there
just look up on youtube
it was a win 7 computer originally. What idea like to do is have the computer boot from the external instead of the internal
Look at the bios you idiot, is this even /g/ anymore?
Also: There might be Problems with Windows refusing to boot, because it's a different Machine.

Are workstations a meme? Whats the difference between Xeons and i7? Recommend one at 500-600$
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ECC, mostly

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I want to generate/register an infinite supply of Reddit usernames and passwords for nefarious purposes. Is Selenium my best choice?
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God I love open sores software
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you get what you pay for

if you don't like it then buy the proprietary version

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