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How do I pronounce "GNU"?
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what was unclear when you looked it up yourself?
How do i pronounce OP?

how do websites quickly and effectively prevent bots from acting on them and manipulating data?

>inb4 they dont
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by writing the website in javascript..

phantom.js bots are a rarity, most of the bots dont handle javascript

I don't know why you'd think that. Selenium webdriver has python bindings, and you can point it at headless chrome or firefox so you don't have to do any heavy lifting to make a bot work with javascript-rendered pages.
just from experience.. I see 100+ bots spamming my site every day, and none of them execute JS so far

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does this look like ISP throttling?
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no just shitty internet
installa gentoo

sup /g/! What program do you recommend for combining/merging mp4 files WITHOUT losing video quality.

I have tried a few but they always compress my 300mb files to like 80mb...
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cat part2.mp4 >> part1.mp4

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Implement this function hard but doable

bool halt(Program p, Input i);
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return halt(p, i);
bool halt(Program p, Input i)
return 1;

Since you didn't say what it does I can only assume anything.
I did that for my PhD thesis in 1954.

how do you get urine out of a braided headphone cable? asking for a friend
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Remove the braided part and rebraid the cable...
how do you get urine INTO a braided cable?
it's easy
you piss on it

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General thread for everything tube related, in good and in bad.
>inb4 bulky
>inb4 ugly
>inb4 power hungry
Pick uhhhh one and go >>>/fit/ ?

Also what do you think of this https://www.cnet.com/products/compaq-mv740-crt-monitor-17-153724001/specs/
I'm eyeing one on a local thrift store for 5£
Should I /g/?
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dumping crt porn till someone wakes up
There's a /crt/ general on /vr/, you might wanna have a look.
>color retention

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I want to learn programming, specifically for cybersecurity and network development. Where should I start, and what's accessible to poorfags?
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at least call me a dumb nigger or something
dumb nigger

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Why doesn't Samsung make their own mobile OS? They already have the best phone on the market, they produce the most critical components of their phones... they basically have far better hardware than anyone on the market, so what's the point of sticking with android?
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It's called tizen, and welcome to 2007.
If they did they would go down the same path Windows phones did. If they included Android app support it could maybe work.

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What's the best way to clean windows rot anons ? Aside msconfig
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get a gnu/house
literally fresh install

then install linux
Windows rot is a meme, but a fresh install is the best placebo.

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>Six trade and marketing organizations this morning published an open letter to Apple asking the company to "rethink" plans to launch new versions of Safari in iOS and macOS that block cross-site tracking, and this afternoon, Apple offered up a response, which was shared by The Loop.

>According to Apple, ad tracking companies are essentially able to recreate a person's web browsing history using cross site tracking techniques sans permission, something it's aiming to stop.

>"Apple believes that people have a right to privacy - Safari was the first browser to block third party cookies by default and Intelligent Tracking Prevention is a more advanced method for protecting user privacy," Apple said in a statement provided to The Loop.

>"Ad tracking technology has become so pervasive that it is possible for ad tracking companies to recreate the majority of a person's web browsing history. This information is collected without permission and is used for ad re-targeting, which is how ads follow people around the Internet. The new Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature detects and eliminates cookies and other data used for this cross-site tracking, which means it helps keep a person's browsing private. The feature does not block ads or interfere with legitimate tracking on the sites that people actually click on and visit. Cookies for sites that you interact with function as designed, and ads placed by web publishers will appear normally."

In both macOS High Sierra and iOS 11, the Safari web browser is gaining new privacy features to prevent companies from tracking customer web browsing habits across websites. "The success of the web as a platform relies on user trust," Apple says on the WebKit blog. "Many users feel that trust is broken when they are being tracked and privacy-sensitive data about their web activity is acquired for purposes that they never agreed to."
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If only they could be trusted
well at least they're doing some things right
I'm a poorfag but I'm slowly liking the idea of getting a MacBook more and more these days

Which one should I get


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Why the fuck are there rumors about a possible GTX 1070 Ti? Why in the world would Nvidia make a card in between the 1070 and 1080? I mean, the gap between those two isn't THAT significant.
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To kill off V56
They need some shiny new products to gather attention before AMD proudly unJUSTs software for Vega.
GP104 yields might not be so stellar so they've probably accumulated enough defected dies to fit in between a 1070 and 1080

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I had an old sd card and i took of the plastic case and cut to pieces with scissors. And then burned them with fire twice, but the pieces didn't melt away. Should i do anyhthing more for data safety?
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neck yourself pedo
>burned them with fire
That's your problem. Try burning it with ice.
i was using this card for my old camera and took lots of naked pictures/videos of me. that's why im paranoid.

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>smarphones have the computational power of a low end desktop IN YOUR POCKET

Question, why do smartphones, despite having enough computational power, don't actually have any interface to DO COMPUTATIONAL WORK on? They're just media delivery devices.
My smartphone can do real time 3D rendering, encrypt data, compile programs, and basically do anything, BUT THERE IS NO FUCKING INTERFACE TO DO ANY OF IT. You can't fucking type on a smartphone, and there isn't even basic fucking I/O functionality outside of wireless communication.
I can't even plug a dongle into my phone to program hardware with it, I can't use it to send RFID signals to open my car door, I can't use it to interface with any other device outside of sending selfies. I can't use it as a portable DAC despite it having such functionality, I can't use it to create content, I can't replace my heavy, obsolete digital effects pedal/mixers and plug my guitar into it because the thing doesn't have fucking analog inputs.
It has more computational power than my desktop had ten years ago, yet I can't do anything with it, all I can do is render emojis at 1080p. And you know what? It's not even about size. No portable devices have any productive functionality. Not tablets, not even laptops. They're just fucking tracking and blue pill dispensing devices.

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A device that can do everything focuses on nothing. Smartphones are kept simple because that's what their target demographic demands.
Fuck you, a smartphone is the perfect form factor for an RFID card with the added benefit of two factor authentication and added security in that the device can use its own power to send signals, so your data can't be jacked by an RFID receiver.

Yet nobody has done it.
Uh huh, I sure can't remember the last time multi-purpose modular computational devices such as PERSONAL COMPUTERS and SUPERCOMPUTERS have accomplished anything.

I know we've had this thread a thousand times, but can we get a consensus on the best, non-botnet, browser? Brave disappointed me. There has to be something good out there, right?
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Nightly firefox
Chromium with any ungoogling patchset
GNU Icecat

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