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Whats the best web browser for privacy?
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Using someone else's computer
throwing your computer out the window and hiding under a rock.

Seems legit.
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>Whatcha doing rabbi.png
Literally virtue signalling in the purest sense.
Why can you niggers not keep all this net neutrality trash to one thread?

Stop killing threads for your stupid hipster trash.

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So, did anything come of that whole source code thing hidden on some boards a few weeks ago? Apparently there was a third party cookie given from it?

Did it have anything to do with this?

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I like how this gets no replies but the absolute faggotry that goes on in this place gets replies
Board is full of teen cancer

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I've used a pc since I can remember, but I got to say.. sierra is pretty damn comfy. How hard is it to set-up shit for Java/C++ code vs for windows? Also, am I missing out on any software I should have? (Don't play gaymes)
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>Linux you faggot
install gentoo
Pretty comfy

I have this problem where I think (in words) non-stop. Occasionally the thoughts are of a suicidal nature. When I try to meditate (to clear my mind), I cannot stop the thoughts from occurring. These non-stop (all day and night 24/7) thoughts have caused extremely abnormal sleeping patterns and other serious problems that prevent me from functioning in society. Has anybody identified any method which will successfully remove the thoughts?
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>Has anybody identified any method which will successfully remove the thoughts?
Stop being a faggot, works wonders
type them out. become proficient at typing and get a data entry job. boom solved

Why are cam rips so goddamn bad yet people can film going 90mph with a dash cam in HD?
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I assume most cam recorders try to be stealthy
Why are you watching cam rips? Literally nothing is worth watching a cam rip for. Full disclosure, I haven't watched a cam rip in 10 years. Wait another month or whatever.
Who even watches movies anymore?

So, after all these years we still have NO apps for computers/pcs.

Is there any explanation for this, this is a hindrance in our technological advancement and for some reason it was/is never remedied.
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what are you talking about? windows 10 has a ton of apps.
install gentoo
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Bluestacks happened, we already have all the apps you could ever ask for.

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Why is Debian one of the most used and well known linux distros? It's complete and utter shit

>No sudo command installed by default and even after install it you need to modify a system file to be able to use it (sudoers)
>No make command installed by default either
>no gparted preinstalled
>no "open folder as root" in its file manager
>the only way you can fix that bullshit is by using su -l and manually launching the filemanager through the root terminal to edit the system files
>you cant suspend the computer without modifying a system file because they still haven't fixed a bug they found in 2014
>if you want to install adobe flash or you need extra drivers you have to manually install the contrib and nonfree repositories by editing system files
>you cant add ppa repositories by default
>it doesnt have an update manager
>it has no support, if you search a bug or problem you are experiencing, all you will get are answers for Ubuntu machines even if you add "+Debian" in the query

Seriously why? I never had more problems with a distro before, even Linux mint was way better and functional than this crap
>All of that happened using Debian 9
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I guess Debian isn't for you, stick to an OS you like.

Most of what you listed is a nonissue for the average Debian user. If they're dealbreakers for you then use something else.
>Not being able to suspend the computer or being able to use apt install (if you try to use it forces you to insert a Debian CD unless you modify a system file first)
>"Not a problem for the average user"
Do average users only use the web browser or something? I find it hard to believe something so basic wouldn't be a problem
>Do average users only use the web browser or something?

yes. the only one of the things you listed that bothers me at all is no sudo by default

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Was feeling spontaneous and bought a thinkpad 410s on ebay but it has no OS. wut fuckin do
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install gentoo
Install an OS you fuckin dummy
enjoy the most secure configuration and no bloatware

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I can't believe I fell for the VIM meme. Why do I have to spend so much time to learn a text editor? Does it really out-perform IDEs designed for specific languages? Because if I'm still going to be at a disadvantage after all this I'm never listening to /g/ again
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Wow, learning new tech means you're not a wizard at it from the start. Who would have thought?
The time you would save by using software like vim will never offset the time it takes to read a 500 page novel to learn how to use it.
just use micro

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Previous: >>61338204

Feeling those threads growing a little stale and wilted? Maybe those discussions aren't going anywhere or are lacking energy. Fear not! Ubik is scientifically proven to reinvigorate any 4chan thread and will keep it away from the bump limit! Safe when applied as directed. Ubik edition.

>Not sure what private tracking of goodreads are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to curate and promote the highest possible standards of bookreading initiatives to 4chan and its outer demesne by advancing the interests of its readers and concurrently their literacy.

Not sure what books to read tomorrow?: https://pastebin.com/SLdgTiuc (embed)
Wiki for collating book data: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and Infinitely Jest
>This is a thread for educational purposes. Although Powerful Users may occasionally indulge in soma, please do not laugh at them.
>Staff may pretend to be normal users and request invitations to Trantor. His Imperial Majesty Cleon I forbids these requests and individuals who participate in this rhetoric will be shot and killed after a lot of discussion on what is and isn't permitted.
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Daily reminder to start with the greeks
I can't believe /ptg/ is fucking dead.
Why do you say that?

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>tfw you realize there's nothing stopping (((them))) from destroying net neutrality

Is this going to be what pops the web bubble?
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>He thinks this is the last time this fuss will happen

Just wait another year, after they save the Internet, they'll be back and the world be over again.
internet is common carrier idiot.

net neutrality is the law already.

the real problem is if "zero rating" is ok since It's not certain how that applies to common carrier.
Look at the bright side: This might be a stronger push for more people to use encryption and anonymity technologies to make their communications more opaque to their ISPs.

Comfiest foken setup evah, come at me fags
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>he actually bought a surface
Why did you buy a surface just to shitpost on /g/? My $150 refurbished Netbook can do that.
I use it for drawing fag

I need free office software, specifically one with an excel like feature. Whats the best free office software around right now?
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Libre office is alright.
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Ive never been aple to tell if libre or open was better.

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I set my Gboard colour to pink so I can be cute!
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where is the button to unsubscribble from your bloggerino, matey?
You seem pretty full of yourself

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