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/g/, how does someone check for telephone line/ internet network taps/bugs?

anybody have an experience with this?
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Stop paying your bills. If you don't get cut off you're being tapped.
If your that much if a target that your being tapped you already fucked up
Hook it up to your wall socket. That should burn through all wiretapping equipment.

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Is my computer capable of running games like XCOM 2 or do I need a new one?

Processor: Pentinum(R) Dual-Core CPU T4400 @ 2.20GHz 2.20 GHz
RAM: 4,00 Go
System Type: 64 bits
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kys OP.

You need a new one
but if you want to check

/g/ i am a programmer but i hate it. Is it worth switching to cyber security ? why ? why not?
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Bump for interest. Also what do you not like about programming? Personally I've programmed applications in C# but now I've been doing web apps with Ruby on Rails and it isn't nearly as fun.
Bumping too. I've always wanted to make the switch but I feared that it's gonna be even more boring now that Internet of Shit becomes a thing. No challenge in closing some SSH ports anon.

Ask in the /sec/ general.

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I'm about to enroll for a Network Engineer degree but is it worth it now that we have SDN? Does it risk to become obsolete?

If it's the case I would rather choose Software engineering or System engineering
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Bachelors of networking here. SDN is the networking meme right now. If you plan on using it or working with carrier-grade shit, a background in networking will help far more than basics in comp. Sci.
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Perhaps I should clarify. To carriers (ISPs and the like) SDNs represent a desperately needed acceleration to any of their issues. Take for instance his long it takes to set up a VXLan on a Linux network. A multitude of coherent commands need to be issued across the networks' entirety. Not only do these commands need to be issued in proper sequence, but they need to keep in mind just what sort of environment each command is run. Imagine doing this in every fiber point in the entirety of a carrier's tier one backbone, and combine with the insane overhead of every special snowflake every L2 and L3 hop along the way. This is why SDNs like OpenDaylight are a thing right now. They keep a single and contiguous view if an entire network, and allow a single API to modify and update that view.

From an IT perspective, it simplifies things enormously. No running to a zillion devices and keeping them in mind as you chart a course through your backbone. Or for Amazon, dynamically assigning networks for every customer under similar circumstances.

Additionally, a business can implement these changes from a single control point at both an incredibly reduced cost, and at a substantially greater speed

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>Located Maspeth, NY.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What does 4chan think of APNG? Since the Chrom* botnet recently added support for it, is there any reason for 4chan not to let us upload APNG?
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4chan devs are technically inept. They also care more about phoneposter numbers than post quality so adding a format that phoneniggers can't view isn't in the interest of the devs.

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>he doesn't run a custom multilib LFS system built with clang
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> multilib
> anno nostri domini duo millia septendecim
> multilib
That was special when it was new. Now it's deprecated. 'cause x86_64 all the way.

install gentoo

> clang
Good compiler and fair game as default, but generally you want to mix compilers anyhow.

If it fails, just change the profile to GCC for the respective package -install gentoo- and compile with that.

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I found an Acer VX5-591G-5652 being sold by Acer themselves, refurbished for over $130 cheaper than new.

Worth it?
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Buy new ffs
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>What is zeronet xd
>https://zeronet.io/, Open, free and uncensorable websites,
using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network

Share good web/z/ites
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If I use zeronet will I be officially in their (((list)))?
Use tor if you are paranoid
Stop making threads about this stupid piece of shit memenet. There is literally not a single good website on it.

spoiler python wins

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>OCaml is in the top fifty
Makes me happy
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>programming languages

I'm looking for a new DDoS attack service, Which one can you guys recommend?
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open multiple cmds and write ping in all of them and hit enter

literally slowing down the entire internet with this ddos
also nice try FBI nigger, nice try
watch this first

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I guess you would need a point of sale machine for pimping your mom.
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Ey yo Intel, neva change, ey bebe?
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jintel still hasn't payed their fines

Such cases
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tfw living in Russia
Putin uses VPNs
what do

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Freetards on Suicide Watch!
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You mean AWStards? Even then, 100% of fuck all is still fuck all.

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