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Oh dear.

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He broke the NDA. It's not fair for the others youtubers.
Wait, two? Don't we know for ages already it's four?

Who the fuck wrote this article. Also OP confirmed for slow poke.
Four Dies – What Does This Mean?
AMD assures Der8auer that Threadripper uses only two of the four dies, meaning the extra pair are disabled. We’re able to divine that anyway, since Threadripper only has 64 PCIe lanes. In other words, two eight-core dies equals 64 PCIe lanes. Four such dies – at 32-core – would equal 128 PCIe lanes. So, why the extra (redundant) dies? One theory is that the Threadripper and Epyc chipsets use the same chips, which are later customised for their respective uses. If true, this would certainly simplify (and hence cheapen) the manufacturing process. It is even possible that Threadripper processors are a result of Epyc fabrication errors, though this seems unlikely.


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>Samsung announced its quarterly results yesterday, and became the most profitable company in the world. However, the company broke a few other records as well. It ended Intel’s 24-year reign as the largest semiconductor-based chipmaker in the world. Samsung has now leapfrogged Intel by posting a higher revenue as well as operating profits during Q2 2017.

>The South Korean electronics giant consistently developed new DRAM and flash storage technologies. However, what helped Samsung in become the king of semiconductor chips is that it quickly responded to the changes in the industry. On the other hand, Intel couldn’t make successful chipsets for mobile devices, failed in capitalizing on the growing smartphone, tablet, and wearable devices segment.

>Samsung’s chip business posted a revenue of KRW 17 trillion ($15 billion) and an operating profit of KRW 8.03 trillion ($7.1 billion) for Q2 2017, which is a huge increase over Q2 2016’s operating profit of KRW 2.64 trillion ($2.4 billion). The reason behind this increase in operating profit is rising demand for server DRAMs and SSDs. Intel reported a revenue of $14.8 billion and an operating profit of $3.8 billion for the same period.

>“Given Samsung’s strength today in flash memory, I am not surprised Samsung surpassed Intel in semiconductor revenue,” said Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy, adding that Intel may be able to catch up Samsung when Intel’s memory output is at full production capacity in about six months. “I think we will see a lot of back and forth between the two companies.”
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Best day
>intel BTFO in the x86 segment
>intel BTFO in the nand segment
>intel BTFO in the network segment
Americans have become too lazy and complacent to produce anything of value. Asians will become culturally dominant in the coming century.

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Hello fa/g/gots

>Be me
>Turned 19 2 weeks ago
>Have to start Uni soon
>In need of a new laptop
>Installed ubuntu on my craptop
>Want to buy macbook because I choose software engineering course on faculty of technical studies
>Live in Serbia
>Got sum money I saved
>Want to buy a macbook pro, because of Unix, but its over 2k euro for base new model
>Can buy a nicely specced Windows laptop, and afford some PC upgrades
>Every fucking article I read recommends me a macbook

wat do?
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delete this thread, for starters
Remove kebab
Don't be so harsh anon
I am an autistic faggot

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I'm fucking curious: what is about technology and specially /g/ that attracts so many marxists?
I thought programmers and people that use gentoo wouldn't fall for this latin american meme called marxism
Why are europeans so easy to brainwash?
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>Why are europeans so easy to brainwash?

Everyone is easy to brainwash, but white have to be systematically eradicated
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Your image is too racist, OP. Please delete it.
It makes people think only white people are brai... fighting against bigotry.
>another thread


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Why the fuck is the "developer" community so obsessed with JavaScript? Like NodeJS, ReactJS, and all these shitty "JavaScript frameworks".
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There are a lot of "developers" who only know JavaScript.
Because it's the language of the future, if you want to be left in the dust, then by all means stick to C.
I dont know either why they forcing this stupid language (JavaScript).
Would be better if they forcing LUA (or something sort of C-Script) instead of JavaScript for "Web's things" that could be more better.

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Show your first year bachelor degree program
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Is this what American education looks like? 4 fucking subjects in a whole semester? No wonder Indians are BTFOing everyone.
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First semester:
- Intro to Java
- Basic problem solving
- Math review
- Seriously. How do you not know algebra?

Second semester:
- Computers have multiple cores
- Problem solving for dummies
- How to fix your shitty nested for-loop
- Arduino programming for mouthbreathers
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et strong

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I can't even press forward on a song in this shitty menu WHAT THE FUCK I always have to click on the picture an change it manually in spotify
And yes i do have premium
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>he's not using iOS 11
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Works on my device
Maybe it's time for you to buy an android
>app won't let you change tracks without opening it
>blames operating system
I hate iOS, but seriously, fuck you

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what are some good GNU/Linux software?
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None, they all suck. Install a real operating system like Windows or Mac.
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>locks up sometimes when checking mail
>ugly ass icon
>outdated design

Why is K9-Mail the only open source Android mail app?

There's literally nothing else worth using.
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>can't do outlook365
For college and professional mailboxes.
>shit interface
I'm not talking about how it's straight out of ICS, I just mean that the interface is unintuitive and not as polished as, for example, Samsung mail.
If /g/ were up for it, I'd be willing to work on a mail client, for the simple reason that there needs to be a second open source mail client.
>another client

No, just improve K9 Mail. We don't need fragmentation.

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Besides package managers and default graphical user interfaces, what’s the difference between Linux distributions? I’m a Linux noob, please don't get mad at me.
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that's about it apart from who's using systemd and who isn't, unless you want to start counting the community in on the differences
Also there is what software it ships with
Not much diference, that's why people will laught at your meme distro and tell you to stay with the big ones.

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>Your programming language
>Your distro
>Your fetish

>Your programming language
>Your distro
>Your fetish
Fat women, skinny traps
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>Your programming language
>Your distro
redox os
>Your fetish
female vaginas
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>Your programming language
>Your distro
>Your fetish

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Is C++ worth learning in the current year?
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No, it's all about D now
No. The only reason C++ got so popular is because it provided some high level features and the high level counter parts were terribly slow. Time has changed, and there are modern languages that achieve C++'s efficiency.

no, it's in the process of being replaced by rust in stuff like web browsers

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Why is Lenovo's quality control such shit?
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its one of those magnetic lid sensors
hurr durr
theres another magnet at the keyboard area. when the two magnets are close enough, the sensors picks it up as then lid being closed and does the acpi whatever..


What the fuck is the point of this shit? Ryzen APUs are like a couple months from release.
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They're cheap as fuck. The A12-9800 at $100 is $20 more than a G4560 and has an integrated GPU that's 200% faster.
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It's Amada approved, what more do you want?
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It's excavator. Wait for Raven Ridge you mongrels.
It's like kids around fucking Christmas.

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Will I get bullied for using my T420 in school? Only the autistic in grade 10 use them and I don't want people to make fun of me.
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>grade 10
Enjoy your ban
When I was in grade 10 several people were already 18
>he thinks that people care what laptop he is having


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