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I was thinking of setting up a Pihole at home.

Is there any security issues I should be made aware of? Are these botnets?
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I'v been thinking about setting up one too, doesn't look like it has any security problems to me, anon.

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dear /g/,

what's the best SIM-unlocked cheap android phone that does mobile hotspot right now? i promise i will use it to post cute things related to technology.

sincerely, me
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Oukitel c5
is it cute or ugly
It looks like a phone.

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I've managed to refuse to install windows 10 when it was free, even when all my friends and family encouraged me to, I stayed with my win 7 pro and never had any issues

One of my classmates who was an avid software pirate installed win 10, decided to pirate car mechanic simulator and 1 day later had police come to his home, saying he had to pay someone in Poland about 300 euros for piracy

In my country this sort of thing never happened until win 10 came along

Did I miss anything important by not installing this dogshit?
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that would have been linked to his IP address, nothing to do with OS
Botnet doing botnet things.
>living in a third world shithole

You've got bigger things to worry about, champ.

is it possible to capture ip's from this? heard its not but ive watched people do so
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No. if you connect to voice chat(dont) then yes because they use p2p style chat, same as skype
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strange, i tried to trace ip through voice on discord and i couldn't
might be cause i'm retarded
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This is incorrect. They do NOT use p2p-style voice. This is one of their core marketing shits.

Also, OP is a fucking "degenerate cuck"

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I'd like an SMS app that was preferably open source. I was using silence for a while, but it doesn't support sending gifs or videos. Also it only has the blob emojis. It hasn't been updated in a while.
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Can I SMS without a phone number ? How about Google Voice number ?

signal is the best answer to this, still bad tho

fucking fund this master right naw!!!

no seriously why still having to hack around our phones to even make them bot a meme android fork but we still cant install a proper distro in it?
Dis is it! right naw! or it will never happen in out life times

i dropped three fidiie
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>numale aesthetic
Fuck off cia
>but we still cant install a proper distro in it
Because things aren't as standardized as x86 hardware. I still can't see the point in dropping this much for a FUCKING phone

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Could "hypothreading" ever be a thing? Ie: two cores work on a single thread. It wouldn't be on all the time, just when the computer detects it needs higher single threaded performance, so it combines cores.
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seems your brain was hypothreading when it decided to post this
could 2 + 2 = 5?

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>Amazon Brings Artificial Intelligence To Cloud Storage To Protect Customer Data

While other corporations are using AI to spy on you, Amazon uses AI to protect your data.

Thank you, based Bezos.
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forgot link:

>/g/ autists will still attack this, even though it's in line with their principles
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fucking hell, that article is literally buzzword bingo
You forgot to thank based Bezos.

Looking for a new distro to hop into. I have been considering Fedora, I even tried out the LiveCD and ended up liking it.
I have a low end laptop so my current distro is Xubuntu, it is good, but I want to try another distro. So my concerns are:
>is Fedora lightweight? (assuming I will probably install i3)
>is it botnet? (I have heard some of you repeating this)
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Been using Fedora since version 24. It is lightweight as long as you don't use Gnome or KDE Plasma. I don't know about the le botnet meme; maybe it's only that?

I use the i3 WM and it's good for what (little) I do. Some dialog boxes might be screwy.
fedora users contribute the most to the linux kernel of any other distro.

I've never seriously used it, but it's a great distribution. They don't ship nonfree software and/or software covered by patents, so you need to use third party repositories to do things like decode/encode h264, etc. Not the end of the world, rpmfusion is excellent and reliable.

If I decided that I seriously wanted to make an effort to get involved in the linux kernel, I'd definitely run rawhide.

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Hey /g/ so I've never been here before but I need some help. I've tried google and nothing is popping up. I have a go pro 4 black. I have the go pro app plus. I have plenty of cloud storage. Do you guys know of anyway I can get my go pro hero videos to the cloud. The current way I know requires me to have enough room on my phone storage and it's just not possible for me to delete every app I have just so I can upload videos.
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do they not use as cards or USB anymore?
What the fuck
I thought contour>gopro was a meme but I guess not
Of course - they use both. But I suppose some people want to go via their phones?
But why would you want that when your phone doesn't have enough free space?

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Heya faggots, why is Windows 10 a big pile of shit?
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How did you survive abortion?
Microsoft wants to be google instead of being profitable.
because you torrented a cracked version from rutracker and the extra shit they installed isn't working on your machine?

i had my reservations, but i was dragged screaming from win7 to win10, and it's not as bad as being forced to use linux.

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Is there any tablet that's worth buying that's not an iPad?
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No. Everything other than ipad is a piece of shit.
Are there any tablets that have 1080p, or higher display, 4gb+ ram, forward facing speakers, Microsd slot, and an stylus?
MicroSD is a meme.

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Who else here is excited for the release of go 1.9?
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Also, Rust fags can stay jealous that Go's updates manage to improve performance and the standard library without checking your entire codebase for newly-deprecated features
Generics implemented?
Of course. And they replaced the language's syntax with Java's. And Go now runs on the JVM

yo whats good g, if this post violates any rules that i'm not aware of then please delete. anyways like title says is there really any reason for a phone to have an ip rating other than being able to go swimming with your phone? thought i'd start this conversation because i was looking into getting a oneplus 5 but i saw that it lacked an ip rating even though almost every other phone on the market has some kind of water resistance

pic not related
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dust and water resistance

you will be able to use your phone in the rain, listen to music in the shower and while swimming, won't have to worry about spills
i know what an ip rating is and all, but i have an samsung s6 and ive had it in the rain countless times and even straight up spilled coffee on it and it still works fine. im just wondering if theres anything more to an ip rating other then having some peace at mind if you drop your phone in a tub of water
If it doesnt have a splash resistance rating its basically just hit or miss whether something gets fucked or not. Most phones wont break if you spill your drink on them but they might and theres no guarantee otherwise

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Ok, /g/, these are my specs, i want to go for 1070 or 1080, will i have any problems?
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Si pagas menos de 600€ si.
De lo contrario ni de coña.

Eso es una build de 2013.
Muy bien para una build de 2014 jaja.
Hispachan está a la vuelta, camarada.
Yo que tu por el precio que te cuesta eso me pillaba un ryzen 1600.
Y 8GB de memoria es lo mínimo hoy en día.
Con una fuente de 500w y buena certificación (bronce mínimo) ya tiras.
Una GTX 1060 o una 1070 si te sobra pasta.
Y una SSD aunque sean 120GB para poner el SO y algún que otro programa.

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