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Is there even a pastebin? Edition
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why do you need a pastebin for these retro fetish threads
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rectal thermometer.jpg
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Sup /retro/
Is it worth going for TUSL2-C?
My current setup is 1GHz PIII Coppermine, Asus P3B-F and two sticks of 128mb PC133 sdram.

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So I needed to install a new side fan for my case, but none of the screws lined up on the pre-existing holes. I went ahead and just tied it up with twine while I figure out what to do. I'm thinking of going to Home Depot and getting some plexiglass, but I don't know how much it would cost to get it cut. Any ideas?
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Zip ties
Jesus Christ, is it 1998 again?
Have you considered drilling new holes you silly faggot?

Is Debian cool?
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idk probably
Is idk some kind of coolguy devkit

Only rural and suburban retards use PCs. All the smart, sophisticated, non-racist city people use Macs.
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leaf, please leave.
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>hourly "max rool peecee sux xDDDD" thread
Another Apple damage control thread? Damn, that's like five in one day.

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What are some nice anti-virus software?
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Common Sense 2018
As someone who hunts for exploits, I can tell you that antivirus software makes you more vulnerable. Its highly complex software running at a high privilege level with lots and lots of attack surface.
You're asking to get hit with a remote exploit if you're running shit like that.
A kernel that isn't monolithic is the first and best defense. Firejail is defense number 2.

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I'm building an iOS app that uses location data to give the user benefits from walking or running. How would I prevent someone from just using an emulator to get steps?
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Install Gentoo

I already have.
Check device gyro to see its moving around..

Do you think anyone had any idea that this was about the Internet?
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>Reading books

Don't do that
back to your cubicle, code monkey, you will be called when your 6 months contract is up for renewal

now crunch
> Do you think anyone had any idea that this was about the Internet?
> Dumb and Dumber
> Beavis and Butthead
It's 90s, so yes, it's about the internet.

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Pic related
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>these youngfags
pic related is still in the archives if you want to play

Honey Select running on wine pretty descent thanks to this tutorial


its unity and other good game engines destroying the "hur durr there are no games for linux " ?
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>Cucked .net garbage
Why don't game devs just learn a real language?
totally agree.
what do you think about libgdx?

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Between Waterfox, Iridium and Qupzilla which you prefer?
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Is this dare I say it the comfiest Linux distro 2017?
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Not really, no.
Besides, the more of these threads you make the more you're ruining it for yourself. If it gets popular here, you're going to have to find some other useless, esoteric distro to maintain your special snowflake status.

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Why nobody talks about Opera?
e-celebs appears to be techie because they talk about Firefox, 4chan discuss about which is alternative is better, but nobody talks about Opera.
I know they have made stupid mistakes some years ago and trying to appeal to normies, but they have changed again for the better, they are a complex browser.
It uses the Blink layout engine.
An earlier version using the Presto layout engine is still available, which will be the future.
And runs on FreeBSD systems. Latest Firefox versions have dropped their support.
They don't spy and they are made by Finnish devs.
Opera Mini is the only browser that saves your data.
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Because it died
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It didn't died for me and is the 4th browser used worldwide.
Ignoring it it's totally stupid.
Oh it died. You might be using a browser called Opera but it's certainly not Opera.

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whats the best laptop to use to access the deep web with ? Also maybe for coding as well? money isnt an issue
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thinkpad w500 + libreboot
rmpb 15'
Fuck these faggots and get the acer predator x21 like a real deep webber ;)

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Why does mpv have an MS DOS version of itself in it's folder on windows? Everytime I double click on it a terminal windows opens up and closes after a second. Can someone please explain this to me??

also mpv general
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This has to be bait. What kind of a fucking retard would even ask this question?

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How do you organise your /b/ folder? what categories do you use?
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6 girls 9 cups
>not using hydrus network

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