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>not programming solely in Ada Lovelace language
How else were you a pleb today
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Rust: an example of Autism-Driven Development?

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Hahaha le autizm meem so funneh xdDD

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Anyone know of a 1080p fairly portable monitor (draws power through the same connection with 'puter) with USB 3.0 or higher (USB-C would be pretty awesome) that works with linux distros. Does not need to have good color or that low of a delay. I'm not really looking to spend over $150. Was looking at AOC i1659Fwux but apparently the driver support is "only experimental" on anything other than Ubuntu, and I'm not too hot on Ubuntu.
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Why are Gnome 3 based DEs so buggy and shit?
Should I switch to MATE?
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mate is buggy and shit, worst fuckign DE I ever used
>WM doesn't even have compositor in 2017

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How should I use parameter strings on my program?

Im coding a console program that will have a lot of parameter strings.
myapp -param1 param2 -param3 param4 ...etc

How could i do it without "else if". I dont want to repeat that for 400 parameters.
I've been thinking on using switch case and converting the param string to a number hash.

Is there any easier way to do it?
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/g/ isn't your personal homework help board
This depends on the language, but you could do a key-value-pair with the parameter and a function for processing that thing.

Then it'll just be
>look up the function for that argument
>execute the function

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s there an app that gives you a feed from multiple social media sources?
like, people followed on instagram, flickr, fb, twitter.. all in one app. I want to follow only 1 or 2 people per platform and its annoying to check all of them.
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Yes. A web browser.

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I need macros, I need bots, I need automation. I can't micro manage.
I have some really great ideas, but lack the power and will to do it all by myself so I need constructs. I need minions to do menial tasks and pre-thought tasks for me about 100x times at once.

Is this computer any good?
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good ideas with no ambition are basically worthless

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Why is GNUnet such perfect trash? It's the perfect way to fix the web, and it's impossible to use. The stable version is the only one that works, and it's too old and unsupported. The developer builds never build and have failed to do so for months.

Anonymous. No data redundancy. No storage limits. It's the best part of every alternative net put into one. But the things got the progress of any other GNU project. None.
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>no data redundancy
>in the data redundancy set on the pic
Pic means no data redundancy like ipfs does it. Data with the same content isn't considered different content between the two files when it comes to hosting them. I might have fucked up the wording.

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I recently got a Lenovo L27Q IPS 1440p monitor, the left bottom corner of the screen has a noticeable color difference, it appears more greysh/blueish.

It doesn't have any dead pixels though.

Do most LCD IPS monitors have this type of defect? In other words, should it be expected for a monitor to have some color/temperature inconsistencies? I am thinking about a return but I don't want any dead pixels.
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IPS glow

It's not

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Can someone tell me the state of FOSS drivers and software for AMD video cards on Linux machines?

I want to get an AMD card and run the FOSS driver, but I want it to perform better than my GTX960 running the proprietary driver
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What's the highest level language, and why is it Idris?

>pure functional
>dependent types
>totality checker
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Shen is also a good contender, you can write your own type system in Gentzen sequents.

But as >>62121792 hinted, there seems to be some sweet spots for usability. I used to like one of these where the language is type-safe and Hindley-Milner type inference is feasible--this is Standard ML. When you go beyond that, e.g. ATS, I find it very difficult to keep track of all annotations, syntax and semantics.

On the other hand, I've seen research support the thesis that a strong & safe type system only has a marginal effect on quality. I found this personally disappointing, but you can't argue with facts. Automated test harnesses seem much more effective. So I'm not as interested in type systems as I used to be, and write a good lot of Forth these days.

What is wrong with the thinkpad Eseries
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your mom
What went right?

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Guys I have my files backed up on one drive and I want to pull them off so I can get off the botnet.
Where can I download all the folders and files?
I tried win10 and it won't let me download folders.
Nor will the app or on the browser both of and android.
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The 1% of technically literate users stay all the time in echo chambers and don't realize all the other 99% are still a bunch of morons, even Firefox users.

That's why Fuckzilla is removing all the power features and adding botnet qualities to their browser.

They've finally realized that nerds are irrelevant to their business, especially when they'll do their best to block their ads and other shit.

The current model of Mozilla is the only rational one for any product that aims to have more users.
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Wrong image >.<

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