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Terry was right - Windows 7 users on suicide watch.

>Windows machines are targeted by the CIA under ‘Angelfire,’ according to the latest release from WikiLeaks’ ‘Vault7’ series. The documents detail an implant that can allow Windows machines to create undetectable libraries.
>‘Solartime’ modifies the partition boot sector of Windows XP or Windows 7 machines when installed, allowing the ‘Wolfcreek’ implant to load and execute. ‘Wolfcreek’ can then load and execute other ‘Angelfire’ implants.

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>herd the nigger cattle
At this point, if you're not using GNU/Linux, you're a tech illiterate moron and should refrain from posting on /g/.
>using GNU/Linux
>he believes he's safe

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Can someone explain to me why this gets so much hatred when it solves so many problems at once?
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Can someone explain to me why this gets so much hatred when it solves so many problems at once?
>solves so many problems at once?

This is the problem. None of it is separate. You are now bound to a huge block. Huge blocks are shit.

The jews control your media.


>Brand new 3D renderer featuring physically-based rendering, real-time global illumination and improved post-processing effects
>Support for C++ (GDNative), C# (Mono) and Visual Scripting
>Improved HTML5 export using WebAssembly
>New high-level networked multiplayer API
>Entirely new audio engine, supporting routing and real-time effects
>2D soft shadows and GPU-accelerated particles (2D & 3D)
>Many, many more features!
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So I could make a full 3D game for the web browser with godot?
This looks pretty impressive, I'm not really into game development; but who knows. Maybe I'll make something.

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I have done fortran and bash scripts.

Should i learn c++ or rust now?
Whats a good project which can be done in a week and presents major designs of those languages?
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that image, fuck
did you mean to post this in a LOL thread? it's that way >>>/v/
C++, because
1. it will get you a job, and
2. rust is hard to appreciate if you haven't drunk a lot of C++11 koolaid

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Someone tried to log into my account

they couldnt but now

what do I do?
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Delet it
Get a better password and maybe suck a dick or two
Harden it now that you're aware it's targeted.

Post your simple/small/stupid questions
Take at least 10 seconds to google first

Old Thread: >>62176804
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I got a tp link range extender (pic related)

it was working fine for a couple months had the ssid same as my main router. Now that I changed the ssid on both router and extender to new names (same on both) I keep getting a message saying no internet connection artery I've set everything up.

I've changed the name on both, but no matter if I factory reset it or not it keeps giving me the message saying no internet.

It's there something I need to change? or that I'm doing wrong now?
how to use media keys with i3
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My brother's Macbook had a drive failure so he went and replaced it. I decided to reformat the drive that he replaced and it seems to work completely fine as a storage drive. Would it be safe to then put it in my computer?

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post neofetch/screenfetch/whatever else asciis. No desktops allowed.
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proof that macfags don't know how to read

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What did OP mean by this?

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How do I profit off the repeal of net neutrality? Do I just invest in Comcast et al.?
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that's my official advice

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Why are you not using it, /g/?
It's a rolling release with a stable software (thanks to automated testing) and the best KDE integration on the market.
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Because I'm ok with Leap 42.3 :-)
because RPM based distros are cancer without exception
rolling release ......and there lies the problem

LTS or nothing

*disconnects randomly when you brush against it*
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Does it?
what kind of fat ass is brushing against the back of their computer/monitor all the time?
What side, computer or monitor/TV? Something wrong with your connector then, once it click in, it won't even move when you jerk on it.

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Enough of this shit already. They are two different languages, with different goals and different best practices.

Saying "C/C++" proves you know nothing about either language, or programming in general.
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But C++ is a superset of C.
So why can you run c code while having files and c++ flags in the compiler?
C++ is just C with objects.

So I moved in to a new place and need to put posters up to cover up the red walls. I am not passionate about anything, and am completely devoid of any kind of personality I can represent with a poster. What kind of posters should I get?
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Dragon dildos and anime
This is not a technology thread. Saged and reported.

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User Scripts (including opengl shaders):

High quality video output profile (goes into mpv.conf):
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No 2x FSRCNN? :(
>being a dumb mpv poster
Yeah id like that too. I dont trust random pastebins.

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You're not a programmer until you ______________
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have a job
Take HRT
Well shit

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