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why can't I select "new striped volume" ?? I want to raid it with another identical 1tb. both are detected. Googling doesn't help.
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Try selecting both using shift or something then right click

I don't use windows.
its needs to be a dynamic disk

You killed a thread for this inane question, use the catalog next time
it says dynamic, how blind are you?

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How do I heat it up?
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Buy an onahole heater. It's a stick that slides into the onahole and heats it up from the inside out. I don't know how effective they are.

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon gets a new shirt >>61413293
• Anon got some micro usb cables
• Anon rates his KZ ZS5 >>61414620 >>61415275
• Anon bought a Xiaomi Mijia 360 camera >>61417723 and shares a review by Naomi
• Anon gets the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2, a led bulb and a spinner which he regrets buying >>61418134
• Anon receives a control board for his laptop screen >>61419242
• Anon bought a white Aula F2012 mech keyboard >>61420749
• Anon spins out a review on his new spinner >>61420847 >>61420976
• Anon posts webm of a magic trick >>61421915 >>61421936
• Anon sings a song on his BM-800 inspired by Comfy >>61421953
• Anon got heavy dice and a velvet bag >>61424665
• Anon reviews the FNF iFive 4S Mini and thanks /csg/ anons for their recommendations for it >>61425427
• Comfy updates the pastebin with the latest deals >>61429858

Previous thread >>61411958
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daily reminder chinks aren't people, don't feel guilty scamming them back
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Old mimi pic.
so, can we buy shit from ali through paypal now?
I'm serious:

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Hello /g/ I was thinking of making a chillbox pc.


The basic concept is a air tight box that houses your pc. You have your gpu and cpu attached to cooling blocks and a radiator that works in the opposite way (you use the coolant to cool the air in your pc). This is necessary because this will make your radiator the coldest part inside your pc so any moisture that is in the box condenses at the radiator and not on your components.

The next thing you need is to cool the liquid. The forum posted I linked suggests using an ac to cool the liquid. I'm wondering if I can use phase changer to cool it. What would you suggest? Also I'm looking for something to use as a coolant.

Pic related is a sketch up I made in autocad
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sorry it was actully solid works :(
So this is the only way to cool down Skylake-X processors? Damn...

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Hey /g/

I've been fucking around with web dev. I've been working on a social media site with features a NEET like me would like. I'm making a lot of progress on the site, but I'm stuck on a good name. I want something iconic like 4chan, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram etc. But I don't want a name for normies like Vine, Snapchat, flickr, etc.

Any help anons? Please suggest whatever. I've been stuck on this for like a month, and it's making me depressed.
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Oh, forgot. I want something with a .com domain for sale under 2k USD.


Who wants to start a startup with me?
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Sorry, sweetie. We're only looking for koders with slim waists and pert racks for our startup right now.
I'm down. I'll be the idea guy and you do all that programming stuff.
I'll create the logo for 25% equity

>ITT: Exaggerated Hacking Culture via Hollywood, Anime, shitty fanfics, etc.

>What are some of the examples that you've seen that completely baffles you and what you feel is realistically expected or needed, time frame to implement.

Let's give normies a reality check for once

>Pic related
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guilty crown was good
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Normies think I can hack the gibson with a single keystroke, whence in reality it takes several keystrokes.
As a setting described from all possible perspectives at once.

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I'm building a new computer this week, but my old PC is perfectly good and I don't want to just throw it out. What the fuck's the best thing to do with it?
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installing gentoo
I order of preferences
>Gift it to a friend or loved one
>Sell it to one of the above
>Sell it to a random
>Keep it as a backup rig/second rig when you have mates over
>pull it apart for scrap
>make a server out of it
>leave it on the side of the road with "to free home"

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>he pirates with torrents
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There arent any good filehost sites for things other than porn, correct me if I am wrong
Mega is as good as it gets, but it's pretty useless for files larger than 7.9gb, unless you're paying for premium.
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>he pirates

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Keyboard, hands, laps...
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oldfag detected
Is it 2006 again

Burger here. Since we're losing net neutrality here in the states, over the net few years tiny ISPs will be pushed out and bigger ones will gain monopolies. At first they'll just throttle access to servers of their competitors or their partners competitors. After that, they'll throttle and then charge extra to access it. Eventually, they'll just ban it.
First lemmie say, bye 4chan, it was interesting knowing you all.
Second, you all must realizse that Microsoft will be a parter to ALL the ISPs, right?
...So how the fuck will I download any GNU/Linux ISOs? For the next two weeks I'm planning to download and hoard ISOs from all the big or useful distros, Ubuntu, Xbuntu, Arch, Debian, Suse, Qubes, Tails, Heads, Kali, Slitaz, DSL, Puppy, Devuan, Knoppix, Elementary, Byzantium, Tinycore, etc etc. I figure after MS has has their partner ISPs cut access to the websites of these distros people could ask me to mail ISOs to them on CDs.

But those will all be old eventually! How the fuck will we get updates?! What the fuck will we do? Fucking ask Eurofags to mail us updates? We're going up end up like Cubas internet. Don't say torrents because torrents will be banned outright because piracy is a direct competitor to the TV streaming services that ISPs offer.
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Ohhh god, how could we ever survive with a free market system, we need muh government to fix everything
I can't believe people are actually retarded enough to be against nn
this desu senpai

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>order an iphone from amazon
>choose same day day delivery
>arrives at my doorstep
>claim it was stolen
>amazon refunds the money
>use that money to buy a macbook pro and apple earbuds
>choose no rush shipping because the hardware wont go obselete in a week
>arrives at doorstep
>claim it was stolen
>amazon refunds my money
>use that money to order myself a pizza from domino's
oh wait i dont because domino's is trash
>go to based little caesars instead
>get a hot n ready pepperoni pizza
oh wait i dont because im not a poorfag
>go to costco
>order a cheese pizza
>go home and eat my pizza
get on my level niggas. and fuck android and windows and domino's and fuck little ceasar's
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reported for mail fraud
Enjoy being on the "list".
wow congrats you pulled off a scam that every edgy poor 14-year-old in high school attempts at least once nowadays

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You fags get your check yet?

It's more money you'll ever get than using it to mine ass-pennies!
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I wasn't dumb enough to buy a 3.5GB meme card, so I don't get compensation for my brain damage.
I got a 295x2 for the price of a 970, you're just an idiot

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Rust has the best syntax of any programming language, they said.
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and it seems they were completely truthful
Actually it's not as bad, C++ "macros" are very basic, they are just text replacement macros. It's an insult to call it a macro. Whereas Rust has real macros.
says the faggots

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>be cs student with schizoid personality who >made it mostly alone to the 3-4 semester
>group assignments were hell
>now I'm struggling with c >systemprogamming and kernelmodule shit
>can read and understand code from other >people but cannot come with own >solutions
>feel dumb
>don't want to be a
>semi-analphabet-programmer who read all >day on stackoverflow
>every day I get more frustrated and hate >this shit more
>start to procrastinate most of the time
>when I hear one of you fucking autistic >fuckheads debating useless anime shit
>at my university I get homicide fantasies
>I start to respect the chick who suck dick
>for help in my course
>because I can't do that..
>what would you do ?
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I would think about my future
A common trend in university is that youre not set up to fail. Its not an iq test, its a perseverance test, as in can you resist masturbating for one or two hours per night to do some homework

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