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Previous Thread - >>62153950
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Is 1920x1080 having the same dimensions as 1360x768?
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Anyone knows why I keep getting these messages in Soulseek even though I am sharing my library and have a ton of uploads?
How do I go about finding code monkey work

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Should I continue with python or should I jump ship? I would like to learn a new language... Starting to get tiered of the ugly nesting in python. I've been considering getting into c++, if I end up doing c++ I can write the backend stuff with it and do everything else like modding and shit using python?
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where do you learn python where to begin ?
I read the docs, that's a pretty easy and clean way of doing it.

right tool for the right job. I understood C a lot better and grasped pointers after coming back from Python.

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Hi g0ys
I need some advice
I am a linux noobie and I only dual booted all the ubuntu distros and that's all
I want to install a good linux distro via usb but I don't know which one is the most user friendly for noobies like me
Pick one of these and if you want add any other oses that are for linux noobs and have a lot of compatibility
The linux distros I want to pick: Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Debian, Netrunner, Solus, Manjaro, Linux Mint
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Go with Xubuntu
Xubuntu, Fedora or Ubuntu Gnome. Whatever Tickles your fancy.
Try mx-16 linux. It's easy like any debian, but no systemd. It doesn't have as many packages as an ubuntu based distro, but it's pretty comfy stock.

You have to admit, this is way better than anything android has to offer.
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no... a murky screen with a few tabs wow Apple fans are easily impressed
>non flat
Trash is where it belongs

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>Virtually chrome and ff ate the only two browsers that exist.
>both are shit
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firecucks are gay lovers

if you are a :





pro freespeech

= abandon firefox

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You simply don't need anything else
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>not using atom
Atom is king
I like mousepad more

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Why aren't you using a declarative operating system?
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Because as you can see, nobody gives a fuck
Is that in the void repo?
>declarative operating system
It's still the linux kernel, gnu coreutils, and lots of other software which is anything but declarative.
It's just the package manager which is declarative

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So this is the power of Microsoft Edge
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Opera not bad
You do realize the search engine is called Bing and not Microsoft Edge?
based bing knows opera is the best chrome

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post your shit in here
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blyat kompot
best webem threads

Post your obscure tech which you found in your store room
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I think that's one of those tape recorders/ players, try opening it somewhere from the sides.
>>I think

Holy shit! Are you like 12 or what.
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The usb b that came with it seemed OK but all the others seem to short to even reach inside. I have been taking a craft knife to them. Does anyone here know what cable I should be buying? Is there a name for it?
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Another bodged one that works but you have to be careful not to joggle it or it stops charging
This is a phone charging issue for the Oukitel K10000 Pro 5.5'' Android 7.0 3GB RAM 32GB ROM MT6750T 1.5GHz 10000mAh Battery 4G Smartphone
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My question is what should I look for to buy an a cable that I do not need to bodge?

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>he calls it SOO DOH
>not SOO DOO
explain yourself?
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I do sudo
what do you do?
>he starts a petty thread about pronounciation
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I call it tsuda.

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How does /g/ clean thermal paste off a CPU?
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alcohol and cotton balls+swabs
If it's significantly caked on like was the case with Xbox 360's then I also incorporate a wet wooden toothpick and GENTLE force.
Put it in the sink
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I will get an older PC server from a friend soon. I would like to set it up in my small office to put all the files, and maybe programs like photoshop, sketch up, etc. on it. Then Id like to connect my 2 PCs and few laptops to it to access the date.

However I know nothing about servers and how to set them up.

Whats the easiest way to do this (If its a good way to do what I need).

Where can I start learning, or learn what I need to set this up?

What are your recommendations?
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If you are acctually gonna work in PS and sketch up, it will not be so nice over remote controls.

Install Linux or Windows server 2012 r2. Windows server is easy mode and you can just share folders from Explorer.
Sell your PCs and get a better iPhone.
Is it possible to connect printers to the server and print from every pc connected to it?

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Web2.0 genetic testing now!
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>Possible uses:
>1. Creating "safe spaces" online where frequently attacked and trolled victim groups can congregate, such as a female-only community
just fucking kill the web
I just hope the Chinese will just launch their world conquest soon. Would but an end to this degeneracy and muslims.
That paragraph is literally just to justify it. Check what his demo does:
>You must have a genotyped 23andme account to access the demo. It checks to see if your ancestral makeup is primarily composed of European (minus Ashkenazi) genetic markers to determine whether or not access is permitted.

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