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Do any phone monitoring apps work? Everything I've researched seems to be a scam, including mspy, highster mobile, and flexispy.
Any input is appreciated
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What do you want to moniter?
Termux + htop is what i use for general use monitering but it lacks any type of logging to my knowlage.
incoming sms/mms
maybe location
Just back up your SMS to an XML file with sms backup.. Otherwise, you're a nigger.

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>dial-up speed youtube buffering despite paying for 300mbps
Why is this allowed?
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You pay for up to 300 mbps goy
Because Spectrum is still Warner.
because you're on the same concentrator that has a bunch of torrenting hoggers

/g/ is it too much to ask for a wearable that will track my heart rate and export the data to CSV without first uploading the data to company servers?
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Just get a Mi band 2
Does heartrate and all that jazz

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"Grandma, it's not just a phase!"
Linus is sometimes fucking insane.
That's it, I'm moving to BSD.

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Can you recommend me some good or anonymous VPS services?
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Digital Ocean, Vultr


Jayz2cents says you can build a pc on a carpet just fine. Why did you guys lie to me?
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you just gotta make sure you touch the case before you touch the CPU or sensitive parts of the GPU, to ground yourself.
Just because you can, doesnt mean you should.
Static builds up as you rub on the carpet so yeah, once you've grounded yourself you should be fine.

But do you really wanna risk a 200 dollar CPU when taking it over to the tile floor kills all risk is so easy?

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Is there a way to fix this without completely disabling the no entry symbol?

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yes but you'll need 3oz human semen, a sword and a ruby-tipped sceptre (i've only done this oncㄷ 듀랙ㄷ)
If the car detects it is surrounded, it explodes, killing everyone within 45 ft.
the person inside turns their car off, walks outside and dismantles the trap, then gets back inside.

IF the car is unmanned, then clearly the purpose is theft, and so it's just as much stealing as it would be if the car was parked.

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Hey guys, I'm in the market to build a new pc as my current video card is shitting the bed and I'd rather start new than try to salvage the shit I have currently. I'm thinking of getting a barebones kit so I don't have to look at compatibility and shit like that. Anyone have a website recommendation to buy from? I'm looking to spend about $700 before taxes.
I'm a Canadafag by the way.
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I mean pcpartpicker has retailers listed

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Hello, my name is Mike Fillion, I was an Apple employee until 2016. I had been working for Apple since 2003. I was wiping my old iPhones so I could give them to my children, when I saw this image on my iPhone 5. This image is an early prototype of the iPad, made in 2010, it was originally supposed to be released in October of 2009, so it could be in stores for Christmas, but we had to set it back a while so we could fix and improve certain things. This image shows the early iPad, code named "Raspberry Pie." I hope you find this interesting. Thank you very much. ~Michael
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Good ol big dick mike
>Mike Fillion
More like:
>Michael FAILion.
what are you going to do with it, also why dont you get an iphone se

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Would you rather have a 1440p IPS screen or a 4K TN screen?

How bad is TN? I have only used IPS screens so I don't know how to compare the two.
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I have a personal distaste for TN screens but they have their advantages. It really comes down to use case.

The TN in question has like 90ms input lag but maybe a faster response time.

btw what advantages do TN have?

Hey /g/, I'd like some advice please.

I had a gaming laptop a while back that is no longer usable and I'm in the market for a new one. The current Prime Day deal on an MSI laptop looks pretty ok, but it'd be great to get /g/'s opinion on the item.

This is the laptop, pic related.
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Buy gentoo
I've borrowed a friend's laptop of that same model. They feel great to use and have nice build quality. They have a model out now in that same line that has a 1070 in it but it's over $2000.

If I was buying a gaming laptop that model line would be my pick. Good price on a good laptop anon.
Thanks much for the reply anon.

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Need a new laptop trying to salvage mine over the years of use. Is this laptop with 8GB GPU feasible? I've been seeing some poor reviews with compatibility. How's the pricing for this?

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I bought an MSI because the specs were good and it wasn't as expensive as some other laptops. However, the build quality is absolute shit. The case got dented simply from me carrying it around in my backpack, never had a problem with that with any other laptop. The screen started to get brown spots after 6 months so I took it back and they gave me store credit, got an acer predator and the build quality is way better and I like it more, just my 2 cents.

also, my friend has an MSI and has the same sort of problems with build quality, he games a lot and where he rests his hands is all worn out after not even a full year of usage.
Think I'm gonna make a tower and wait and buy a mid laptop for on the go
As big of a meme as it is, if you are building a desktop there is pretty much no reason to pay the premium for a laptop that can play games. Buy a modern thinkpad and enjoy it.

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literally who
>not /g/
>>>/r/eddit is thataway

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>"""""""smart""""""" contracts
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