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>/g/ constantly berates windows for being slower
>"linux is faster therefore is better"
>/g/ uses firefox as it's main browser
>constantly bring up the fact that firefox is slower to chrome
>"y-yeah well i don't use firefox for speed"

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>using Leftyfox
>he watches 2d shit

Brainlet detected.
Firefox is open source and customizable. Performance isn't the only factor - the comparison would be valid were Chrome also open source and customizable, but you can't even disable websockets in Chrome/Chromium. Chromium is largely open source, but integrates Google botnet as a "feature", so it's trash.

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What settings should I have for my RX480 4GB for amd global gaming settings so everything can run smoothly ?
Running BF4 at Ultra 50fps 1080p

FX 8320 3.5 ghz
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That's not how you do it. Set up each game individually.
>FX 8320

This is a list of programs my computer runs on startup, note "program" at the bottom. What on earth is it? I can't get any details on it.
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It's Program
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better start to dban and reinstall
Fucking this, you got digital AIDS bro.

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My internet drops when someone uses the microwave

is such a thing even possible
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stop using wifi anon
Your microwave leaks. Every time you use it, the cancer in your brain becomes bigger

get a new microwave, or put more space between microwave and router.

What kind of retard designed windows 10?
>can only access maybe 10% of settings through control panel
>search bar couldn't even find visual studio, I search 'visual studio' and it comes up with nothing. It does come up with shitty forced bing results though
>dozens of useless features (example, Cortana)
>laughably easy to pirate
>need to sign in to your 'microsoft account' to use visual studio
>need a third party antivirus that nags you to get the more useless features edition for only $1000
>plagued with viruses thanks to the lack of repos for windows (no the 'app store' doesn't count), perhaps the one and only useful feature they could add
>the only reason people still stick with windows is for the software made by OTHER PEOPLE

they've effectively been thieves since windows 7
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Somebody post the pic of 5 different themes in various settings in win10
they are now 7

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>write passwords in your internet passwords keeper
>throw the keeper in a safe
Is this the only truly safe way to store your passwords?
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store them in your head you dummy
This. I'm fucked if I ever have brain damage.
If you keep passwords in your head, you can be tortured and compromise your passwords.

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where would you like your fingerprint sensor, senpai
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Damn that looks fucking ugly.
please tell me that this wont be the new design
Id like it in the trash

Are you enjoying the premium experience, fellow technology enthusiasts?


Posted from my iPad Pro
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Eh what the fuck
Faggotry at its finest, people.
it makes me happy knowing that the only race on this planet which protects faggots is dying out due to infertility (cracker race),
while all those waiting to purge them like Muslims and Chinese have high birth rates.
Means Apple loses lots of money in societies where potential customerbase is increasing,
while gaining only from a dying customerbase.

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Feeling threatened /g/?
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Of course not. I have met few women in the trade, but all of them were competent. I just hope i dont have to deal with SJWs at work meetings.
taking != graduating

most compsci students drop out after a semester or two after they realize they either can't program or that it's completely not what they thought and that "making an app" isn't as simple as clicking a bunch of checkboxes.
no, I'm technically a minority.

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>made a shitty website for people sending anonymous postcards
>173 people sending "kill yourself" or "suck my dick" to actual mailboxes

This is the american dream
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I also added a thing where if you receive one, you can reply without knowing where it came from.
who pays for it?
The sender pays to send, the replier pays to send back.

Post screenshots of your vim setup or other extensible text editor
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I think this is a nice improvement on the default diff mode colors.
You can call colorschemes for vimdiff called from command line or within vim seperately, but I googled this which covers both bases.
highlight DiffAdd    cterm=bold ctermfg=10 ctermbg=17 gui=none guifg=bg guibg=Red
highlight DiffDelete cterm=bold ctermfg=10 ctermbg=17 gui=none guifg=bg guibg=Red
highlight DiffChange cterm=bold ctermfg=10 ctermbg=17 gui=none guifg=bg guibg=Red
highlight DiffText cterm=bold ctermfg=10 ctermbg=88 gui=none guifg=bg guibg=Red
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/g/, how did you discover you were an audiofile?
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Because I care about audio quality, all pairs I tried from people I know gives me headaches.
I also listen to binaural beats so a headphone that can replicate perfectly is a must have.
Anyone rec me a pair under $100 IEM monitor anything for perfect sound
I'm not a flac.
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I was until I got tinnitus.

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Hey g/amers
whats the best laptop for gaming?
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Any good business-class laptop + eGPU
Just stream games from your desktop with Steam to any old laptop




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Why do you keep reposting this when all it shows is Intel's embarrasingly low clockspeeds and stupidly high pricetags?


Who even are you people?

What kind of person would be the one to type "THANKS BASED XXXX, XXXX IS FINISHED, XXXXFAGS ON SUICIDE WATCH"?

I've met a lot of people during my life but I have yet to come across someone like you.

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>watching A12 APU videos on youtube playing all the popular benchmark games

>all of them are at 720p
>and medium settings
>none of the games running at 60
>most 50 at max and various moments of stuttering

wait didnt the last APUs also run games at 720p on medium at less than console quality too?

lmao, this is AMD's revolution?

so here we are once again with none of Ryzen CPUs able to actually run games better than intel options

and now their APU has a IGP that nobody would bother with to game and can just use Intel's IGP to do the same shit before they buy a real GPU and then pair it with an Intel CPU that wont bottleneck it
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Steam hardware survey want to have a word with you

>hardware survey shows FPS and stuttering
A12-9800 is still a Bulldozer APU. It also costs $100 so it's not like they're charging you an arm and a leg for it.

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