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who else jobless here?
programmers are a meme job title created by the elite as they only hire third world workers
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Kys fag. I don't have a college degree and I make six figures as a developer.
Make your own job faggot. Why would you want to work for someone else anyway? I have a "programming job" and I want to kill myself every day, but I'm too much of a pussy to quit and start my own business.

>Why would you want to work for someone else anyway?
Stability, presumably. It's a lot nicer to just... make enough money to raise a family and save for retirement, and not have to worry about whether or not the product is going to sell well enough for you to be able to afford rent, health insurance, food, and so on.

mainly grammarly ads arebypassing ublock origin, anyone else having the same problem?

and no, this isn't a le funny mememe xd!!! troll, i'm genuinely serious, i'm not sure if the jews of google are now launching their attack on users with their botnet or not by forcing ads to be displayed.

pic related, a picture of it
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Provide a link doofus so we don't have to read it off of your image to test.

look who's the real autist, you typed the link incorrectly

>africans are using brickphones like we use android

not even joking, they browse the internet, pay their bills and play games with fucking mid 00 phones.
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What? Every nigga I see has an iPhone
you know africans implies people that live in africa, right?
I dont know, most refugees in Europe have iPhone too

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Hey, /g/!

I'm an American, currently in Japan for a couple of weeks. What pieces of tech should I be on the lookout for while I'm in the land of the rising sun?

Staying in Chiba, but Tokyo isn't awfully far.
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Japan is expensive.
Nothing much that you can't get in Amazon.
There's nothing you can get here you can't get for cheaper in the States. This isn't the 80's/90's anymore.

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How do you stave off mental illness developing without resorting to hugging your mother?

k thanks
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they got him. terry turned into a nigger.
Take your meds.
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So why are you man children using Cryptocurrency Processing Units to render 3D graphics to play games you could play on a PS4?
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babies are getting salty because they cant get their eye-candy fix.. Someday all of the worlds hashrate will be dedicated to mining autism-coins and chinese will be the new financial elite
Buy stratis
Is it ironic that the PS3 was better used as a cheap distributed computing cluster than a console at first? And then Sony closed off Linux installations? lol

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>nvm solved it
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lmao kys cuck.
>how do I do X?
>you just gotta do Y lol
>You have to install THIS
>'THIS' is just a link
>It's 404

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Okay /g/, I have this odd predicament. I still live with my parents and they started monitoring all my internet traffic. I can't use a vpn or they'll get suspicious. What do i do guy? (i cant move out, tendies are plentiful)
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And? Use vpn. But encrypted one.
browse the weird things thru virtualbox + tor or something or a live ubuntu usb
i mean virtualbox mite be enuff tho
Just make sure your internet traffic is fine and dandy. Keep your nose clean.

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Why do we do this to ourselves, as a society?
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lol, who on /g/ is dumb enough to run Windows 10

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AMD R7 owners:

How much were you able to OC and at what core voltage?

How bad is the heat?
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AMD is trash for poor people
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india inside.jpg
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C or C++?
I'm new to programming languages. I'm only familiar with scripting.
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C++ because C is more obsolete than C++
>being a terry fag

You are a kiddy and will not learn shit.

But C is more for embedded systems

C++ for games and other graphical applications

Depends what you want to do

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What exactly is going through a recruiters head when they write something like this on their applications? Is this just an HR drone that doesn't know what they're doing or do they actually expect 12+ year web developers to fill entry positions?
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its not like 35+ year olds can find any other work in tech
You too fell for the tech job meme.
I fell into the trap as well
Employers all want years of experience for entry level jobs.
>web dev
>industrial automation

>hey recruiter. The people keep sending us aren't experienced enough.
>this guy has 5 years experience. What is wrong with him?
>we need somebody who can program ladder logic and we don't care that they can program in java
>alright. I understand java and javascript are different
>yes, they are

And I have to sit through wave 5 of interviews of idiots who are willing to work for entry level, but claim they have 12+ years experience when they can't explain the difference between a programming loop and control loop.

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New Stupid Questions Thread

Post all your stupid questions that don't deserve their own thread itt.
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Anyone know the EXACT hour today that the BreadDipper NDA is lifted? I can't wait any longer I need muh benchmarks.
Does the cow of arts coupon still work?
Haven't been around for a while and I need a new $1 mousepad.
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Trying to install a Plug&Play keyboard (Link related: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016M91SS0/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) into my PC (Windows 10 64bit) because my keyboard died and I had to borrow a friends spare.

I cannot get this shit to work.
>Plug Keyboard in
>Lights up all nice
>Nothing Happens, Device Manager doesn't register it, can't type with it
>Tried uninstalling all Drivers/Programs associated with old keyboard
>No specific drivers for this keyboard exist anywhere

I am fucking desperate. It works on my friends machine (Also Win10) but mine isn't reading it. What could be causing this?

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>Window 10 updates
>turn on computer
>within 5 minutes my screen is present
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>Using WangblowsBotNet
haha +1 upvote for u my good sir xD
Because your shitty software keeps trying to run. Uninstall it.

I keep seeing people say that Youtube is not profitable but is that really true? Youtube pays their parent company Alphabet for hosting costs, and Alphabet can set whatever price that they want for Youtube. So is it actually a case of Youtube not making any money, or is this just a tax avoidance scam from Alphabet?
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>or is this just a tax avoidance scam from Alphabet?

You mean, do they do some "Hollywood accounting"? If that is what they get most out of, yes...
It's just another way to funnel money around and avoid taxes. You'll be seeing more of that soon, now that the ol' double Irish has been plugged effective 2018 or whenever.
I have not looked at the financials bust considering the huge amount of cash flow that Youtube brings in, it is hard to imagine that the company is not profitable. Dose Alphabet offer hosting services to the general public like AWS? It would be interesting to compare what the charge to outsiders vs the prices Youtube pays. Would it be better for me to ask about this on /biz/?

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