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Because we are fed up with

>Shitty displays
>Lame operating systems (Windows)
>Broken operation systems with no drivers (GNU+Linux)
>Flimsy keyboards
>Touchpads that move and click randomly
>Idiotic design choices (VGA port? really?)
>Poorfags on /g/ masterbating over their turds they found for cheap on ebay.

MacBook General, the thread for people who do actual work on machines that actually work. Fat, basement dwelling, virgin neckbeards can go to >>>/tpg/

Share stories, ricing tips (>implying macs need to be riced), also talk about iMacs, mac minis, mac pros, macOS, the general eco system etc.
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no, gtfo
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>shit keyboard
Better than a mac. Even the new ones
>shit touchpad
Yeah but you're supposed to use the clit mouse anyway
>shitty screen
You got me
I'm skipping over the wangblows one that's pretty self explanatory
>shitty drives on linux
It works as well it does on your ((((macbook))) unless you're using some hobbyist distro and can't read documentation
>shitty cpu
Pic related my dude
>shitty ssd
Better than overpaying for almost nothing
>makes you look poor
To irrelevant people who aren't hiring me
It looks professional to people who are actually hiring
>used by virgins
So is your macbook
Where is the macshit autist when you need him

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What are some web browsers for Android?
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Firefox, lightning, brave, naked browser
take your pick
This. Pick Naked
TugaBrowser or Brave

What are you using now that uBlock is fucking broken on Firefux lads?
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im using my brain and downloading the webext version from gorhills gitbub page
works fine on waterfox

Ahoy, what can i achieve with basic ccna and bachelors in computer networking? Any ideas what i should add to my experience to make real money?
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homosexuality with most likely make you rich
>Bachelors check for HR/hiring dept
>CCNA Check for Tier 1/analyst type work

The CCNA is used for entry level stuff, if you are a high level CCNA you might find some jr role however most roles are in NOC or install depts for solutions

Meaning companies like the ISP or MSSP will hire CCNA/CCNP straight from college with some experience since that is what we need.....

Take it easy and continue studying, one day you might make over six figures

Join this forum btw...

If you want to do what I did to find a job, right after getting the CCNA R/S go for the CCNA Security or the Sec +. They are simple and actually good to have in the field...

I'm in college which is giving out free "academic" CCNA and they have labs for it. I think they're letting you take another Cisco certificate which is above it, don't remember what it was but what certificates would you recommend if I want a six figurines job with this? Also, do you have any advice on somebody with 0 experience? Any books to read or something?

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Last Resolved: 16 hours ago
status-firefox57: --- → fixed
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla57

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I just went back to 55 because uBlock stopped working.
install dev channel version.
Okay thanks. I hate to use firefox anyway but haven't found versatile/comfy alternative. I was looking at Opera but not sure if it's a good thing. Firefox is way too bloated and who knows what happens in the background.

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Did I do well, /g/?
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seems pretty low spec
which linux is it?

and no, you fucked up by supporting a company that labels things linux instead of gnu/linux

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Why is Firefox doing this?
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>Why is Firefox doing this?
Because they are fascist SJW femnazis paid for by that evil globalist tribalist Soros
what's the next go to browser?
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>tfw all your extensions already got a webext version and youjust laugh when other niggers whine about their extensions not getting ported

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I'm too lazy for Hello World.
I actually wanted to do the Edyptula Challenge during summer holidays but only managed to stay in bed most days.
board games with a robot arm.
The arm is finnished, the AI for the games too, I just haven't connected them yet.
I am too cheap to buy a normal webcamera for it



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>Unveiled in July 2017, Intel Xeon Scalable processors deliver breakthrough dual-socket performance[1]
>[1] Statements are based on new Intel products and features compared against historical Intel products and features.


>introducting the new xeon entry-workstation

>For those situations where you don't quite need a workstation but you feel entry level doesn't quite sound right given your doing ai/vr and other meme activities

Jesus christ, how much fucking market segmentation do you need?
Why would I buy this over obvious Threadripper or EBYN?

What pascal/delphi projects are you working on /g/?

Last thread >>0
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If someone guesses what im working on i will deposit 5 shekels into his account.
last thing today was batch processing of some OLE for a lazy customer

string overflow in delphi ?
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At last, a program that will let newfags triforce?!

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hey /g/ rate my RX Vega64 mod.

It's now barely not a housefire and also a chunk faster than a stock 1080
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Buildzoid is that you?
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no, it's me
Ninja turtle guy
morpheus works on vega? or they made the new one?
pretty cool regardless

What do you prefer for your virtualization needs? Hyper-V, Vbox, VMware?
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How do I use xen with qemu

Help pls

We are making a web browser!
PREVIOUSLY: >>62117034

In the face of recent changes in Firefox and Chrome some anons were asking for a /g/'s perfect web browser, we collected the most wanted here and plan on continuing with the creation.

To contribute follow the WORK PLAN, join the IRC to ask developers for a repo, and get to programming!
IRC on Rizon: #/g/netrunner

Website: https://netrunner.cc/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCes2uiC-4xSBwqnldCFbh4Q
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Team_NetRunner
Gitgud: https://gitgud.io/odilitime/netrunner/
Teknik: https://git.teknik.io/gyroninja/netrunner

Look at the features list and implement them, ask what is currently being worked on if you don't know.

FEATURES https://pastebin.com/bnUU6kcu
FAQ https://pastebin.com/gjp7QmQJ
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Good luck /g/
I finished the CSS I was working on. In case anyone likes it, it can be found here.
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Missing link.

Which is the best and why?
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it's this thread again.
Python for Scientific Computing
Ruby for web dev
Go for daemons/network based application

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>not ricing your 3ds
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>ricing your 3ds
>applied a theme
Is this a new meme?
>be an autistic manchild
>having a 3ds

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