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Just installed the latest beta. Desktop animations are noticeably smooth as silk thanks to Metal 2. Wasn't expecting that. Also wasn't expecting the new drag and drop animations, nice touch.

Also APFS left my bootcamp partition alone, still works. Gained about 10GB of free space too.

Brew's already ported pretty much everything.
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is it worth it to install? why should I? convince me pls
Now install gentoo
It also has native FLAC support it seems

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Honest opinions on this man?
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He's an insufferable faggot.
We think you’re going to love it.

he probably has gay bowel syndrome

>Gay bowel syndrome was a medical term first used by Henry L Kazal and colleagues in 1976 to describe the various sexually transmitted perianal and rectal diseases and sexual traumas seen in Kazal's proctology practice, which had many gay patients.

>After Kazal, the term was used sporadically in medical literature from the 1970s to refer to a complex of gastrointestinal symptoms affecting gay men. The term was first used in the pre-HIV era, by Kazal et al. in 1976.[1][2] The term was not specific to any particular disease or infection, and was used clinically to describe proctitis and a variety of other complaints caused by a wide range of infectious organisms. Reported causes include herpes viruses, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, campylobacter, and shigellosis, as well as a variety of protozoal infections.[2] The concept of "gay bowel syndrome" was later expanded to include various opportunistic cancers. Transmission of disease was considered to take place by two routes: anal sex, and fecal-oral route. Sometimes, difficulty in specifying the method may be a result of transmission by both methods.[2] Following the onset of the AIDS epidemic, the reported incidence of these complaints has declined, likely as a result of safer sexual practices.[3] Those with the ano-rectal disorder experience increased incidents of diarrhea.[4]

Do you think it's a faggot move calling only one version of the iphone 8 an iphone x? What are they going to do for the phone 9? call one iteration of an iphone X2?
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call one iteration of an iphone 9, iphone X2*
fucking kill yourself you dumb faggot fuck and stop shitposting this faggot shit every 3 fucking seconds
Next year: iPhone 9 and iPhone X^2

So I see you're running gnome...
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I'm a KDE guy myself
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I just exasperated when I saw this and I still clicked this stupid fucking thread anyways
look mom i posted it again


>RTG is a total shit show
>Vega is DOA
>Navi will be DOA as well
>Raja fired

Meanwhile Jensen is constantly pushing the boundaries for GPU performance and efficiency, delivering great products for an affordable price for both consumer and professional markets.
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>constantly pushing the boundaries
He's sandbagging volta, and nvidia cards aren't affordable.

Fuck off. Go suck his dick on plebbit
The $16000 rx 560 4gb with 6pin connectors vs 1050ti , not only is nvidia better it is also $18850 cheaper so yeah nvidia is the good affordable guy there.
sandbagging because the competition is ass

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Landukes video on the subject:

So, when even one of the main Linux representetives runs MacOS to get shit done - you can guess that GNOO/Lonox is a complete failure on the desktop.
But serously, Linux is useless for me on my main computer(still run one on the notebook) but if I would somehow be connected to Linux - I wouldn't even think about running anything but Linux.
So is the main problem of relative obscurity of Linux are laughably bad at their job representetives who run MacOSes?
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Holy fuck.
>Someone uses an OS
>Other OS is destroyed!!!!
Get a life
you are either retarded or just trying to look like one.
When the main aspect of my job is a promotion of Linux and the main theme of my presentation is 'The Year of Linux on the Desktop' and I am using MacOS - there is something wrong with me. Imagine Bill Gates using MacOS, or Tim Cook using Microsoft Surface.
I mean it's probably better than Windows. I agree that most Linux DE's are laughably bad. Unity/Gnome, both maintained by companies are blown out of the water by Mint, which is maintained by a couple dudes running on donations and as a hobby. You'd think they would take the hint that people don't want the touchscreen/desktop frankenstein shit everyone is trying to push.

How much is your phone plan per month?
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$8.5 a month
unlimited everything (3g though, they wont let me on the 4g)
t. swede
Very expensive
the price you pay to live in a cucked country and let immigrants rape your women and destroy your culture

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>ctrl+f iphone
>39 results
kys /g/
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it's a problem but nobody will fix it

don't think for a second it's actual users; these threads are being spammed by marketers
Holy fuck I remember this shit.
It was the shit.

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>paying $1000 for a phone under any circumstances
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I've never seen a phone for that much money. Is this an American thing?
$1k is not a lot of money my dude
I make that shit easy
>muh status symbol

Hi /g/
I have two options, work as an intern programmer or do research in my university.
With internship I get money and real life experience, but with the research I won't be a codemonkey, and I will do challenging work.
I have no idea which one should I choose, I fear that if I choose the research I won't get a job as fast as I can with work experience.
Thanks for any advice
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Practice > Theory

Well, it's always possible to go form University into economy, but not the other way aroud (unless you are a real awesome programmer).

That said, I think ecomnomy will teach you some things you won't learn at univeristy, because university is a bubble with it's own rules.

I think it would be best to dabble into both, if that is possible. Do some research for a while until you feel like you are good enough and then enter economy when they throw good money at you. But be aware that not all "research" is really interesting for companies:
If you do cryptoanalysis or big data and maybe even work in one/two open-sourch projects, companies will literally suck your sweaty balls if you work for them.
If you do theroretical work about the implications of a certain problem solving algorithm for knapsack, not so much.

But generally if you spend some time at the university you get much appreaciation in companies. Just don't let your software development skills drop, programm as much as you can.
it's about indoor navigation for android based on wifi routers

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i dont like it but u could double tap the screen and the aspect ratio would change
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What's the web programming language for true patricians and why is it >pic related.
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HTML + PHP + some JS is all you need for a website.
File: 1504735370941.jpg (268KB, 1486x958px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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spring + some js frontend framework

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Anyone use Google Drive as a backup drive?
I plan to do automatic encrypted backups on it. Still looking for softwares for this.
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>>62404432 Why?
You could rent a 1tb vps for 4$/month and run netatalk, duplicity, urbackup, amanda, etc
I only need storage and it's free.

Also consider using SpiderOak, as that's what Snowden recommended.

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Only judge from a DESIGN standpoint.. which's better?
In my opinion, S8 over iPX, at least the top and bottom are symmetric. Top notch on the X looks off as fuck. Only flaw of S8's design is the fingerprint sensor on the back RIGHT next to the camera.. Who's idea was that?
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They both look like ass, the S8 has a less retarded screen though so it wins
LG V30
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Does anyone else here use the samsung browser? I was really pleasantly surprised at how good it is, it's the only browser I've seen that lets me browse on sites like 4chan with next to no lag. Typing's always an issue on these sites and it works REALLY well.
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I have no lags on 4chan in every browser.
What phone do you have? I've got a galaxy s8 plus and it lags on pretty much every browser except for the samsung one
LG G2 with a custom ROM.

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