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Why don't people more aggressively fork software projects.
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Isn't it always better to pull the existing project? There's zero point in fragmenting a project, unless the community feels a need for competition or a different view to be realised.

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while :; do shuf -n2 /usr/share/dict/words | tr -d "\n'" | tr [:upper:] [:lower:]; echo; done | grep -x '.\{8,12\}' -m15

Excellent source for seed/salt word generation for keys and passphrases. Also a neat way to spark creativity for domain names

Is there a more efficient way this could be scripted?
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neat shit. thx
Just use Terry's GodWords script

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Now since Edge can synch your tabs to your phone would you switch?
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What is a good wifi extender, /g/? Preferably under $50, but I'd appreciate any recommendations
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Only $12
>buy openwrt compatible router
>flash openwrt
>turn it into wifi extender

TP-link brands are good for that.

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What does /g/ think about ArangoDB? Is it better than mongoDB or another meme?
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> go ahead goy and write your app using nodejs

Are there any open source locally run ai assistant projects worth looking at?
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Fun projects we've done on a Raspberry Pi.
Here's a webserver I made:
>mfw too broke to afford a domain
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Name me a good "Protip *" thread.
Protip: This board is dead on the inside.
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daisuki threads
>windows 10
>faggots everywhere
op is right this board is a pos

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Could someone explain what sort of device could cause a GPS satellite to give out the wrong information? Or is it sending fake information to GPS devices and overriding their signals?

It mentions:

"Satellite signals are very weak – about 20 watts from 20,000 miles away – so a one-watt transmitter on a hilltop, plane or drone is enough to spoof everything out to the horizon."


"The scale of the problem did not become apparent until people began trying to play Pokemon Go. The fake signal, which seems to centre on the Kremlin, relocates anyone nearby to Vnukovo Airport, 32 km away. This is probably for defensive reasons; many NATO guided bombs, missiles and drones rely on GPS navigation, and successful spoofing would make it impossible for them to hit their targets."
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Big Russian antenna blasting false shit at you and confusing your device.

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>Have to get 2300 CDN Macbook Pro for my [spoiler] animation [/spoiler] program
>Ask the professors before starting the term why that's the case
>"Macs are industry standard and there's software you can't get on a PC. We also want all students to be on the same page"
>Get overpriced-but sexy-calculator
>There's no pre installed drawing application
>Locks you out of installing independent third party software without extreme hassle and 'verification' hold ups
>Almost no free or easily attainable drawing software
>inb4 Gimp, it's shit
>All there really is, is Adobe software if you want familiar and quality art applications
Did I just get meme'd? [spoiler] Good thing my uncle is stupidly rich and has no kids. I'm gonna still travel to the 9th circle of hell and shove an Apple pencil up Steve Job's dickhole [/spoiler]
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nice blog faggot.
Thank you, remember to donate to my patreon.

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so for a while ive been able to coast by on an unlimited 4G connection with no worries, but recently somethings changed and now the quality of my connection has gone to shit in every concievable way, almost as if theyre trying to restrict 4G usage to be for short bursts of speed or something, and now im looking for a proper connection. problem is, there is literally one network that owns all the fibre and copper lines in the city, and unless i move to the outskirts im stuck between paying £50 for unlimited ADSL or £25 for a shitty satalite internet connection, the former of which locks me into an 18 month contract and has notoriously shitty customer service, and the latter of which i had previous experience of, where my 4G connection outperformed it.
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/g/ pls console me

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>upgrading from w10 to w7 as I type

gotta say that I'm pretty excited to no longer have a down syndrome operating system
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This is been going on long enough that I have to ask - why is it that programmers and web developers don't know shit about how computer hardware actually works or how best to use its capabilities in their code?

I'm coming up on the end of my first year working as a lowly support engineer - I'm NOT as smart as these developers are, and I never will be, so I'm not saying this as some kind of superiority trip or anything - but holy shit these people have no idea how to build a computer that will run their code optimally (we REALLY need to figure out a way to sell our software as a turnkey appliance IMHO and no one seems to want to do it because they don't know how).

I have nothing more than personal experience from gayming and CompTIA A+, and I could configure and build hardware that will run their code better than any of them...

TL/DR, why the FUCK do software developers not understand how to build computers well?
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They barely now math and you expect them to know hardware. Today they don't optimize for shit, if the program can't run it's the computer's fault for not being powerful enough.
the thing is that without going too deep into what it is my company does, we NEED to be able to sell a highly-optimized appliance for some of our bigger customers. Some of our customers are absolutely giant multinational corporations and since our software handles some of their most time-sensitive data that has a huge impact on their day-to-day operation, it's nuts that they basically have to guess on their own about what would make a good server to run our software on.

But more importantly than even that, to me, is just the question of why programmers don't know shit about hardware. It blows my mind.

I need a bag for my shit. I need room for a 15" laptop (Dell XPS but I think Macbook 15 is about the same dimensions) a notebook and other misc shit. Ideally I think I'd like a bag in a similar style as pic related but I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Also EDC thread I guess
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There's tons of options for 13" laptops, but there's pretty much nothing nice that isn't some huge ugly thing for 15"

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