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I've got some old bookshelf hi-fi speakers that i want to use with my pc with 6 ohms impedance, will this amp be ok?

Stereo im using the speakers from:

Amp im looking at:

Also audio general thread, gimme your setups

>inb4 buy better monitors pleb
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Should probably add that the front aux port for input is scuffed so thats why im looking at an external 2 channel amp
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it will work fine and you might get some ok sound when you eq the shit out of it

just a pointer... crossovers make or break a speaker.. all those midi systems usually just have a single capacitor to high pass the tweeter - that 6db 1st order filert gives you a 90degree phase shift... and no low pass on woofer they just let it roll of naturally.. causes phases problems and gives them a sound...

thats being picky... just get the amp and then concentrate saving for a sub and youl be off to the races

t. built my all my speakers and amps a decade ago and use them 24/7
ty for the advice, screencapped for future reference

thats pretty damn sweet

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>/g/ wiki is still down
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Nice blog, faggot
Gentoomen? Which wiki
why is it always going down lol who runs this shit

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I have an idea for an app that I want to develop a company on, yet my available funds are only $1,300.

How can I convince a coder to wrote an app for me when I have so little to offer? Co-ownership of the company? That's only banking on the idea being successfu.

Word decoder be paid per Milestone completion of the app? How much would he get paid?
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Find some teen learning to code in school and con him into doing it as project then steal and publish it when hes finished
If you think your company and app idea have legs, get investors until you can afford someone to write it. Pay them a fair market wage, because you're paying them to do fair market work. If you can't get investors, you probably can't market the app after it exists anyway.
Offer them equity.

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Remember to run this everyday, you're fighting the google menace doing this.

run this script every day

>set clicking on ads to "sometimes" in adnau settings (important)
>disable other ad blockers and script blockers
>run script in separate browser
>do not use chrome
>spread the holy word

and watch them die
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According to this, why would google shill sites that set up the auto clickers?
Don't listen to OP. This is what Google wants.
Remember to take your daily dose of placebo, kids.

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Pretty cheap $89 refurb 4g ram 32gb flash ssd. Can I?
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I don't see why not
model? otherwise check chromium's website.
You'll have to enter dev mode and install it. Booting up with dev mode unlocked is a pain.
it's a pain in the ass. I wouldn't suggest it. I had a lot of issues with acpi and drivers. you also have to install some obscure modded bios

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No one would marry a ThinkPad
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>mactoddlers are degenrate
>chinkpad users are sane people
I prefer one-night-stands with T410s and T60s then selling them as no-ultrabay damaged versions because there's cum in the ultrabay.
i would

and rub her soft rim trackpoint every night

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Because it's been a few days and I'm lonely.
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The last thread was archived less than 24 hours ago. Fucking kill yourself, you pathetic piece of shit.
theres a discord for that

enjoy famalam
>angry sperging

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Can I trust distros with binary package manager I should stick with gentoo?
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Debian is developing reproducible builds. I think almost all of their packages are reproducible already. Debian users correct me if I'm wrong
should i kill myself to truly get away from the botnet?
This is the real question

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Where can you get muh stickers?
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himawari best yuru yuri girl
Very cute anime

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My downstairs neighbor is completely crazy. She's constantly saying that someone is jumping over our friends, and turning the sprinkler on, lol.

She just informed me that she's purchasing security cameras, and will hook them up around the house. I don't appreciate the fact that she can now watch me around the house, seeing when I leave and whan I return. That's bullshit.

Would I need to be on her network to access these cameras, or do they come with their own built-in shit? Do they use bluetooth, or something? How can I knock them off?
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How would we know dumbass. We need model numbers

I meant to say "fence".

Model numbers? Is that on the cameras? What do from there?
Install your own cameras next to hers.

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Anyone know what this Aux Voltage does? Running my MSI 390 at 1220 Core Clock, want to make it higher but will it help?
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Its for aux voltage
It controls AUX voltage.
useless fucks, you know what I mean

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>Browse /g/
>print out "hello world" in python

Am I a professional programmer now? What makes a programmer a programmer?
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your boipussi tightness and the cuteness of your programming socks
Is IDE a form of lube?

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I think it is fast and easy to use. Basically arch but without autistic systemd and actually good.
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Bought on retail?

It is what Arch should have been. Good, fast, no systemd, LibreSSL. Also it's libre by default and you have to activated non-free software repos if you want to download non-free software.
(Same person), just wanted to add that the only thing it lacks is a bigger community and support. An AUR equivalent would be amazing for example.

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How long would an iPhone SE last? I'm a manlet with tiny hands.
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Many years to come. An iPhone 4s still has ample performance for social media, messaging and calls.
>social media
filthy normie. fuck off back 2 reddit.
>Dumb frogposter is a manlet
What a surprise

My current Macbook is 5 years old and has a 2.4ghz core i7 processor. A brand new one has a 2.2Ghz core i7. Why is it less Ghz? Why is it better? Please help me be less retarded.
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Because Steve isn't around anymore to tell them to get their shit together. Also, you have to pay extra to get 16GB in that brand new one.

>tfw your 17" Late 2011 is on its second trackpad, GPU, and keyboard
Lower clock speed is irrelevant because in 5 years theres so much more work being done with each clock of the processor it'll still be way faster in most use cases. Plus depending on which i7 and what you're looking at, that's probably just the base speed when it's idling or doing basic tasks and anything intensive it'll ramp itself up probably higher than 2.4 for sure. Good luck anon if you can't figure this out yourself
Are they significantly faster despite having less ghz? I understand it's a newer processor but I don't understand how it can be less.

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