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What browser do we have left?
Waterfox, Chromium and if you do not care for the forks. Use Brave, Vivaldi and Yandex.
Hi. We’re Mozilla, the proudly non-profit champions of the Internet, helping to keep it healthy, open and accessible to all.
>by censoring it

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For me, it is the google pixel, the best android smartphone
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not even worth a (you)

Google will never let you have removable data again.

Have fun being a slave to their HDD space allowances.
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Vladimir Putin puts Bill Gates on Security Service watchlist

Vladimir Putin has issued a complete ban on Microsoft products in Russia.

Putin has also put Bill Gates on a Federal Security Service watchlist due to “concerns over security and reliability,”.

The removal of all Microsoft software has now begun in Russia with immediate effect

YNW reports: Government spokesman Sergei Zheleznyak explained that Microsoft had been caught carrying out “minute-by-minute surveillance” on millions of Russian citizens – as well as citizens of other countries.
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only russia can spy on russia
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Lmfaoooo AMD is a joke
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0/10 bait
How long are you going to keep spamming /g/ for?
A few days, as with every major product launch. They get bored and go back to /v/ after that.

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Need /g/'s opinion on this matter. The only things preventing me from doing this is Office and Visual Studio. Do I need Visual Studio if this is the IDE my school uses and teaches with? Do I need Office for writing papers/powerpoints or will LibreOffice suffice? I can't sleep while Windows exists on my PC, but I also feel that I can't fulfill my duties as a student without it. What do you think /g/?

>inb4 american education is a meme
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what languages are you using, F# and Visual Basic?
you should be able to set up an IDE in linux that does whatever you want.
And yea, libreoffice does everything you need. Hell, markdown does everything you need
Try visual studio code on windows for a week. If it has the extensions and functionality you need, then you will be fine. Provided that you like it of course, being that it is not everyone's cup of tea. Its virtually the same on Windows and Linux.
I would let rms fuck my mother

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>Year 2017
>still no WM/DE that doesn't crash, doesn't use lots of memory, not buggy, doesn't leak memory, isn't bloated, doesn't tear
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How do you recreate the features of GNOME with xmonad?

File manager with mounting support?
Keyboard input?
Email client?
use a tiling one

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>bought a new macbook only 2 weeks ago
>dropped it on the ground while it was open, shattering the sceen


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Just buy another one, poorfaggot
come up with a sob story and see if genius bar will replace it for you
lmao kys cuck

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who /works at a major tech company/ here?
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Microsoft sys eng and Project manager. AMA.
What's your favorite street to shit on?
fuck you

I know this isn't a tech support site, but I've made threads on other forums and no one has responded for days. I need internet access on my work laptop, so I am desperate for answers. I have an HP 255 G4 laptop, and up until last week I have had uninterrupted and reliable wireless capabilities. Then I had lost any WiFi abilities, and my network adapter doesn't even detect any networks. Every other device in my house can connect to WiFi, and I have the latest drivers for the network adapter. When running Windows network diagnostics, I'm told to enable wireless capability. When I open the network connections window through the control panel however, it shows that wireless capabilities are enabled, but that there are no available networks.

What are your thoughts? I'm running Windows 7 professional.
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Found your problem.
WLAN AutoConfig service

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ITT, people that think python is a programing language.
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Why does he look like he's sucking on a lemon?
spotted the kissless virgin

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How can I find duplicate audio on Linux? The files aren't exact copies, maybe transcodes or slightly cropped.
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>open terminal
>ab audioduplicate res
>Select the files you wanna cut out
>ab cutout duplicates mnf
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How do I burn this image from my mind?
Wtf happened here? Her body looks like a decaying corpse

Is it possible for computers sub-netbook size to come back into popularity? Would you get one? pic related of course
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As cool as I think they are, I probably wouldn't get one. I have a smartphone for something pocket-sized. And I have a laptop for stuff my phone can't do. This would not really fill a niche for me, especially considering it would probably cost as much as my laptop.
gpd made one. I think its actually a bit smaller than the vaio p too(7" screen, but still 16:9, instead of that weird 21:10 or whatever the p had)

I'd much rather have one than a tablet, which is what normiees seem to have moved towards. The PC i use the most now-a-days is a 10" netbook.
Does the Pyra count? I'm waiting on that thing so I can have something pocketable that doesn't use the disgusting shitshow known as android.

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What did people do 10 years ago? Before facebook chat became available and before gchat became available?

Answers that were proposed from the last thread:

>people use MSN messenger which had multi conversation available

>people used IRC

>people used AIM

>skype group chat was possibly available?


If MSN messenger aka Windows Live had multi conversation capabilities, did it have a save and push feature where you would receive the message when you signed back online?
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>did it have a save and push feature where you would receive the message when you signed back online?
Most things didn't back then. If you were offline, you didn't get messages. Either group or directly to you. You could (and people did) stay logged in but "idle" or "away", IRC-style, and people would "leave a message" for you to respond to later.
I know at least with yahoo messenger (10 years ago) you would receive the message when you signed back in.
IRC with bouncers to receive messages while offline.

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CNET now reporting on the lawsuit and accusations by fired Google employee about their toxic work environment and wrongful hiring practices.

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>tfw everyone turns against the botnet
I don't see the end but I can only hope.
thanks, cnet. keep us updated.

no edition

>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Keyset wiki
http://keypuller.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20161101152119/http://keypuller.com/)
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what makes mechanical keyboards so satisfying to use?
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filco keyboard.jpg
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No mush.

Even in browns.
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>memechanical memeboards

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