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Is it possible to install SFX/SFX-L PSU in the HDD bays area and leave the standard place of standard ATX PSU empty in sake of 240mm(280mm?!) radiator?

If you want a couple of HDDs - buy NAS, otherwise use M.2 SSD for main disk and 2.5" SSD/HDD for garbage. ffs, its 2k18 already

Corsair 240 have so much of wasted space, it's sad.
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another pic if someone still doesnt understand
Wwhy you guys ignore my thred?
nvm figured it out

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whats the /g/ approved music player for android?


* ad-free
* plays all common audio formats (mp3, flac, aac, ogg, wav, etc)
* easy playlist creation / manipulation / tweaking

additionally: EQ and replaygain would of course be nice
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Used to work a pirated apk of Rocket Player. Really really liked it. Now I'm using Vanilla Music player which you can grab from F-droid. It's about as good, and answers your requierments.
Try Black Player EX

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I can't find an NPM package for it
Java was more accesible plan on earning C/C ++ as my next language though
The C environment is a pain in the ass to set up on windows.

R8 my home screen
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S*** in all fields
Holy fuck this hurts my eyes.
What is wrong?

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I am getting tired of all this meme distros that are either breaking after updates (Manjaro) or have so much stupid settings by default which make an OS unusable on the desktop (openSUSE) or have packages from a last decade (Deepin).
What is your non-meme distro /g/? A distro that never let you down, a disto that doesn't make you spent half a day in terminal to fix things, a distro that has a sane defaults, etc.
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just use debian
Mac os
Void I guess.
Arch failed me.

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btfo android.png
569KB, 1059x751px
Don't let Android fanboys see this image.
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i honestly don't care about any of these and i'm planning on getting the iphone x
By that logic iPhone X has four bezels. Notice how thin the non-bezel parts are on the Mi Mix 2 and the Samsung. Look how big they are on the iPhone (plus the speaker, microphone, camera at the top).
I see four bezels + notch on the iPhone.

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Is it true that gods temple works in long mode?
Enough with the v1.03 screenshots. TempleOS is at 5.03, CPP.Z files don't exist anymore (they're HC.Z files, for "HolyC"), that cross w/ shroud image isn't even in TempleOS and the "Tip of day" you posted doesn't even work (ans0, ans1 aren't in TempleOS anymore)

So what's you guys opinion about Ultrawide monitors?
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its alright
couldnt work properly without one anymore.
Have a LG34UC88. It's amazing for everything except MOBAS or similar where you have to mouse the edge of the screen frequently. But I just play borderless for those.

Programming or work in generall is kickass. Gaming is amazing. Girlfriend thought it was too big and weird to begin with but started using it whenever she can afer a while.
>Girlfriend thought it was too big and weird
heh weird, she said that to me too.

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hack me /g/
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casio a dumb
Actually the Casio is right
>not knowing BEDMAS

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Fuck you you fucking Amerifats

Stop snooping on us Europeans just because you're jelly
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signit intercepting signals, who woulda thunk it

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Compressed Edition

IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net

Previous thread:
>>62409903 → (Cross-thread) →
If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).
>Don't buy anything OTHER THAN P, T, X, and W SERIES if you want the Real Business Experience™

Recommended IBM models:
X60, X61, T60, T61, 860, Transnote, PC110

Recommended old models:
X200, W500

Recommended modern models:
X220 - 12", 768x1366, cheap and light
T420 - normal size, 14", 900x1600
T520 - 15", 1080p, Quadcore-CPUs
W520 - desktop replacement, 15", USB 3.0

Last good models:
X230 - 12", USB 3.0, IPS option avaiable, classic keyboard installable
T440p - 14", last ThinkPad to have replacable CPUs, 1080p IPS displays avaiable
Why ThinkPad?
>Used machines are plentiful and cheap.
>Excellent keyboards - tactile feel and quiet.
>Great durability: chassis uses a magnesium rollcage for structural integrity, with high quality plastic body panels.
>Utilitarian design: e.g. indicator LEDs, 7 row keyboard layout on older models.
>Docking stations that easily turns your laptop into a desktop.
>Easy to repair, upgrade and maintain thanks to readily available service manuals for every model. Spare parts are easy and cheap to obtain.
>The best trackpoint (that red thing in the middle of the keyboard). Great for those who type a lot or hate swiping their fingers all over a touchpad.
>Excellent GNU/Linux & *BSD support.
Used ThinkPad Buyers Guide:

New guides by xsauc:

ThinkWiki - Info on ThinkPads and running GNU/Linux on them:

ThinkPad service guides w/ tutorial videos:

ThinkPad wallpaper collection:
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Quiet thread, that's for sure.

Anyway, anyone have a T500? I'm thinking about putting windows 7 on it if I did get a thinkpad (discounted windows activation keys for college, seriously $10), but I'm wondering how does the t500 fair?

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Second for GOAT ThinkPad T25
My ultraportable 65W ac adapter for my x200 is making a fizzing sound. Search results tell me, this is bad and its gonna die soon.
Can I just use an ordinary 65W ac adapter? Any concerns about buying an offbrand one from the chinks?
The laptop was just 90 $ so I dont really wanna throw 30$ on a lenovo ac adapter.

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>friend hands me his laptop
>it's a librebooted thinkpad
>it runs tails OS
>he also encrypted his HDD with veracrypt
>above that he's running simplednscrypt and a VPN

just what drives a man to do all of this?
also, r8 his security
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does he have his ram epoxied in and insulated?
2/10 security

ok sure op

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>1024 imperial bytes
>1000 metric bytes
Both are equal, but why do you insist on using the antiquated imperial system instead of the much easier metric system for quantifying digital information?
Seems like a 'no-brainer' to me.
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a metric byte is 10 bits
Serious question, are you trying to be funny or are you trying to bait serious replies?

I honestly can't tell.
>what is base-2

you're the real brainlet

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They are not even trying to hide it anymore.
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I'm using midori, which means I crash every thirty minutes. But it restores my tabs on crash so its only a minor inconvinence.
>Online bullies are on the same level as censorship, game news and corporatocracy in the mind of nu-liberals
Set the new tab page as blank or fork the browser and remove the triggering content

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How could Apple fall from this to selling standard x86-hardware in thinshit cases for massive markups where the hottest new feature is a touch screen for entering emojis?
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macOS is still a usable Unix environment for those who need it. They've just dumbed it down because the web gave very stupid people better access to technology.
The same way they sell mediocre ARM phones with standard parts from other manufacturers for flag ship prices where the hottest new feature is stealing biomerics and recognizing emotions to manipulate consumers
Apple has very good marketing and idiots that will buy.

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