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i've been using windows on a desktop for a while now for video editing/PS and a game or two, I initially went through it and disabled a lot of shit (don't even remember at this point)
In a year, i've never had any of the problems anyone's complained about, no update notifications/forced shutdowns, no random crashing, no random resource usage spikes
are all the complaints really a meme?
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Most complaints are probably people like me who were too lazy to really delve into shit and disable bad features all the way. Then when they got reenaled by updates they were too lazy to re disable them.
Win10 enterprise sucks dick still though. Course that is probably just my company not knowing how to manage their systems.
Enterprise LTSB is the best windows. It just works, and has none of the dumb bloat. Normal enterprise, not sure
>magsafe 2

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ITT: We weigh the pros and cons of a floating setup
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Not much table space to put all your stuff that you usually have around the keyboard
cons: you look like a faggot
pros: you can now get out of the closet
That looks comfy as fuck.

is it real? will we be able to get robuttcars?
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i heard that they can get along well in the roads but i think they're still in test phase.
for stuff like carting people around airports and parking garages, yes. actually they're already being used in some places

for stuff like buying a car and never having to touch the steering wheel ever, that stuff is about 10 years down the road

we'll start seeing advancements in certain places first, like long-distance trucking for example.
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>chink shit

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Just bought Alienware 15r3aw. What do you guys think? What pre-installed software should I delete
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>What preinstalled shitware should I delete
Everything, then install Gentoo.

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Give me a GOOD reason for why I should stop using clang.

Pro-tip: it will be very difficult for you.
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Easy. GCC makes code faster.

Real programs aren't written in C.
proprietary compiler plugins don't respect your freedom

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why is the GTX 1060 6GB SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE???
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Just get the 3GB one.

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Hello guys!
I learned web design and I had a couple of gigs building sites so I could eat haha. But the thing is that I've been researching a lot about hacking/security. I guess I learned some exploits and very cool methods and a workaround around Kali. The thing is that I live in a country where there is no internet security culture (Mexico) and I feel that I could make some cash by doing some black hat stuff but I kinda am a moral fag. But I don't know if you kinda get the feeling as a geek where everyone wants to take advantage of your computer skills, dumber people than you treat you like crap. When freelancing my clients really sucked, the pay was crap, and to actually get them to pay is fucking hard, terrible experiences, people always try everything in order for not paying or paying less. I am not a master in Kali or whatsoever but I feel that with what I've learned I could actually do some damage to some people and do money in the meantime. What do you guys think or have you had similar experiences/thoughts?
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>in a country where there is no internet security culture
It's true for every country on earth.
True, but I feel that in US, Canada or Russia people might be more aware of that. Maybe I need to travel more and leave this shithole
>hello fellow kool kids
>i'm gonna be a leet haxxor just like you
>tell me how you do it, trust me, no can haz v& plox

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Have you read the meme?

Why/why not?
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not yet. on my list to read one day. because i want to know what's all the fuss about.
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I need to learn proper English first
Same, lmao

No sticker thread? Sticker thread.
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Jesus Christ that pic is fucking cancer
As if Nike is some high class brand. It's good for work out clothes, that's it. Nothing to obsess about.
>when ball isn't life

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What handheld gaming console do you own?

General Discussion Thread
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Why not here? Hand held consoles are pieces of tech too.
I own a PS Vita first gen with 3.60.

How botneted are your stupidphone
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>Indian Browser
Who did this?
Even UC browser
>Naughty Devs

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Can I build a gaming pc under $500 with Ryzen 3?
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No. GPU are expensive as hell nowadays. Wait.
This. Cryptofaggots ruined the GPU market.
The kind of GPUs you'd fit into a $500 budget are still priced normally. Miners went for the mid-range shit.

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Who else /Optiplex/ here? They are literally god-tier budget PCs.
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>OptiPlex 790/7010
>Sandy Bridge Celeron
They're great for burner comps
Why optiplex when you can precision?...

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>Joint Photographic Experts Group
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standard format for satellite images and othe geographic image formats

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its not vorbis.png
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Is it just Vorbis with forced upscaling and no VBR?

Why would anyone fall for this meme?
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nice logo
It's nice for VoIP and WhatsApp audios due its size and low bitrate
pretty much

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