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Dont forgot to watercool those 8pin cable
Is this a consumer grade mobo or just a test one
I cool my VRMs, it's amazing what (stable) overclocks you can push out a good chip when you pump enough power into it

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I'd bsd better than loonix?

>made by a small team of highly educated intellectuals
>no systemd
>truly free licence
>no as bloated
>neat compared to Linux
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No programs though
Also no drivers
So, just like Linux?
Both of those arguments can be used against Linux when compared to Windows.

Can I join google yet?
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I no longer have to waste time browsing this shitty place, I can just get right to the point
Share source. Pls
>default ubuntu
how about suicide u summerfag


Now that I have your attention...
My Mouse Just broke (pic related) and I need a new one. I tried to just get a new G600, since I was very happy with it... But whaddup with those prices? 100 Bucks and up...

Anybody got a recommendation for a good replacement? Thanks senpai
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Razer naga
Does it need to have that many buttons?
I don't really like Razer

Yupp, I use it for macros and gaymin

Will this programming language change the world by making systems programming accessible to the masses?
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Rust will never be taken seriously simply because it's made by Mozilla
It's happening, I'm getting paid to write Rust right now, and I'm not working for Mozilla.

I'd say in 1/2 years it will have taken off for real.

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Some anon posted the name of a version of windows 10 without any bloatware and spyware but I forgot the name
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2016 Enterprise LTSB x64
LTSB has the least bloat and spyware.

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>computer science is a low prestige job
>you will always be a 'nerd'
>lawyer, doctor, finance, architecture etc are high prestige job
>unless you jackpot a startup and have millions at which point the vultures will circle around you
>there are no female programmers worth shit so you have no chance of connecting with another person on a spiritual level

Admit it, being an INTx is a terrible fate. You will never find happiness no matter how many solutions to random problems you can find.
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I accepted Ill never find love before I decided on computer science
Check mate
Birb a CUTE
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You're forgetting about project managers, faggot

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>first page when searching "4chan cli client"
>first page when searching "reddit cli client"
>alienfeed, creddit, reddit-cli, cortex, reddit::client, rtv
What went wrong?
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The /g/ client is
curl | grep
Reddit is mostly text, where images are interactive to 4chan

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Hi /g/
I just bought this cooler from corsair, H115i.
But the fans that come with it are pieces of that that make a lot of noise if they go over 1900rpm.

Any recommendations for fans to replace them?
I was thinking Noctua's, but not sure which.
The cooler is to cool my new i9-7900X
inb4 >house fires
The fans are 120mm.
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I made a mistake. the fans are 140mm
you should have looked up some reviews
Any pressure fan.
The ones that come with it aren't even that bad once you put some insulation between the fan and radiator, it's dumb to let air escape. Then they can run at much lower RPM and do much better work.

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Is Asp.net Core ready for production?
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How is .net core btw? Easy to use?
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Super easy. Not as much documentation ATM though.

I want to know more about asp.ner core.

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The 7700K has much better frame rates than Intel's own, new 6 core.

The 7800X has a rather substantial L3 cache compared to the quad core. But it's so called victim cache, just like AMD has in in their Ryzen architecture.

Do we now see a clear correlation between victim cache and game performance? Or am I just finding patterns and there's no reason to think there's any causation?
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>a clear correlation between victim cache and game performance?

Sure is, look up benchmarks for the 5775c
It's not about L3 being victim.
It's about it being smaller.
Gayms don't give a shit about higher L2 hit ratio.
Doing a Bulldozer was a fucking retarded move from Intel.
It is all because 7700K have higher clocks = less latency.

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Question: Can my ISP see the website address I'm visiting if it's HTTPS?
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Yes. They won't be able to see the subdomain or any paths/queries on the domain but they will be able to see 4chan.org but not that it is /g/
Yes. They can see DNS domain queries. Use a VPN with its own DNS or some shit like DNSCrypt.
Interesting. Thanks!

It could be worse.
Imagine what would happen if Intel was more expensive, had less memory channels and I/O and used more power?

They wouldn't have any way to compete with AMD!
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>game AI

But intel said that AMD was bad for games!
Ryzen performs splendidly, considering the clocks.
Zen2 will kill even Intel's gaymen chips.
Oyyy veyyy.
After looking at the number of people who really do not fully understand the entire architecture and workloads and thinking that AMD Naples is superior because it has more cores, pci lanes etc is surprising.
AMD made a 32 core server by gluing four 8core desktop dies whereas Intel has a single die balanced datacenter specific architecture which offers more perf if you make the entire Rack comparison. It's not the no of cores its the entire Rack which matters.
Intel cores are superior than AMD so a 28 core xeon is equal to ~40 cores if you compare again Ryzen core so this whole 28core vs 32core is a marketing trick. Everyone thinks Intel is expensive but if you go by performance per dollar Intel has a cheaper option at every price point to match Naples without compromising perf/dollar.

Because of lack of gtx 1060's i'm looking for a cheap alternative to play 1080p games. I can get my hands on a used gigabyte r9 270x 4gb at a price of 142 dollars (125 euro). Is this a good deal?
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no, get 280x for $100
Keep it in mind, but definitely have a look around a bit more for better deals.
>t. muh 3.5 meme owner for $88 from bidding
not at all, 270x is 760 tier, 1060 is at least twice as fast.

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Alright, newfag here and I'm wondering what are the benefits to using linux over windows? It seems a lot less convenient, especially for gaming. Just curious. (pic unrelated)
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Freedom to masturbate to anything you like.
Then clearly you havent plaid a lot of games. Imagine all the games you play on windows or used to play on windows that are no longer even in circulation and now imagine all of that for free.
Extreme modularity. Gayming fags can dualboot or be the same baby duck as he was.

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