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>the one time you don't backup before updating your OS and it all goes to shit
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Fuck off, wintard.
>his OS breaks on something as simple as updates
Not sure if you're an Arch or a Windows user. LMAO.
>miscompile gentoo
>no backups ever
>unpack stage3 then chroot and emerge -e @world
>it justwerks again like nothing happened

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Hey /g/ we got mentioned on Linus Tech Tips



Apparently we hate on Intel too much
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Who cares man.
"slash g"
It's slash g slash, Linus :^)
>slash g

i wish the reddit man would leave

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Anybody else envy people who lived in the beforetimes? You know, the time before everybody had a smartphone, or cellphone in general for that matter. Today you are expected to be on call, reachable, 24/7. God forbid somebody calls you and texts you and you don't reply. It's like an ever present invasion of my personal life. I can't imagine how comfy it must have felt in the 70s when if somebody wanted to contact you they would call your home phone, if you didn't pick up they would assume you're out.
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this is why i don't have friends outside of gf. even now gf and i don't really text much unless she ain't busy working. we mostly hang out and go to a park. aside from her, i normally just chill in bed. if anyone else tries to contact me they have to go to my home if they want a response.
t. anti-social frog
I don''t have a cellular phone. It's that's simply.

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Quick thread, but I'm new to programming and trying to start with python. Not sure if I should learn 2.7 or 3? Any advice /g/?
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Go for 3. Fuck faggots who don't use the latest version of things.
They're almost identical, it doesn't matter. The biggest difference you will notice is in python 3 print is a function.
Just asking because a lot of threads say don't bother with python 3 because it's "dead"

>.rar/zip/7zip has multiple files inside
>.rarer/zipper/7zipper didn't put then into a folder
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>download manga chapters
>half of them are in the root directory of the archive, and the other half are in a folder in the root directory of the archive
>forced to go into them and pull the files out of the superfluous nested directory structure

I don't deal with their shitty-ass special snowflake chapter naming conventions either. Top directory is manga name, sub directories are chapter numbers, that's fucking IT.

Boku no Pico
right click and extract to new folder you retard
that takes an extra second

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This is The Education in the Future.
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fucking CHRIST, this is why Capitalism will weed out and the only two systems will be Fascism or Socialism, Americancer will be the death of us all
It's all pretty much daycare up til college anyway.
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>#trench foot

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How do you stop yourself from distro hopping?
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Have self control
Find something that works and stick with it
Install a distro and ducking use it? Distro hoping is for kids who don't do work.
Distro is irrelevant, it's all the same shit at the end of the day.
Use Slackware like a man.

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Is it any good?
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What is it
It's notepad++ with JavaScript front end.

text editor

What the hell is your problem with iPhones?

Yes, they're expensive. Do you faggots not have jobs? Can you not afford to spend a few more hundred dollars on something you want? Yes, your cheap chinkphone costs $300 and has superior specs. You're paying for the quality. For the software. For the entire package.

iOS is simply better than Android for actual phone shit. The apps are WAY better designed. Their Android alternatives are fucking afterthoughts, if they even have them. Actual games are available on iOS as well, not just that freemium shit you see all over the Play Store. No you can't use your phone to be a super hacker. No you can't rice your phone to fondle youre waifu until she emotes on your homescreen. Who the fuck cares about any of that shit you sperglords?
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I don't have a problem with iPhones. I have a problem with iTunes. iPhones don't work without iTunes.
>iPhones don't work without iTunes
lol... you don't need itunes at all. it hasn't needed one since 2011 or so.

Why isn't there a decent PS3 emulator?
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PS3s are cheap. Stop being a poorfag and stop being autistic.
VLC can play blu-rays just fine

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Just bought a new phone but the cunt that sold it to me failed to mention that the phone was locked to a carrier. Won't return my texts calls. Is there any way to unlock a phone with a carrier lock on it for free? If not, what's the cheapest way? Phone is an IPhone 7.
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Give it back
Give the phone back Jamal
When you say locked to a carrier you just mean unable to activated elsewhere correct? it's not blacklisted or anyrhing? If so is the phone gsm cdma or both? And what carrier was it locked to? Usually you can call the carrier it's locked to and ask them to unlock it but you'll still only be able to use it on another carrier that uses the same bands unless the phone has both gsm + cdma bands

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What's her endgame /g/?
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I bet she sings chainsmokers songs about how hard it is to be white young and in love on her iPhone 7+ while watching YouTube pranks on her MacBook Proh.

Fuck off kid, your waifu a shit
CEO of Apple.

This thing is going to be shit right?

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Seems like it. No ryzen to get hyped.
is it actually out? does someone gives a fuck? are retards lined up to buy this?
I need cheap cards for my mining rigs and it would be awesome to get rx580 cards on a discount.
Probably. I don't care anymore my 1080 Ti runs fine. If AMD decides to re-enter the high-end sector I'll consider buying them. I want the best 4K GPU avaiable, but price/performance also counts. I would consider 10 % less performance for 25 % less cash. Otherwise EVGA is a nice brand, I'll stick with the next Ti FTW if AMD turns out shitty.

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logitech k740.jpg
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Does a good alternative exist to the k740? I can't find a single other decent keyboard that is:

>laptop style slim keys
>not mechanical loudshit

Can anyone recommend a good alternative? Preferably less than 20" wide. I just don't want to buy another one after my 3rd broke.
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Not all mechanicals are loud. MX Browns (niggers), are pretty quiet but tactile.
Lenovo sells an usb version of their thinkpad laptop keyboard
>after my 3rd broke
and you still haven't learned your lesson about cheapo keyboards?

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Why is it ok for Google to advertise a product on their homepage?
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because it's their site
having a monopoly must be fun
Don't like it? Use another search engine faggot.
>We own the domain, the service, and the servers
>Deal with it

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