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can c# be compiled down to a native binary?
Or something like llvm?

I just want a way to do true RAD but with native performance.

I don't mind if there is no garbage collector and I have to somehow free every object I create.
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What the motherfucking shit is RAD?
C# is just a language. If you make a compiler that write machine code directly yes no problem but currently afaik the only compiler is msbuild who build msil code for net.

I didn't checked what vcore does, as it's Linux native but Its probably the same kind of machine running mail on Linux.

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>install FreeBSD
>slow graphics, screen tears
>move a window and one core is 100% usage
>watch a 1080p movie, all cores hit 95%
How do I fix this? AMD card btw.
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Enjoy your satanic operating system.
I am about to install FreeBSD on my linux laptop. Should I be worried?
install windows 10 creator update

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guys lets build a program together
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this will never fucking work
tries to get /g/ to collab once
learns his lesson
It went well

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>mom, I made a shit """meme""" and posted it on 4chan xD
t. big boys

What are these cables for? My motherboard has Optical audio so do I even need these cables?
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if you want your case controls/inputs to work
your computer will explode if you dont plug them in. rub your dick on the cables and the motherboard connectors for good measure
There's a thread that's just for stupid questions.
Go there

Never make a pointless thread for a stupid question

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That dank video of software history with the techno music
>c++ faggots on suicide watch
weird al-it's all about the pentiums

Ipad fanboys ft. pc pain- I'm on a mac

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is it legal to make a copy of your windows installation cd in case you lost your original one?
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you can only copy the windows 10 cd
even if i'm not distributing?
Yes, it's legal you faggot

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bought this for 99 cents on ebay
will it work

also does it plug into a laptop that doesnt have those screw holes
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It will look like absolute horseshit compared to a half decent VGA cable. But it will work.
have you tried turning it on and off again
maybe ill buy the amazon basics one then

does it plug into a laptop that doesnt have those screw holes

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Is Firefox botnet, if it is then is there a better alternative?
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I use firefox since among all browser is the less worse.
Netrunner is the best browser.
Lurk more.

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What are some fun things you can do with an Android phone that you no longer use? Nexus 5x btw.
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Enjoy your botnet.
its going to be offline
Stick it up your ass and then call yourself.

OpenBSD or FreeBSD. I have been running linux for a while. I have been running gentoo for a few months and I want to try something different (i.e. a *BSD OS) which one should I go with?

> muh GPL
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they both suck more than Linux and that's saying something
First off why are you thinking of hopping OSes?
OpenBSD is great so long as you've got Intel integrated graphics.

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ayy - Imgur.gif
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ay yo hol up.
what programming positions pay 100k+/year?
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html koding
Sitting at a chair is popular.

I found an Iphone 6S but it is locked Icloud , can someone help
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Give it back Tyrone
Give it back, Jamal.
Give it back, Sharneese.

Just wiped my openSUSE Tumbleweed installation with FreeBSD 11.1 - So far, no regrets. What do you use as your daily driver? GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows? And why are the reason you use the one you are using? I Switched to FreeBSD because i wanted to try something else than Linux. Thinks i like in FreeBSD is the good documentation, the whole design of the OS, it's much more structured than GNU/Linux, I have control of everything (knows what's going on) FreeBSD is not better than Linux nor is it inferior
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>So far, no regrets

What do you mean by thant? Can you explain further?
All my experiences with bsd on desktop have been absolute shit. Other than than its pretty good for a server.

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How do we solve the systemd question?
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windows 10
Back to your designated shitting street.
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by removing globalist german scum

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