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Would it be possible to use an algorithm like the Library of Babel's to, instead of generating pages of text, generate strings of 1s and 0s to create any file type? Data on a hard drive could be stored as it's coordinates in the library instead of the files themselves, saving storage space.
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Idk prolly
That's how computers already work dumbass.
yeah it would be

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i want to stop using gmail, and have decided to host my own email
what domain/style of name should i choose? my last name is a 5-letter noun so its long gone
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I shortened mine
example: anonms.co

and I got one with one of those fancy new TLDs, although it cost 30€ instead of the usual 10€ per year
example: lastname.dicks
For the same amount of money you'd spend on a VPS (some email providers block emails originating from residential IPs) you can get ProtonMail Plus and use your own domain name.
in that case would your initials be AMS?
>ProtonMail Plus and use your own domain name.
Thanks for the tip

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I made yet another pomf clone, but with encryption and HMAC. How can I make it spread?
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The domain name is too long, is it similar to Puush which will let you delete files after it's been uploaded?
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var plaintext []byte
content, err := ioutil.ReadAll(file)

if len(plaintext) >= 200000000 {
c.JSON(400, gin.H{"message": "Maximum filesize is 200mb!"})

quality coding
I like it. I will spread it around by using it, just 4 u 8)

Recently aquired bunch of these quadro FX 3800? What can I do with them?
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Fill up a trash can if you have enough of them
I dunno, render some shit that uses CUDA
It would have to be a really small trashcan.

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should i mod this galaxy s5 i just bought?
what should i mod it with?
i have used cyanegen mod years ago, liked it a lot, not sure how its kept up
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>S5 in 2017
i got it for 100 bucks refurbished, why would i sign a contract and or pay out the dick for the s7 or 8 whatever the fuck, all its going to have is a marginally better camera and processor speed, maybe some other gimmick, law of diminishing returns fool
Mod it with a sledgehammer

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Had wifi at 70mbps at best. Bought an ethernet cable. Hella lit, I'm feeling the speed. My life has improved in quality.
Pic related.
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My wifi isn't too bad, but ethernet is still loads better.

This is with wifi
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this is with Ethernet
how. what isp?
im using comcast

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>install wangblows
>accidentally installed 32bit
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>install GNU/Linux
>it just works
>install neet/loonix
>dick around memeware

>install wangblows
>get work done
>being stupid and saying "i-it was an accident!"

Break up Facebook and Twitter's monopolization of the internet by forcing them to build APIs that you do and see EVERYTHING from their platforms on third party apps and websites.
The third party apps and websites I have in mind would be aggregators of everything you want to see on and OFF of Facebook and Twitter. So tweets from everyone you follow on Twitter would show up next to posts from everyone you follow on Gab. All of the sites shadow banned would be there. These third party aggregators would even have video recomender systems to get around YouTube's politically correct video recomender system.
Censorship problem solved.
Network effect reversed.
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Now stop being an idea guy and make a deamon wrapper arround youtube that exposes that API
I don't know what that is but a good video recomender system would need lots and lots and lots of data from people using social media aggregators. Aggregators using APIs that don't exist.
Hoe about we make google break youtube away into it's own company and call it a day. They jew horse shit where they can ban you gmail because they don't like your political ideas on youtube like jordan peterson has to stop

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the stuff inside it obviously
all of yer ma and da's regrets about conceiving you
If I told you I would have to kill you

Let's get this shit started.

>current year
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That's hoping it doesn't hit a segmentation fault
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Who is the bob ross of technology?
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Terry Davis obviously
Who was the guy who said "Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am" every time after he made the program, compiled, and it worked as intended?

Can't remember his name

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Having an argument with other grad students, I need meme amunition that doesn't involve bloat/telemetry to convince them that glorious GNU/Linux is superior.

>pic unrelated
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Visual Studio makes you a lazy and bad programmer because it does half the job for you without you needing to understand anything
same can be said about IntelliJ or even Eclipse.
and probably a lot of more IDES

notepad without syntax highlighting is the only way!

VS != M$ only systems. VS exists in some versions for Macs and Linux distros.
Asshurt wintard detected.

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So what are we gonna do about Google captcha snooping on peoples webcams now?
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thats an ugly place lmao
create more threads on 4chan
There's nothing you can do Anon. My android phone already buzzed me as soon as I walked into wallmart today, and asked that I take a picture of the front of the building so it could compare it to other wallmarts. While I'm walking through town, it messages me and tells me that something I asked about buying a few days ago is for sale in a store I am next to. The botnet is already here, and it only wants to help us.

All I do is browse the Web, Use the Microsoft Office Suite to take notes, and would be using the Pen to record Formulas. My University also provides the Microsoft Office Suite for free. I don't care about the Botnet because I don't have kiddy porn on my PC and the Battery Life is a huge plus. Why am I going to go out of my install some obscure Linux Distro on some Chinkpad and lug that around when I can have this instead?
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have a free (you). the chinkpad would be a fourth of the price and do the same shit.
>all I do is undemanding work that I can accomplish on a $200 Chromebook
>nah, I'll pay 10x more for it instead
Do you need mobility? I used an RPI with a light nix distro to browse the web, watch motorsports and jerk off to big anime tiddies. Works great.

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Forth is the most superior programming language. Nobody has been able to disproof this.
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Forth is pretty much the ultimate hacker language:

>super fast
>ultra minimal
>micro lisp
>fits into kilobytes
>excellent for microcode and microviruses
>can write an entire forth in assembly in 8 kb in like one day
>only type is a byte
>deal directly with memory

Like I said it's only for real hackers. Those who are just not good at programming shouldn't even try.


Here give it a shot. If you can figure it out you're smarter than most.
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Not to mention forth is the best language to fit on a microcontroller because in such a small computer you won't find anything else as suitable as a shell and OS.

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