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Old thread: >>61776941

What are you working on, /g/?
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Dumb cat
getting a job
Smart cat

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Go fuck yourself faggot.

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> variables
they're ugly but better than sass variables

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Favela shitposter on suicide watch.

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That's a big system.
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I've been teaching myself programming for while now, however, I have an inner conflict from time to time due to the following:
>think of a program i want to write
>work on it independently for a bit
>reach function i don't know how to write
>look up online how to write it
>feel bad for essentially copying code
>can't call the program my own
Is this a valid work ethic for learning?
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Everyone copies code
People learn best by copying others.

If you were just programming you wouldn't give a fuck and only care about the thing that the program does getting done.

If you are a hacker (which is like being an artist,) then the thing the program does isn't as important as the statement the program makes.

You just have to judge if what you are copying is reasonable or not for the statement your program makes.

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I'm looking for an upgrade for my monitors and I can't decide if I should go for two 1440p monitors, one 1440p for productivitiy and one 1080p 144hz for gaymen or just an ultrawide meme.

Right now I have an old 1080p 21.5 inch monitor and an old shitty 1680x1050 secondary monitor, I like having two monitors because it makes organizing your workspaces easier, but is making the switch to ultrawide worth it?
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I like ultrawide because I don't want bezel divisions. Also I don't fullscreen very often at all so I don't care about borders and such.
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as you can tell im an artist
I have an old shitty viewsonic 19” 1440x900 with the biggest bezels known to man and a nice Acer 23” 1440p monitor, does the job

How much of a botnet is it? How much should I worry if they have my real IP linked to chatlogs and PMs?
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It's not just them but all their partners who aren't disclosed that get access to the same private information.
It's very likely they also keep voice chat logs so speaker recognition can be attempted.

Basically it's grade A+ botnet running straight from China.
They sell your information. They started banning anyone who would type "kys" in chats. They are soon going to get rid of all the lolicon and questionable content of NSFW rooms because it does not look good to the people willing to buy the data. Stay far away from this shit.

I scan the network and i find the services from pic related.
I have to be worry about this... or how can start to pentest this?
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nice botnet wifi, how you like it?
Instala Jento
Jento? You writed rigth?
I don't know about that

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Why are there literally no type c to type c cables that support 10gbps that are longer than 1m long?
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because usb-c hasn't truly been adopted by oems and normies yet.

i'm not too keen on usb-c, my old phone has it i had to play with the cable to get it to connect. and once it was connected the smallest movement could disconnect it. i don't know how many times i woke up to an almost dead battery.
Why isnt Type C regarded as a bog meme? Anyone who is too lazy to figure out what side of the USB to use in 30 seconds is actually retarded
Because there's no demand and we already have HDMI for video. Nothing out there uses more than 300MB/s.

USB flash drives are still 10-20MB/s and most people still use 100MB/s or slower internal/external HDDs.

Screenfetch / neofetch / desktop thread, haven't seen one in a while.
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debian posters club
take a new one

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>buy a new hard disk
>remember that i have a miniITX case and no free hard disk bay left
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>miniITX meme
Get a USB enclosure, dumb animeposter.
2hu is not an anime ;^)

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Should I get OPEN Pepe or M'Lady (Fedora)
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install gentoo
plz no mei meiz
Zypper is great

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What printers do all you """wizards""" use? OPP?
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printers are bad for you
Santa asked you a question!

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Is CCleaner the best cleaning tool for WinJEWS?
If it isn't, do you have any alternatives?
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the best cleaning tool for winjews is the installation program for another OS. All of them are efficient and most of them are easy to use too. Would totally recommend.
I only have one USB stick with WinJEW and if I fuck up while installing LINOOX I can not revert back to my WinJEW
4G thumbdrives are like 3 bucks a pop.
Ask your mom if you don't have a job yet.

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name 1(one) OS that looks better than picrelated
protip: you cant
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none of the shitty ricing on /g/ will ever compare to this
owo desktop thread?
needs a feminine penis

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I was able to extend the subscription until 05/15/2020. I used the same key several times.

I used this key: FWDT6-PK2G9-62G4D-YV3FD-22HVZ

Some keys:


Add the codes in the link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/groove/grooveredeem

That is all! Enjoy.
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fuck off pajeet
nobody wants to use your shitty service

My account
groove sucks dick

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