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>be me
>boss moans about getting some bullshit cert
>15k raise
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>that pic
fuck dude you should probably just kill yourself
>Actually have to apply the knowledge
>Get fired

Android smartphones and iPhones BTFO.
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>Still doesn't just werk in the US
kek, that thing will be the size and thickness of a brick
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I lost @ "Liquid Metal 2.0 Structural Frame"

How are you getting ready for the technology event of the year.
Taking a day off from work? Snacks? Bring friends over?
This is something to be remembered.
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shitposting on /g/
Like every year

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temple os thread
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fuck off
shut up niggermonkey
there's already a thread new faggot

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>it's ugly
Woah, hold your horses there, bucko. Ugly? Did you know that Microsoft(tm) Windows(r) Modern Design Movement (The Bauhaus) focus is on making the “function” beautiful? At the heart of the Bauhaus philosophy is stripping away superfluous decorations to focus on the essence of the functional.

>i-it's a botnet
If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear! Plus, Microsoft(tm) Windows(r) offers a unique "ad experience" where ads are tailored to suit your preferences and needs.

>muh customization
If Linux (communist subversion tool) has taught the computing world anything, it's that the end user left to his own devices will ruin the end product and cause problems for himself and others!
You don't NEED more customization than the wide array of scientifically researched pastel colors the Microsoft(tm)s theme customization suit offers you.

>b-but it costs money
it's time to clean your room and get a job, sonny jim!
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This, but unironically.
I'm honestly curious as to what inclusive design entails

Hey Guys,

Is it possible for an application developed for iOS or Android to be able to customize the ringback tone of the phone? Or is that something that violates the limits that Apple/Google set for the application developers. I cannot seem to find any application that is capable of doing this independently outside of the network provider.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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Ring back?
Nevermind looked it up. It would have to be a network provider thing unless you did call forwarding to a PBX or some other Voip service where you could intercept the call.

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Are you fucking kidding me, Microsoft?
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these days they even want u to sign up for minesweeper
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install gentoo

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So how will /g/ cope with 100% of anons being unemployed vs the current 98%?
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>Rajat Bagheria
>why pay $100k to a developer in Silicon Valley when there are hundreds of people on sites like Freelancer begging to make your app for $15k in India?
Ask equifax.

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Have you ever been cyberstalked, gee?
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No because I am not an idiot that makes himself identifiable.
If you ever upload something to the www in the fure, sometimes it will be traced back, exploited and used against you. Nothing is perfect.
in the future, I mean

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It looks like they got the source video wrong

www facebook com/MrTechQc/videos/1985486751696443/
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>stock R7-1700 is ~1400pts oc can hit 1750<

Intel's not looking too...hot
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Almost identical multi-core to my 3 year old CPU I got for $280.

I've got 6months left until I really need to get a job. What is easiest to learn in order to land something in the tech industry?
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>What is easiest to learn in order to land something in the tech industry?

there is no such thing, you delusional little shit.
It doesn't have to be easy per se, asshole.
I said easiest, as in the one that is less hard than the others. Should I have said least hard just so it could make sense for you?

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Should I do this?
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SQLite only allows one reader/writer at a time. That's how they guarantee ACID compliance.

if you're developing a mid sized web app then sure, but not for production
Sure, if you plan on having n<=1000 records and not many read/writes. It's good for a few admin accounts for a CMS, for example.

Otherwise it's horseshit and terribly under performant.
Thanks /g/ents!

On their website they claim that SQLite will handle well up to 100K hits per day for a small to mid website, which in my case is more than enough, but it does not sound very convincing.


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Do you think 80's japanese computer and watch advertisement aesthetic?
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Japanese computer aesthetic and MSX aesthetic are the same thing really.

It's the same aesthetics as 80s other PCs do

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>it just werks
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>forced update
>filesystem breaks
it just werks

Trying to learn Java EE with mediocre Java knowledge, any torrent available for this course ?

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if you're too retarded to search for torrents you shouldn't even post here fucking retard
just google old fucking tutorial

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